• Eventbrite Makes Events More Social By Meshing Deeper With Facebook

    Online ticketing startup Eventbrite is amping up the social features of its service by creating deeper hooks with Facebook. When you purchase a ticket through Eventbrite (like you can for Disrupt, for instance), you can already share that purchase with your Facebook friends. But now Eventbrite will be adding a deeper layer of integration with Facebook to power social event… Read More

  • Plancast Schedules A New iPhone App, Eventbrite Integration, And Local Events

    Plancast Schedules A New iPhone App, Eventbrite Integration, And Local Events

    Back in March, on the eve of SXSW, Plancast got an iPhone app out just in time. Now, with more time to work, they’ve perfected it with the launch of version 2. And that’s not all they’ve been working on. Over the past couple of weeks, Plancast has rolled out a new site design, a new plan social invitation system, and Eventbrite integration. On top of that, they’re… Read More

  • Amiando Gets A Refresh, Offers Free Tickets For Free Events

    Event ticketing site Amiando is relaunching today with a new look, new features, and new pricing. The German startup is eliminating its $1-per-ticket fee for free events, bsically matching competitor Eventbrite’s freemium model. About 35 percent of Amiando events currently are free, so this is a major shift of the company. CEO Felix Haas believes the promotional value of going free… Read More

  • Ticketea secures new funding to expand its social event management service

    [Spain] Ticketea, a Spanish startup centered on event promotion and management, has secured a further round of funding after raising $280,000 last summer. In line with most early-stage funding in Spain, it’s on the small side: €100,000 from an undisclosed business angel and €100,000 from public credit fund ENISA. Ticketea operates in particularly crowded sector. Locally… Read More

  • Facebook Looks To Be Partnering With Eventbrite To Monetize Events

    Here’s a fascinating idea – Facebook looks to be partnering with Eventbrite to let users sell tickets to the 3.5 million events added to Facebook each month. Earlier this month we confirmed that Facebook intends to sell tickets to its upcoming F8 developer conference through Eventbrite. But there was no indication that the partnership extended beyond that. Then a reader noticed… Read More

  • Eventbrite Adds Former Ticketmaster CEO Sean Moriarty To Its Board

    If ticketing startup Eventbrite wants to become the Ticketmaster of do-it-yourself events, it just added a new board member who might have some ideas on how to get there. The company just added Sean Moriarty to its board of directors. Moriarty was previously the CEO of Ticketmaster, which he helped build into an events juggernaut between 2005 and March, 2009, when he left the… Read More

  • Square Worth $40 Million Before Launch

    Earlier today we wrote about Square, the new payment service cofounded by Jim McKelvey and Twitter creator Jack Dorsey. We also interviewed Dorsey and used Square to buy a coffee. We knew Square had closed a hyper-competitive venture round. What we didn’t know until recently was the size and valuation of that round. Square is valued at a massive $40 million or more after raising $10… Read More

  • Interview With Eventbrite Founders, Plus Rare Insights From Sequoia Capital

    San Francisco based Eventbrite went prime time earlier this month when they raised $6.5 million from Sequoia Capital, and added partner Roelof Botha to their board of directors. We had a chance to sit down with Botha as well as founders Kevin Hartz and Julia Hartz and talk to them about their business and the fundraising. We were supposed to talk for just ten minutes, but the interview went on… Read More

  • Eventbrite Gets A $6.5 Million Infusion From Sequoia Capital

    Popular online event site Eventbrite has raised $6.5 million in funding, according to an SEC filing. The company has confirmed the funding, and says Sequoia Capital is the new investor. Sequoia partner Roelof Botha joins the board of directors. Both Roelof and Sequoia backed Eventbrite CEO Kevin Hartz’s previous startup, Xoom. This brings the event site’s total funding to over… Read More

  • Constant Contact Enters The Online Event Registration And Marketing Arena

    There are hundreds of companies small businesses can turn to for tools that facilitate their e-mail marketing campaigns, some of which operate solely on the Web. One of the largest such providers, Constant Contact, is actually much bigger than most people think. Launched back in 1998, the company is now publicly traded on NASDAQ and boasts a market cap of nearly half a billion dollars, and… Read More