• Etsy Shakeup: CTO Chad Dickerson Takes Over CEO Role From Founder Kalin As Visitor Growth Stalls

    Etsy Shakeup: CTO Chad Dickerson Takes Over CEO Role From Founder Kalin As Visitor Growth Stalls

    Today marked a bit of leadership shuffling at Etsy, the online marketplace to buy your local hipster a handmade good, as CTO Chad Dickerson takes over the reins as CEO from Rob Kalin. Etsy is Kalin’s brainchild, and the founder has been acting as CEO since 2009. Dickerson explained the change today on Etsy’s blog, saying that his focus as the new CEO will be to impel Etsy to… Read More

  • A Tale Of Two Countries: The Growing Divide Between Silicon Valley And Unemployed America

    A Tale Of Two Countries: The Growing Divide Between Silicon Valley And Unemployed America

    Editor’s note: Guest contributor Jon Bischke is a founder of RG Labs and is an advisor to Altius Education, Fatminds and Udemy. You can follow him @jonbischke. For people who spend most of their days within a few blocks of tech start-up epicenters such as South Park in San Francisco, University Avenue in Palo Alto or the Flatiron district in New York, last week’s… Read More

  • The anaPad Is A White Board And Wooden iPad Clone For Kids

    Any parent will tell you that the anaPad will not keep their kids away from the household’s iPad. It might look like an iPad, but kids are smart. They know a capacitive touchscreen from a white board. But that’s fine. As the creators note on etsy, it’s designed to promote analog learning, hence the name, in a digital world. The magnetic white board looks like an iPad and… Read More

  • Wine Sling For Your Bike Makes Riding While Romancing A Snap

    Like the idea of that six-pack carrier for your bike, but you’re more of a wine drinker? Son, you’re in luck. This hand-made, leather sling for wine bottles attaches to your frame and lets you cruise to your date or party — without having to steer with one hand or bring a nerdy bag to hold the wine. It’ll run you $25 Canadian — at this point normally I’d make… Read More

  • Heartsy Is Groupon For Etsy

    Heartsy Is Groupon For Etsy

    From the why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-this-before department: meet Heartsy, which is basically a Groupon for Etsy, i.e. a daily deals site for handmade items sold on Etsy stores. The concept should be overly familiar to you: registered users get sent exclusive deals on handmade items sold on Etsy by email. Acquired coupons, or vouchers as Heartsy refers to them, can be redeemed at the… Read More

  • Wear Around Your Childhood Friends With These Spaceman Lego Cufflinks

    These Lego Spaceman cufflinks are sort of self-explanatory just like the folks who wear them. Fine by me. $16.99 a pair on at this Etsy store where there are about a zillion and quarter more similar Lego cufflinks and tie tacks. I like these the best. [via Cool Hunting] Read More

  • Search Etsy Listings By Color With Glancely

    Let’s say you want to find that perfect quirky little black dress for New Year’s? Like a mashup of Etsy, Flickr color search, and Google Instant, Glancely lets you search Etsy visually, sorting instant results by color and by price so you can scan through multiple green knit caps or purple socks or whatever handmade items your heart desires. Hold your mouse over an item to get… Read More

  • Don't Know What Gifts To Get Your Hipster Friends? Make Them Take The Etsy Taste Test

    Gift giving can be so hard, especially if you have a bunch of hipster friends who turn their noses at anything even slightly pedestrian. (“A box of See’s Candy that you bought at the airport? Are you kidding me?”). Well, fear not. All you need to do is make them take this little Etsy Taste Test on the commerce site for hand-crafted goods. After selecting a series of… Read More

  • TC Teardown: 13 Ways To Get To $10 Million In Revenues (Part II)

    TC Teardown: 13 Ways To Get To $10 Million In Revenues (Part II)

    Editor’s note: This post is the second part of an analysis of different consumer Internet business models by guest author Steven Carpenter. It is suggested that you first read Part I. Most consumer Internet startups fall into a baker’s dozen of possible business models. In the first part of this post, I tried to lay out the three main buckets those business models fall into… Read More

  • TC Teardown: Etsy, It's Crafty

    TC Teardown: Etsy, It's Crafty

    Editor’s note: Engineers love to take things apart to learn how they work. They call this a teardown. In his ongoing series of TC Teardowns guest author Steven Carpenter takes apart popular business models to see how they work. He’s done this with Groupon, Chegg, and Zynga. This time, he looks at handmade goods marketplace Etsy. A few weeks ago, Etsy, the New York-based… Read More

  • