• Seedcamp Closes a New €3 Million Fund, Plans to Expand Globally (TCTV)

    Seedcamp Closes a New €3 Million Fund, Plans to Expand Globally (TCTV)

    I have no idea why it seems to be “Europe week” for me, but here’s some more news from across the pond: Seedcamp has raised a new €3 million fund. I’m a huge fan of Seedcamp, even though I’ve given the co-founder Saul Klein a hard time about some of its winners in the past. It is a combination of Y Combinator, a competition like TechCrunch Disrupt and a super… Read More

  • Betfair's David Yu: The Patience of a Saint Running a $2B Company for Sinners (TCTV)

    What does it take to build a $2 billion consumer Internet company in the UK? For starters, center it around a market that’s illegal in the US. Betfair, a marketplace that matches and executes some five million wagers everyday, went public earlier this year and is valued at more than $2 billion. It has a few things in common with the other $2 billion-plus Internet win out of Europe, Skype. Read More

  • Topsites Said To Be Main Target Of European Anti-Piracy Raids

    More on that vast, European anti-piracy raid that went down yesterday. The big news: it’s very possible that the main UK topside was taken down in the raid, which, if true, would actually be a pretty big deal—certainly a big blow to “the scene,” as it were. Read More

  • European Anti-Piracy Raid Catches Wikileaks' Provider In The Crossfire

    A raid on file-sharing servers in the early hours of the morning has conspiracy theorists talking. The raid, which took places in various European countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Sweden (among others), targeted peer-to-peer service providers. What has the tin foil hat wearers wondering is: why was one Wikileaks’ Swedish providers caught in the crossfire? Is… Read More

  • Europe-only World of Warcraft t-shirts inspire us to greatness

    When in doubt, write about World of Warcraft. Jinx, the geek-friendly online store, has three new t-shirts that may be of interest to you. Unfortunately, they’re Europe-only, so you’ll have to get your guild-mate from Liverpool to send ‘em to you. Read More

  • A Volcano Plays Merry Hell With European Startups

    So like everyone else in Europe right now, I am fascinated by the impact of the volcano in Iceland, which is spreading ash all over northern Europe and shutting down the airlines. Eyjafjallajokull is now the new in vogue swear word in Europe, if you can say it. Yesterday my Twitter stream was full of entrepreneurs suddenly saying their travel plans were being thrown into chaos. It seems… Read More

  • More 3D football (soccer) comes to Europe: Up next, Belgium & Poland

    More 3D broadcasts are sweeping across Europe. The next countries up are Belgium and Poland. They follow the UK and Germany—oh, and the U.S. Read More

  • The Road Train: taking drafting to a whole new level

    So we all know that drafting increases fuel efficiency. Heck, I even saw an episode of MythBusters where they proved that following a semi suicidally close will increase your mileage dramatically. Of course, drafting is dangerous, stupid, and the risk vs. reward just isn’t there. Well, what if it was? Scientists in Europe are working on a system that would make drafting safe. Get ready… Read More

  • Why VCs Should Take Their Own Advice

    The way venture capital firms are structured makes it almost impossible for outsiders to see what’s really going on inside those 1970s lodge-like Sand Hill Road offices. It’s an industry perfectly structured for sweeping problems under the rug, and as its fundamentals have declined over the last decade, that’s just what it’s been doing. But those big, lumpy problems… Read More

  • EU considering limiting media player output to 85dB

    Legislation is going to be drafted and considered in the first months of 2010 by the EU that would limit the volume levels on personal media players to 85dB (they now peak around 120). There are several things they should know. First, they have better things to do. Second, it’s not their problem. And third, it’s not going to work. Read More

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