• Eventbrite Makes Android Debut With “Easy Entry” Event Check-In App

    Eventbrite Makes Android Debut With “Easy Entry” Event Check-In App

    Online ticketing service EventBrite has had a busy year, what with raising $50 million in Series E funding and a potential IPO on the horizon. Now the company is entering some unfamiliar territory: it used to be that only iDevice owners could wirelessly check guests into conferences or big parties, but EventBrite has levelled that playing field today with the release of their new Easy… Read More

  • What To Look For In A Company Board

    What To Look For In A Company Board

    At any company level, the board of directors has a direct impact on the organization’s product strategy, hiring, fundraising and much more. And startups have to be very selective in choosing board members who will advise the company in the right direction.  In the big company realm, both the media and the company’s shareholders have questioned Yahoo’s board, which continues… Read More

  • Eventbrite Could File To Go Public As Early As 2012

    Eventbrite Could File To Go Public As Early As 2012

    There’s no doubt that online ticketing platform Eventbrite is growing like gangbusters. The platform is on track to sell $400 million worth of tickets this year, which is double the $207 million it did last year. The company could reach $1 billion in gross ticket sales in 2012. And part of Eventbrite’s future plan will include a public offering. Co-founder Kevin Hartz tells ZURB in… Read More

  • Eventbrite Founders Discuss Digital Security

    (Founder Stories) Busting Criminals And Managing Marriage At Eventbrite (TCTV)

    With more than $400 million in projected gross sales for 2011, Eventbrite is getting big enough that it has to worry about fending off the criminals. In the above clip of Founder Stories with Chris Dixon, Julia Hartz discusses Eventbrites’ digital shield, while her partner in crime Kevin Hartz describes a new box-office iPad app the ticketing site recently rolled out. The husband and… Read More

  • Eventbrite Founders on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

    (Founder Stories) Eventbrite's Julia Hartz: "Facebook Is The No. 1 Driver Of Traffic To Our Site" (TCTV)

    Chris Dixon resumes his Founder Stories conversation with Eventbrite’s Kevin and Julia Hartz by asking questions about their strategy for attracting customers. Not surprisingly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all factor in to the mix. Julia Hartz says initially Eventbrite positioned itself to be “highly optimized for search engines and discovery.”  However, search… Read More

  • Eventbrite's Kevin Hartz Discusses Career Motives and Influnces

    (Founder Stories) Eventbrite's K. Hartz: "I Like Businesses That Go After Large Incumbents"

    Eventbrite, the company that lets anyone organize online events and sell tickets to those events, was founded by the husband and wife team of Kevin and Julia Hartz. Chris Dixon sat down with the power couple to discuss the early days of Eventbrite and some of the disruption that Kevin created along the way. Check it all out in this episode of Founder Stories. Read More

  • Eventbrite Is Working On An iPad-Powered Box Office For Tickets At The Door

    Online ticketing service Eventbrite is on track to sell $400 million worth of tickets this year, which is double the $207 million it did last year. But in order to do that, and push towards $1 billion in gros ticket sales in 2012, it must capture more ticket sales. One project it is revealing today is the beginnings of what will become an Eventbrite Box Office. All Eventbrite tickets today… Read More

  • Former Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy Joins Eventbrite’s Board Of Directors

    On the heels of raising a whopping $50 million in venture capital, Eventbrite will announce today that former Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy has joined the company’s board of directors. McCarthy was Netflix’s chief financial officer for nearly 12 years, from before the DVD rental company went public and during its transition to a hugely popular Internet video streaming service provider. Read More

  • Online Ticket Seller Eventbrite Raises $50 Million

    Online ticket seller Eventbrite has raised another $50 million in a Series E financing round led by Tiger Global, according to a release issued by the company. This infusion comes only eight months after the company raised $20 million in funding last October. This latest investment brings the company’s total funding to $80 million. To date, Eventbrite has helped over 120,000 event… Read More

  • Eventbrite Sold Over 11M Tickets Last Year For $207M In Gross Sales

    Eventbrite has had a banner 2010. In a blog post wrapping up its 2010 milestones on its company blog the company reveals that gross ticket sales in 2010 were exactly $206,899,900, more than double the $99,141,981 in ticket sales raked in in 2009. The total number of tickets sold in 2010 also ran laps around the 5,141,051 sold in 2009, at 11,004,743. Eventbrite also had 222,353 events posted… Read More

