• "The Dark Knight" already sold out

    "The Dark Knight" already sold out

    Has anyone else tried purchasing tickets for the midnight showing? I just tried and Fandango is a dirty, filthy liar. The midnight showing at the IMAX here in NYC was lit up all red like tickets were available, but it really wasn’t. I want to cry now. You suck, Fandango. Read More

  • $200+ Million For Fandango

    We’re triangulating information from a couple of sources who have information about the size of the Comcast/Fandango deal. It sounds like Comcast paid $200 million, or perhaps a bit more. We’re also hearing Fandango revenue is in the $50m/year range, split roughly evenly between ticket sales and advertising. This isn’t firm yet – our sources are in the same ballpark but… Read More

  • Comcast To Buy Movie Site Fandango

    Update: We’re hearing the price was around $200 million. This afternoon Comcast announced that it will acquire movie site Fandango. The price isn’t being disclosed, but we’re working on it. Fandango generates revenue from the sale of movie tickets online, and via advertising on its site. February Comscore statistics puts Fandango at 3.8 million unique visitors generating 39… Read More