• Facebook To Launch Instant Messaging Service

    Facebook To Launch Instant Messaging Service

    Facebook has been testing a new instant messaging service and will be launching it to the public soon, perhaps in the next week. Our understanding is that the service will be built into user’s Facebook pages and allow them to web chat with their Facebook friends. We’ve also heard that, like Gtalk, it will be built on the Jabber open source platform, allowing users to add the service… Read More

  • Amazon's Latest Product Launch is a Couple of Facebook Apps

    Amazon's Latest Product Launch is a Couple of Facebook Apps

    Amazon has now officially joined the Facebook craze. It has launched two of its own Facebook applications: Amazon Giver and Amazon Grapevine. Amazon Giver shows your Amazon wishlist on your Facebook page. Of course, there are more than a dozen apps on Facebook that already let you do that, but only Amazon Giver lets your friends actually buy those gifts for you without leaving Facebook. … Read More

  • Yahoo To Join OpenSocial in April, Microsoft Groans.

    Following previous reports that Yahoo is talking to Google about joining OpenSocial, we are now hearing that the decision has been made and that it will be announced in April. OpenSocial is Google’s social-networking platform that is a response to Facebook. Yahoo has been sitting on the sidelines of the fight between Google and Facebook for the hearts and minds of developers, and with… Read More

  • Facebook Pays $25 For User Testing; We'll Double That For Leaks

    Facebook Pays $25 For User Testing; We'll Double That For Leaks

    Where does Facebook go when it wants to check the pulse of its users? Craigslist of course. The company just posted the following job offer on the classifieds site, offering a $25 Visa Gift Card for anyone who stops by their Palo Alto offices this Thursday “to provide feedback on Facebook” (what, no stock options?). Sign up at this URL. As a corollary, we’re offering $25… Read More

  • SXSW 2008: Facebook, Federated Media had them some parties

    [photopress:IMG_0155.jpg,full,center] A party report was long overdue. There’s so many of them here at SXSW that, honestly, it gets a little old after a while. I brought my camera to the ones I went to and wanted to share them with y’all. The two “best” parties last night were the ones hosted by Federated Media and Facebook. I wish I could explain why these parties… Read More

  • The "Nuclear Disaster" At SXSW Was Nothing More Than A Witch Burning

    Based on the Twitter messages and blog posts I saw yesterday emerge real time from the SXSW conference, it sounded like Sarah Lacy’s interview of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was, truly, a career ending, never seen before train wreck of epic proportions. The crowd was out for blood at the end, said multiple twitterers. People were near to rioting. Chaos, havoc, etc. For a colorful… Read More

  • Mark Zuckerberg/ Sarah Lacy Interview From SXSW

    http://www.viddler.com/player/e7440ffc/ There’s been no shortage of discussion over the last 24 hours on Sarah Lacey’s on stage interview with Mark Zuckerberg, most of it centered on Lacy’s interview style. Ultimately you can judge for yourself by watching the video above. (via AllFacebook) CrunchBase Information Mark Zuckerberg Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • A Facebook Application To Find Blood Donors Fast

    About 43,000 pints of blood are donated each day by Canadians and Americans, which help the 4.5 million patients who need that blood transfusions every year. Total donations aren’t adequate to satisfy demand, though, and shortages occur regularly. When a patient is in need of blood that isn’t available, it becomes a life and death situation. Historically the Red Cross will make… Read More

  • Crowd totally hates on Mark Zuckerberg's interviewer at SXSW

    Via Valleywag. Silly Nicholas left his camera in the car. So a funny thing happened at the Zuckerberg Facebook keynote today. Dude was being interviewed by Sarah Lacy, some lady tech journalist. Maybe she missed that one week in J school where they teach you how to interview people, but man oh man was it a train wreck. She spent more time flirting with Z… Read More

  • Facebook group accused of "cheating" at Ryerson Univeristy; we call BS

    [photopress:we_can_has_facebook_group.jpg,full,center] It’s Saturday, and I’m trying hard to wrap my head around this story about a Ryerson University student who’s facing academic misconduct charges for starting a Facebook study group. His professor, it seems, calls it cheating. A Facebook study group is like any other study group, he argues, and he’s right. The… Read More

