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  • It's Complicated, Literally. Facebook Kills Off Its Lite Version

    I fully understand that Facebook must be an extremely hard site to design. I mean, it has 400 million users, many of whom use it several times a day. If you make on little change, millions of people are going to freak out, and get confused. For an example of this, see any time Facebook tweaks anything on its site. But saying that a lot of Facebook is a cluttered, complicated mess is an… Read More

  • Facebook Lite: How Will Twitter Respond? Twitter Lite!

    So, we now have Facebook Lite in the U.S., a slimmed down, sexier version of Facebook. It’s been said for a while that Facebook may have a long term problem with Twitter because it was too bloated, while Twitter was so light and simple — talk of that should die down now. So how will Twitter respond? I have a feeling we’re about to enter a war similar to the war razor… Read More

  • Kickin' It Old School: Facebook Lite Launches In The U.S. And India

    Well here it is. Just as we first discovered a few weeks ago, Facebook Lite has just been released for U.S. users to test out. Simply put, the site is SO much cleaner than Facebook regular, and much, much nicer to look at. Did I mention much, much faster? Originally intended to be used in countries where high speed Internet connections are sparse or non-existant, apparently Facebook has… Read More

  • Facebook Lite In Pictures. "So Much Damn Faster," Says User

    So, we’ve already explained why the newly revealed “Facebook Lite” at the very least wasn’t conceived to be a “Twitter-killer,” but it does look interesting. The service, which is currently being tested in India (and sadly, not in the U.S. despite the messages sent out last night), has an extremely clean look and feel to it — one that is reminiscent of… Read More

  • What Facebook Lite Actually Is. Hint: It's Not Twitter Or FriendFeed.

    So, the web pretty much exploded tonight over the appearance of something called “Facebook Lite,” a new service that’s apparently being beta tested by Facebook. But users who received the message that they were invited to test it out, were frustrated when the link didn’t work. There’s a reason for that: It was a mistake to roll the test out to most of these… Read More

  • Facebook Begins Testing Facebook Lite, A Faster Simpler Version Of The Service

    It looks like Facebook has tonight turned on a feature called “Facebook Lite” for some users to test out. We’re getting bombarded by tips about it, and some of us are seeing it as well. Unfortunately, it appears that it may not be fully ready for prime time yet, but we have more information and what looks to be a screenshot below, so keep reading. So what is it? Well, it looks… Read More