• Facebook Opens Email Up A Little; I Want More

    Facebook opened up their very closed email platform today by allowing users to add normal email addresses in a message. Previously you could only send messages to Facebook friends. Now you can add in others, too. This is great news for people who use Facebook for most or all of their emailing. But for those of us that use normal email for our day to day business, getting Facebook messages is more… Read More

  • TechStars Demo Day – Class of 2007

    TechStars Demo Day – Class of 2007

    Y Combinator wasn’t the only incubator to demo their most recent startups today. Colorado-based TechStars also brought their startups on stage – ten of them – to give the audience a first look at what they’ve been up to all summer. Each startup gave 5% of their equity in exchange for $15,000, operational support, office space and mentoring. Most of these companies are… Read More

  • Facebook Takes Action Against "Black Hat" Apps

    Some of the most popular Facebook applications are using highly questionable tactics to spread themselves virally. Users have noticed and complained, and Facebook took action today to put stop the most egregious behavior. There are two ways application developers are breaking the rules to get new users. The first: When a user looks at an application on his/her profile the application can show… Read More

  • TripAdvisor Acquires Facebook App Where I’ve Been For $3 Million

    TripAdvisor Acquires Facebook App Where I’ve Been For $3 Million

    Update: We have now confirmed that this deal has not happened and is in the discussion stage only. Inside Facebook pulled the trigger on their post a little too soon. TripAdvisor has acquired Facebook Application “Where I’ve Been” for a reported $3 million. Where I’ve Been allows users to share where they have been in the world from their Facebook profiles and has… Read More

  • Google Removes Blog Showing Leaked Facebook Code

    Google Removes Blog Showing Leaked Facebook Code

    FacebookSecrets, the blog that posted the accidentally released source code for the Facebook main index page, has been taken down. The blog was hosted on the Google-owned Blogger blog network and was removed pursuant to a DMCA take down notice from Facebook. A new blog (also on Blogger) has gone up that chronicles the back and forth between Google and the author (well, it’s one way… Read More

  • Facebook + iPhone = UltraCool

    Facebook + iPhone = UltraCool

    A pairing of the two most hyped tech products of the year: Facebook released what is arguably the single best iPhone-customized website to date at iphone.facebook.com. Like the Netvibes iPhone site which launched late yesterday, it isn’t much to look at in a normal browser. But open that thing up in an iPhone and you’ve got a very usable site. The site uses javascript to avoid page… Read More

  • Facebook Opens Up Their Data Feeds

    Facebook Opens Up Their Data Feeds

    Dave Winer is tracking some new features being released by Facebook that debunk the theories that the company is focused on building a completely closed silo of user data and news. Facebook’s news feeds, launched last year to a lot of controversy, has proven to be a brilliant move. It gives users a constant stream of data on what their friends are up to, and help spread new memes through… Read More

  • Facebook Source Code Leaked

    Facebook Source Code Leaked

    We just received a tip that the source code for the Facebook main index page has been leaked and published on a blog called Facebook Secrets. There are at least two possible ways that the source code got out – the first is that a Facebook developer has sent it out, or the more likely option that a security hole or other method has been used on either one of the Facebook servers or in their… Read More

  • The Fascination With ToDo Lists Continues

    The amount of energy web entrepreneurs put into creating the perfect online ToDo list is surprising. In May 2006 we ran through a boatload of them in a comparison post. After all that entrepreneurial effort, you’d think the online ToDo list would have been perfected. Apparently not. Now DabbleDB, a beautiful little database-centric application builder based in Vancouver, Canada, has created… Read More

  • One-Click Photo Upload From PeerMe

    One-Click Photo Upload From PeerMe

    Today we’re hearing about PeerMe’s One-Click Photo Upload tool. This is a newly launched Java app allows users to transfer pictures taken on their handsets directly to their Facebook pages, or for one-click blogging integrated with Twitter. Any other photo or blog site can also integrate PeerMe’s APIs and offer users the same type of ease of use functionality too. “We are… Read More

