• Everest, An Epic App For Achieving Your Dreams

    Everest, An Epic App For Achieving Your Dreams

    What if I there was an app that could make you healthier, smarter, and happier? That could turn your dreams into reality by breaking them into manageable steps and reminding you to take them? Everest wants to be that app. Backed by visionary investor Peter Thiel, Everest helps you with goals through inspiration, organization, and social support. Still a little shaky, it’s now emerging… Read More

  • China, having solved all other problems, lands cell tower for Mt. Everest

    If you’ve been wanting to climb mount everest, but were afraid to be without your Blackberry for five days, China’s got your back. The great red burgeoning superpower’s largest cellphone provider has just installed cell towers to cover the mountain, all the way to the summit. Ostensibly this is to ensure coverage for the 2008 Olympic’s torch relay, as the torch’s… Read More