  • Fubar Grows Over 3 Million Percent In A Year

    Fubar Grows Over 3 Million Percent In A Year

    New social network traffic figures released by Compete show that Fubar, billed as the “first online bar and happy hour” is the fastest growing social network, having increased its traffic by 3,272,217% over the 12 months to the end of February 2008, placing the network at 14th on the list of top 20 social networking sites (chart as shown). Year on year MySpace hasn’t grown… Read More

  • Time To Pick A Political Fight At Facebook

    There is nothing like talking politics or religion as a sure fire way to pick a fight. But just saying you’re liberal or conservative isn’t really enough to get people going. That’s why it’s awesome that Facebook decided to let people add themselves to a named political party today on their profile. You can now choose from any of your country’s political parties via… Read More

  • If Facebook Music Really Launches, Will It Get Dissed By 50 Cent?

    If Facebook Music Really Launches, Will It Get Dissed By 50 Cent?

    Rumors surfaced again yesterday on Billboard and today in other media outlets that Facebook is in talks with the record labels to launch a music service that will include either free ad-supported music streams or paid downloads. Talk of such a service started last October, but what Facebook ended up launching was simply artist fan pages. MySpace is also preparing its own music service to… Read More

  • Facebook Hires Google's Sheryl Sandberg As COO

    Facebook Hires Google's Sheryl Sandberg As COO

    Facebook has announced the hiring of Sheryl Sandberg, previously Google’s Vice President of Global Online Sales & Operations, as COO. Sandberg will start at Facebook March 24. Sandberg spent six years at Google where she built and managed Google’s online sales channels for both AdWords and AdSense. Prior to Google, Sandberg was Chief of Staff to the U.S. Treasury Secretary… Read More

  • Facebook partners with iTunes for music store

    [photopress:l10435416547_3072.jpg,full,left]Facebook today launched a new music section with built-in integration with Apple’s iTunes. You find your favorite band’s page, where you can listen to new music, interact with them and their community, and even purchase tracks or albums. Online music stores aren’t new, they’re a dime a dozen, and that’s why Facebook… Read More

  • Facebook Now In German – Thanks To 2,000 Generous Users

    Facebook Now In German – Thanks To 2,000 Generous Users

    How do you “poke” someone in German? Facebook users decided the right word is “anklopfen.” Facebook will launch in German tomorrow, thanks to 2,000 users who’ve helped translate the site using an application that Facebook released a couple of months ago to a limited number of users. Supported languages include German, Spanish and French – more will presumably… Read More

  • FaceBook music: Follow hot bands' hot music (then jump over a shark)

    [photopress:fbm.jpg,full,right] Facebook added a music service yesterday. Musicians can upload their songs, users can play them using the Facebook Music Player and later buy them using the provided iTunes link. It’s almost like Zuckerberg & Co. saw what a cluttered useless mess MySpace turned into and said, “Yeah, let’s emulate that.” Call me cynical, crazy… Read More

  • Yahoo's MyBlogLog Adds An Activity Stream Feature

    MyBlogLog, a blogger social network acquired by Yahoo about a year ago, launched v.2 of their service tonight, with a significant new feature. You can see the MyBlogLog widget in the right sidebar of this site – it shows pictures and names of recent visitors. The new feature is an activity stream of recent activities by all users on various social networks – blog posts, new… Read More

  • The Global Race Among Social Networks Heats Up.  Keep an Eye on Hi5, Friendster, and Imeem

    The Global Race Among Social Networks Heats Up. Keep an Eye on Hi5, Friendster, and Imeem

    In the global race to be the top social network, MySpace and Facebook are neck and neck. In January, 2008, MySpace was still the biggest social network worldwide with 109 million unique visitors, according to comScore. But Facebook was close on its heels with 101 million. (Meanwhile, the data in the U.S. for Facebook at least shows a possible slowdown in growth). While MySpace and Facebook… Read More

  • Canadian military warns soldiers not to post sensitive info to social networks

    [photopress:canadafb.jpg,full,right] Perhaps it isn’t wise to update your Facebook status with your location if you’re in the military. Just a guess. Canada’s military leaders have told their troops to refrain from posing sensitive information on social networks like Facebook and MySpace. The fear is that Al Qaeda (and other evildoers, presumably) could be watching your… Read More