  • Leveraging Facebook To Compete With eBay Won't Work

    Buy.com made a splash tonight with their announcement of a new Facebook application called Garage Sale. Facebook users can use the application to sell thing directly to others via their Facebook profile. Buy.com charges a flat 5% commission on completed sales (the seller will also have to pay Paypal or other payment fees. The application says “thanks to Garage Sale, Facebook users… Read More

  • Facebook Embarrassment For Rudy Giuliani

    Facebook Embarrassment For Rudy Giuliani

    Another social networking embarrassment for a presidential candidate: Rudy Giuliani’s 17-year-old daughter Caroline supports Barack Obama for president over her father. Until this morning she was a member of the One Million Strong For Obama Facebook group, and lists her political views as “liberal.” Caroline removed herself from the group after Slate emailed her about it, but it… Read More

  • Facebook Advertising Cancelations: The Thin End Of The Wedge?

    Facebook Advertising Cancelations: The Thin End Of The Wedge?

    Making headlines in the United Kingdom Friday was news that a number of Facebook advertisers had canceled their advertising due to their ads being displayed next to dubious content. First Direct, Vodafone, Virgin Media, the AA, Halifax and the Prudential withdrew their Facebook advertising after it was disclosed that their advertisements were being displayed on the Facebook page of the British… Read More

  • Bear Stearns: Yahoo Must Form A Social Networking Strategy

    Bear Stearns: Yahoo Must Form A Social Networking Strategy

    There is a bit of buzz around the presentation Bear Stearns Internet analyst Robert Peck gave a couple of days ago. It recommends a broad strategy for Yahoo to get their act together in the social networking space, and recommends a near term acquisition of one of the big players. I’ve embedded the full presentation below. It is a broad overview of social networking in general, which Peck… Read More

  • Netvibes Launches Facebook Widget; It's A Little Buggy

    People are clearly getting a little fatigued with all the new Facebook applications – so it’s nice to see something that actually works in reverse by pulling Facebook data into another application. Netvibes launched a cool new widget today that pulls certain Facebook data into your Netvibes page. Once installed, the widget show messages, pokes, friend requests, and other information. Read More

  • Text in Translation

    Text in Translation

    The evolution of the digital world has lead to the use of acronyms such as LOL, K, and even BFF, but when your kid starts typing A/S/L, PRW, or MorF, you need to refer to a glossary for translation. FamilyEducation.com has provided A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Online Acronyms with just such a glossary. It applies to IM and sites like FaceBook as well as text messages sent and received… Read More

  • TC Interns' 10 Favorite Facebook Applications

    TC Interns' 10 Favorite Facebook Applications

    As a few titans of tech blogging recently began to go back and forth over whether platform-enhanced Facebook is really worth the hassle, we lowly interns over here at TechCrunch decided to list our favorite Facebook applications to see whether third-party additions have really improved our social networking lives. As early twenty-somethings who experienced Facebook when it was exclusively for… Read More

  • Facebook Outage

    Facebook Outage

    Facebook is down, and has been so since at least 10 am PST. Anyone notice it down earlier than that? We’ve emailed the company for their comment. Update: Facebook is now back up as at 11:30am PST Update: Statement from Facebook: This morning, we temporarily took down the Facebook site to fix a bug we identified earlier today. This was not the result of a security breach. Specifically, the… Read More

  • How Much Is A Facebook User Worth? At Least $0.30

    How Much Is A Facebook User Worth? At Least $0.30

    People aren’t wasting any time trying to figure out how to monetize all those thousands of Facebook apps that have sprung up over the last couple of months. At least three advertising experiments have launched – the most promising, by far, is RockYou. fbExchange The first out the door was FBExchange, a copycat of the LinkExchange idea from the nineties. It was created by the 30Boxes… Read More

  • Now We're Not Talking: Telstra Bans Facebook

    Now We're Not Talking: Telstra Bans Facebook

    Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, has banned its approximately 49,000 employees from using Facebook. As Cameron Reilly at G’Day World puts it, “This would be a retarded move for ANY company, let alone a company that is trying to position itself as a company that “gets” online.” The move is strange given the growing worldwide popularity of… Read More