• Faraday Future: “Tesla Model 3 is fantastic news.”

    Faraday Future: “Tesla Model 3 is fantastic news.”

    Nick Sampson, head of the startup electric vehicle company Faraday Future, spent a busy day as the title sponsor of the Faraday Future Long Beach ePrix April 2. I interviewed him standing up in the shade of a tree on a warm California afternoon before we both had to hurry off to the track where the cars would be lined up on the grid for the standing start of the Formula E race. While he… Read More

  • 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport Test Drive

    AutoTech Video: We Drive Elon Musk’s Personal Tesla Roadster Sport

    Unlike other automakers, Tesla is headquartered in the hills of Palo Alto next to beautiful rolling hills with lush green scenery and horse crossing signs. As you can imagine, a place like this would have some of the best driving roads in the country. We were slightly disappointed that the man behind it all, Elon Musk, was out of town. But coincidentally this gave us the perfect opportunity… Read More

  • Nissan's Nismo Racing Leaf Looks Great, Performs Adequately

    Created for “a series of special demonstration appearances,” this Leaf Nismo RC is a racing-based rethinking of the Leaf design and powertrain. They’ve shaved off about 40% of the weight, bringing it down to just over 2000 lbs, lowered it to have only 2.4″ of clearance, and of course switched it over to rear wheel drive. The performance is… well, we can’t… Read More

  • AutoTech Video: A Week In A Prototype Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

    http://player.ooyala.com/player.swf?embedCode=V2Zm1kMjpmx6e4KJQE_-FPG_ZRWwqraE&version=2 The Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf are enjoying lots of free publicity right now. Each of their unique approaches to cleaner mobility has drawn a lot of hype. What about the car that started it all? What’s the next step for the Toyota Prius? Read More

  • PSA: Some Nissan Leafs Are Randomly Not Starting

    Although I’m excited about the Leaf and EVs in general, the launch hasn’t exactly been smooth. There have been shortages, range issues, and now some sort of bug with the AC unit that’s causing some cars to not start at all. It’s unclear how widespread the problem is, or what Nissan intends to do, but the consensus seems to be “if your Leaf gives you a weird error… Read More

  • Audi Releases Details Of The A3 e-tron

    Audi has just announced details of another EV to be produced under their e-tron moniker in the form of the A3. The A3 e-tron is a battery electric vehicle, similar to the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Roadster. The Audi has a front mounted electric motor powered by two lithium-ion batteries, one in the middle and one in the rear, with 26.5 kWh of total energy. Total output of the A3 e-tron is just… Read More

  • Tesla To Join The Ranks Of The Big Three?

    Being called “America’s fourth automaker” is good for stock prices. That’s what Tesla was recently labeled in a report from Morgan Stanley and it caused their stock to shoot up nearly 20% to close at $27.75. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re projected to hit $70 by the end of the year. Read More

  • Volt Takes Its Top Off, For One Day Only

    Road and Track is a great car magazine, but they forgot an important fact about April Fools’ Day: the date. Yesterday, March 30th, they outed some pictures of the Volt sans roof. Their post even discussed some new tech for the unsightly little thing, despite its lack of a regular size gas tank. “We’re extremely excited about the new GM-patented photovoltaic film that… Read More

  • Better Place Opens Up An EV Battery-Swapping Joint In Its Home Country, Israel

    Back in August of ’10 (them were the days) we posted about how an Israeli company called Better Place was testing out a system for switching out batteries in Japanese electric taxis. They drive in, get their new battery, and drive out. A good idea for fleet vehicles, we said at the time, but it would take some refinement before coming to regular cars. Well, Better Place is taking that… Read More

  • Tesla Roadsters Rack Up 10 Million Miles

    Considering that only 1,500 Tesla Roadsters are out on the roads, it’s amazing they’ve been able to clock up 10 million miles since 2008. Even more impressive is that the Roadsters have collectively saved 500,000 gallons of fuel and over 5.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, while maintaining supercar performance. Read More

  • Elon Musk Says Super-Capacitors Not Batteries, Will Be Breakthrough For EVs

    When Elon Musk first came to Silicon Valley he was researching advanced, highly-energy-dense super-capacitors at Stanford. Coincidentally, when speaking at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco about the future of electric vehicles Musk said, “If I were to make a prediction, I’d think there’s a good chance that it is not batteries, but super-capacitors.” Read More

  • Ford Announces Partnership With AT&T To Connect Focus Electric To The Cloud

    Today, Ford announced their partnership with AT&T to provide wireless service for the upcoming Ford Focus Electric. AT&T transmits vehicle data — much like Audi and T-Mobile — to Ford’s cloud that owners can access via any Android, BlackBerry, or iOS smartphone or web browser. Read More

  • Google Is Hooking Up Their Employees With Plugless Power For Their Electric Cars (Video)

    Googlers have a few motorized options for getting around the Mountain View campus: tons of unlocked bicycles and small short range EVs. When it comes to charging the latter, Google is trying out a new system that does away with cords and plugs. Read More

  • Porsche's Plug-in Hybrid 918 Spyder Goes On Sale, Priced Near $1 Million

    Porsche has decided to begin taking orders for their highly-received 918 Spyder Plug-in Hybrid. Dealers have been given the go-ahead to begin taking orders for the limited (918 units) $845,000 car. The 918 Spyder is powered by a 500-plus horsepower V8 gas engine which gets assistance from two electric motors producing an addition 218 horsepower. 0-60 times are estimated to be near 3 seconds. Read More

  • VIA Motors Raises $5.3 Million To Build Clean Trucks And SUVs

    According to a Friday SEC filing, VIA Motors closed a $5.3 million series A investment in a deal that involved 44 angel, and friends-and-family investors. The filing reflects the potential for the company to take an additional $5 million. Carl E. Berg, a serial real estate entrepreneur and investor in electric vehicle technology, participated in the new round, and remains VIA Motors’… Read More

  • Tesla Model S Will Support Third-Party Apps On Its Massive 17-inch Touchscreen

    The Model S, is the most hyped electric car due to come out soon. Everyone is waiting to see what the Model S will feature and whether or not it’ll be worth the wait. Today, at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the Model S will support third-party apps and text-to-speech, pretty much confirming many rumors. Read More

  • Fisker Karma Gets Delayed. Again.

    Looks like the Fisker Karma will be delayed again. Although production supposedly began this month, with deliveries expected shortly after, we’re now hearing only VIPs will get the car by June. Everyone else will have to wait until July. Read More

  • Google Maps Can Now Locate EV Charging Stations

    With all the buzz surrounding electric cars, it goes without saying there are a few concerns from customers. The biggest of concerns — range anxiety — could be lessened if people could easily find a place to plug in. Read More

  • Volvo Announces First Plug-In Diesel Hybrid Wagon, A Combination Of All Our Likes

    If a car company ever wanted to make an efficient plug-in hybrid, they would combine a diesel engine with an electric powertrain. No one has done this yet — possibly for noise and vibration issues — but Volvo thinks it won’t be a problem when they release a plug-in diesel hybrid of their V60 wagon. Read More

  • The $100k Fisker Karma Gets Put To The Test

    Looks like we were right about production beginning in March. The long awaited Fisker Karma was put to the test this week by a few automotive publications and they had a few good things to say about it. Read More