• GeeknRolla: The Agenda For The Day

    Well, we know some of you have gone through a lot to be here for GeeknRolla in London. And some have had to hang around in London long longer than you thought. But we know everyone is here to make this a great day to discuss the wonderful world of tech startups, so here’s our programme for today. Below you’ll find our live video stream. We’re also live blogging on… Read More

  • GeeknRolla Update – Not even a volcano can stop us, so grab a ticket

    Well folks, it’s been an interesting weekend of email and phone calls, but the good news is that GeeknRolla is STILL ON tomorrow, and there is not one single damn volcano on the planet, however ash-filled, that can stop us bringing this awesome event to you. The very last tickets and DemoPit tables are available here. And frankly, we have to pay tribute to you guys. We have been… Read More

  • 11am Friday – Your last chance to grab a ticket to #GeeknRolla

    Next Tuesday, GeeknRolla (remember, it’s all one word), the annual conference from TechCrunch Europe which brings together Europe’s technology startups and investors, will, quite literally, rock London. All the delegate passes are *SOLD OUT*. However, we have begged and pleaded with the venue to cram more chairs into the space. So there will be a final allocation of 25 tickets… Read More

  • GeeknRolla gets ready to rock startups – and rock London

    We’re just over a week away from GeeknRolla the annual conference from TechCrunch Europe which brings together Europe’s technology startups and investors. We have an amazing line-up of speakers, panels and startup judges on April 20. We’ll be launching around 15 startups in front of a panel of around 18 judges. There will also be a DemoPit for startups not selected to appear… Read More

  • Bebo's Michael Birch and MyDeco's Brent Hoberman to hit #GeeknRolla, London, April 20

    Bebo co-founder Michael Birch has confirmed that he will be joining us at GeeknRolla in London on April 20, the annual London conference for technology startups to launch, network with investors and talk about how they build themselves. Michael Birch is the Co-founder of Bebo and Birthday Alarm. Birch was raised in North London, England, went to Imperial College, London in Central London… Read More

  • GeeknRolla To Launch Startups, London, April 20

    This year’s GeeknRolla in London on April 20 will, in a word, be awesome. I created the concept of this this annual conference to bring together Europe’s technology startups to network with investors and talk about how they create and build themselves. There’s a heavy educational component, if you will. So if the cool kids will be at TechCrunch Disrupt in May, you can bet… Read More

  • Update on #GeeknRolla, April 20, London #gknr

    Tommy Ahlers, founder of ZYB which was acquired by Vodafone for €31.5m in 2008 – will be keynoting at this year’s GeeknRolla in London on April 20. GeeknRolla is an annual London conference for technology startups to launch, network with investors and talk about how they create and build themselves. Before founding ZYB, where he has held the position of CEO since the… Read More

  • Next TechCrunch Europe events: Paris, London, Edinburgh, Copenhagen

    TechCrunch Europe is plotting the next series of events we’re planning this year. But we’re going to need your help. We’re looking for speakers and startups to appear at our events, and we’re especially interested in new startups planning to launch (read on about why). Meanwhile we’ve set up ticketing sites for you now so you can actually go and get early bird… Read More

  • TechCrunch Europe events in 2010, and ones we're supporting

    TechCrunch Europe is proud to announce the first tranche of events we’re planning this year. Now, before anyone gets upset that their city or event is not on this list, please be aware this is what we are putting our efforts into right now. We are working on adding more events at other times in the year. We’ve set up ticketing sites for you now so you can actually go and get early… Read More

  • Upcoming tech events – the ones we're going to or running

    Once in a while we like to point you to events that may be interesting to European tech entrepreneurs. We’re not necessarily endorsing them. Buyer beware and all that. We’re just saying you may want to check them out. We’ve added events where there will be a TechCrunch Europe writer attending, or those we are running. And please definitely put December 15 in your diary… Read More