  • For Eventbrite, Each Facebook Share Is Worth $2.52

    How much is a shared link on Facebook worth? For online ticketing service Eventbrite, each time someone shares a link to an event with their Facebook friends it results in $2.52 worth of ticket sales. In contrast, a Twitter share is only worth $0.43, and a LinkedIn share is worth $0.90. Sharing an event through Eventbrite’s email sharing tool is worth $2.34, almost as much as Facebook. Read More

  • Eventbrite Sells $20 Million In Tickets To Investors For Its Series D Financing

    Online ticket seller Eventbrite raised a $20 million round of funding from DAG Ventures, Sequioa Capital, and Tenaya Capital (formerly Lehman Brothers Venture Partners). DAG led the round (Sequioa led the last one). The D round is twice the amount of capital as all three previous rounds combined, bringing the total raised bey the company to $29.5 million. CEO Kevin Hartz tells me he still had… Read More

  • Eventbrite Makes Events More Social By Meshing Deeper With Facebook

    Online ticketing startup Eventbrite is amping up the social features of its service by creating deeper hooks with Facebook. When you purchase a ticket through Eventbrite (like you can for Disrupt, for instance), you can already share that purchase with your Facebook friends. But now Eventbrite will be adding a deeper layer of integration with Facebook to power social event… Read More

  • Plancast Schedules A New iPhone App, Eventbrite Integration, And Local Events

    Plancast Schedules A New iPhone App, Eventbrite Integration, And Local Events

    Back in March, on the eve of SXSW, Plancast got an iPhone app out just in time. Now, with more time to work, they’ve perfected it with the launch of version 2. And that’s not all they’ve been working on. Over the past couple of weeks, Plancast has rolled out a new site design, a new plan social invitation system, and Eventbrite integration. On top of that, they’re… Read More

  • Amiando Gets A Refresh, Offers Free Tickets For Free Events

    Event ticketing site Amiando is relaunching today with a new look, new features, and new pricing. The German startup is eliminating its $1-per-ticket fee for free events, bsically matching competitor Eventbrite’s freemium model. About 35 percent of Amiando events currently are free, so this is a major shift of the company. CEO Felix Haas believes the promotional value of going free… Read More

  • Ticketea secures new funding to expand its social event management service

    [Spain] Ticketea, a Spanish startup centered on event promotion and management, has secured a further round of funding after raising $280,000 last summer. In line with most early-stage funding in Spain, it’s on the small side: €100,000 from an undisclosed business angel and €100,000 from public credit fund ENISA. Ticketea operates in particularly crowded sector. Locally… Read More

  • Facebook Looks To Be Partnering With Eventbrite To Monetize Events

    Here’s a fascinating idea – Facebook looks to be partnering with Eventbrite to let users sell tickets to the 3.5 million events added to Facebook each month. Earlier this month we confirmed that Facebook intends to sell tickets to its upcoming F8 developer conference through Eventbrite. But there was no indication that the partnership extended beyond that. Then a reader noticed… Read More

  • Eventbrite Adds Former Ticketmaster CEO Sean Moriarty To Its Board

    If ticketing startup Eventbrite wants to become the Ticketmaster of do-it-yourself events, it just added a new board member who might have some ideas on how to get there. The company just added Sean Moriarty to its board of directors. Moriarty was previously the CEO of Ticketmaster, which he helped build into an events juggernaut between 2005 and March, 2009, when he left the… Read More

  • Square Worth $40 Million Before Launch

    Earlier today we wrote about Square, the new payment service cofounded by Jim McKelvey and Twitter creator Jack Dorsey. We also interviewed Dorsey and used Square to buy a coffee. We knew Square had closed a hyper-competitive venture round. What we didn’t know until recently was the size and valuation of that round. Square is valued at a massive $40 million or more after raising $10… Read More

  • Interview With Eventbrite Founders, Plus Rare Insights From Sequoia Capital

    San Francisco based Eventbrite went prime time earlier this month when they raised $6.5 million from Sequoia Capital, and added partner Roelof Botha to their board of directors. We had a chance to sit down with Botha as well as founders Kevin Hartz and Julia Hartz and talk to them about their business and the fundraising. We were supposed to talk for just ten minutes, but the interview went on… Read More