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  • Biographer Walter Isaacson And Medium CEO Ev Williams To Speak At Disrupt SF

    Biographer Walter Isaacson And Medium CEO Ev Williams To Speak At Disrupt SF

    We’re excited to announce that author Walter Isaacson and entrepreneur Ev Williams will be joining us onstage at Disrupt SF next week. Isaacson is probably best-known to TechCrunch readers as the author of the bestselling biography Steve Jobs, but he also wrote acclaimed volumes on Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. And he serves as president and CEO of the Aspen… Read More

  • Biz Stone Steps Back From Twitter To Relaunch Obvious With Ev Williams And Jason Goldman

    Biz Stone Steps Back From Twitter To Relaunch Obvious With Ev Williams And Jason Goldman

    Twitter co-founder Biz Stone took some time to blog today a bit about his past. He goes back to Xanga, then Blogger/Google, then (though not directly mentioned) Odeo. He talks about how after they failed to sell Odeo, Evan Williams created Obvious, a parent company with the purpose of buying back Odeo from its investors. Around this time, Jason Goldman, another previous Blogger/Google guy… Read More

  • Twitter Ads: "The Perfect Wet Dream of Every Marketer." So Why Are There Only 600 Advertisers?

    Dick Costolo just wrapped up his keynote at All Things D. It wasn’t livestreamed, so for those of you who missed out, there were some interesting tidbits about user numbers, defense of Twitter’s stewardship of its developer community and some hints about the ad business. Rather than any newsy bombshells, my biggest takeaway was what I’ve written before about Twitter’s… Read More

  • Twitter: Consider This Your Intervention.

    Twitter: Consider This Your Intervention.

    This is the post I haven’t wanted to write for weeks. This is the post no one wants to write. No one wants to say Twitter is in trouble. That’s like shooting your best friend’s dog. But I’m increasingly convinced that Twitter is operationally in trouble, for a lot of the same reasons that Fortune’s Jessi Hempel outlines in her cover today, and other reasons… Read More

  • It's Official: Ev Became "Less Involved" At Twitter Months Ago

    Today’s return of Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey to the company he created to once again head up its product efforts raises the question of what will co-founder Evan Williams be doing now. When he handed over the CEO reigns to Dick Costolo last October, the company said he was going to focus more on the product side of things. Dorsey is now the head of product and the two co-founders have… Read More

  • Memo to Twitter: Popularity Is Becoming a Commodity

    So there I was flying back to San Francisco after the Holidays, flipping through the United Hemispheres magazine to better understand my awesome Snack Box options, when I was stopped by an animated drawing of Twitter founder Evan Williams and an accompanying Q&A for joe-plane-traveler about the popular site. The interview starts with a throw-away clause saying Williams is credited with… Read More

  • Evan Williams, Master of the Privacy Game

    Evan Williams, Master of the Privacy Game

    I’m not talking about the privacy of Twitter’s millions of users- who they follow, what they retweet and the inner-sanctum of their DMs. I’m talking about the privacy of Evan Williams– one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the Web 2.0 era, yet one who doesn’t have Gawker photographers come to his house, doesn’t have snarky movies made about him and… Read More

  • Evan Williams Takes Questions On Twitter And Reveals Some Of What Could Be Next

    Maybe it is a good thing that Twitter co-founder Evan Williams is no longer CEO — he now seems to have time to do things like answer a boatload of questions from users on Twitter. For about an hour today, Williams did just that and provided some interesting insights into New Twitter and what types of possibilities are out there for the service in the future, feature-wise. I went ahead… Read More

  • Evan Williams And Dick Costolo: New Twitter Triggered CEO Change

    Evan Williams And Dick Costolo: New Twitter Triggered CEO Change

    As you may have heard by now, Twitter has a new CEO. Former COO Dick Costolo is taking over from Evan Williams as the head of the company. A few minutes ago, I got a chance to speak to both of them about the change. “New Twitter was definitely a trigger for this,” Williams told me. “Conveniently, I took over the CEO role just about two years ago — and brought Dick in… Read More

  • Dick Costolo: Mission Accomplished

    “First full day as Twitter COO tomorrow. Task #1: undermine CEO, consolidate power.” That was Dick Costolo on September 13, 2009. Today, just over one year later, Costolo has done it. Someone roll out the Mission Accomplished banner! Read More

  • Dick Costolo Takes Twitter CEO Role So Evan Williams Can Focus On Product

    Dick Costolo Takes Twitter CEO Role So Evan Williams Can Focus On Product

    Twitter COO Dick Costolo has just taken over as CEO of Twitter from current CEO and co-founder Evan Williams, Twitter confirmed today. In a post on the matter, Williams writes the following: Read More

  • Twitter Expected To Take The Wraps Off Its Advertising Platform Today

    Twitter Expected To Take The Wraps Off Its Advertising Platform Today

    Later today, Twitter CEO Evan Williams will be interviewed by Umair Haque of the Havas Media Lab at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. We’ll of course be covering any announcements that will be made by Williams on stage, but we expect that at least part of the keynote address will be centered around the company’s advertising platform. Twitter made a memorable splash at SXSW… Read More

  • Evan Williams, Marissa Mayer, Steven Chen Named World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders 2010

    Every year the World Economic Forum names its Young Global Leaders, a list of up-and-comers from the worlds of business, politics, culture, and non-profits. Last year’s list included YouTube founder Chad Hurley, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Digg founder Kevin Rose, and Skype CEO Josh Silverman. Today, the World Economic Forum named its 2010 Young Global Leaders. There are 197 people… Read More

  • Video: The Early Days Of Pyra Labs / Blogger (Featuring @Ev Williams)

    We got a tip about a video from the same people who made us – and subsequently, you – aware of Biz Stone‘s 2006 video-recorded attempt to explain ‘Twttr’ when the service that became Twitter was still in diapers. This time, it’s Twitter’s other co-founder, Evan Williams, who appears in a video with developer Paul Bausch, Meg Hourihan, Alberto Gonz├ílez… Read More

  • Ev's Advice For Startups: "Do Something Awesome"

    Twitter co-founder Evan Williams is on the Web video show Tekzilla in an interview conducted by Veronica Belmont on-stage last week at the Web 2.0 Expo. It was the same day that Biz Stone was in New York taping the Colbert Report. The best part of the interview is when Ev starts answering questions from the audience submitted via Twitter, which is where the clip starts above (you can watch… Read More

  • Twitter To Start Serving Local News To Users?

    Germany’s Der Spiegel published an interview with Twitter CEO Evan Williams yesterday on its website, and Williams had a couple of interesting things to say. You can find a poorly Google-translated version of the interview here, which features Williams answering the usual, boring questions ‘professional’ journalists tend to ask about the micro-sharing service (the reporter… Read More

  • Evan Williams Predicts That "Normal People" Will Use Twitter In Five Years

    Twitter co-founder Evan Williams was on Charlie Rose last Friday. In the clip after the jump, he predicts that Twitter will be something “that normal people do” within five years. He compares Twitter to the early days of blogging (another topic he knows something about, having been the founder of what became Blogger). When blogging started, most people didn’t get it and… Read More