  • TechCrunch London – Event Wrap #TClondon

    TechCrunch Europe threw a dedicated startup pitch event yesterday in London and – if we do say so ourself – it was a great success. We plan to do more of these kinds of events and, as I pointed out at the time, we will NEVER charge startups to pitch. They are selected by editorial, on merit only. The winner of the pitch competition was FestBuzz (pictured). The other startups to… Read More

  • Come to TechCrunch London, 24 Sept: Speakers, Pitches & Party

    When Seedcamp, the rolling European startups programme, runs its week-long event in London we like to turn up and cover the startups pitching the mentors and judges during the week. Seedcamp is built around its network of mentors and tends to attract a lot of CEOs and VCs, so we hate to waste the opportunity. Thus, with their collusion, we’re piggy-backing alongside their week, running… Read More

  • The #Europas: In Video, Pictures and Posts

    Our video streaming partner for The Europas Awards last night was Techfluff.tv, which also produces awesome corporate videos under the Newspepper brand, featuring the irrepressible Hermione Way. Here’s their take on the event: The first part of our panel on “Where is Europe now?” featuring Sarah Lacy, Tariq Krim, Stefan Glaenzer, Brent Hoberman and Michael Birch. The second… Read More

  • The Europas: The Winners and Finalists

    The Europas, the inaugural European Startup Awards 2009 for European and EMEA tech companies, were held last night, Thursday July 9, 2009 in London. Check out our live blog from the event and subsequent coverage in video, pictures and posts. For these inaugural awards, over 400 entrants were voted on by the industry and the results merged with those from 19 expert advisors from across Europe. Read More

  • The Europas Liveblog 2009

    6:16 PM: The hordes descend! Champagne is flowing, the live stream is streaming, anticipation is high. 6:35 PM: Our roving reporter Mike Butcher has been Twitpiccing: 6:47 PM: Starting in one minute…. 6:50 PM: So, here we go! We’re starting with a pitch competition featuring six startups from across Europe. Pitch sponsored by UKTI. First pitch: Bernhard Niesner from… Read More

  • The Europas – Pitch competition

    On the evening of The Europas itself we will be holding quick-fire pitch competition for a handful of startups. To be considered for the pitch competition you need to email TechCrunch Europe Editor Mike Butcher, with a one side of A4 text-only pitch, and also include the URL of your company/project/startup etc on CrunchBase (you can add your company onto it if it is not already there). Read More

  • London. 21 April. 2009. Are you a real Geek 'n Rolla?

    So far this year I’ve has run roundtable meetup events for startups in Barcelona, Paris, Prague and coming up we’ll be in Stockholm in 27 May, Berlin on 10 June and throwing a huge summer party in London on 9 July (come meet The Travelling Geeks). But next week I will be putting together a day-long conference in London as a personal project which I think is needed for the eco-system. Read More

  • PSA: Apple's "Let's Rock" event starts at 10AM PDT

    Our very own John Biggs managed to get his whale-self out of his attic in Brooklyn and on over to San Francisco for the main event. Will Internet darling Kevin Rose be right? Is this the new iPod Nano? Are these legit 4th gen iPod Nano cases? The answers to these and more will be revealed tomorrow starting at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT/6PM GMT. Read More

  • Apple's "Let's Rock" signage going up, iPhone 2.1 coming

    We’re two days from Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco has been decked out. Yay! Moving on. Ars is reporting that they’ve caught wind from a “little birdie” that Apple will release iPhone firmware 2.1 on Tuesday along with new iPods. So what can we expect from 2.1? Earlier reports suggested better… Read More

  • Event: Virtual worlds show hits London

    Later this month Virtual Worlds Forum Europe (VWFE) is going to be the first major conference in Europe, let along the UK, about – guess what – virtual worlds. It’s odd that it’s taken this long to have a major event about this most fascinating of areas, of interest both to everyone from technology entrepreneurs to media/marketing people. Of particular interest to… Read More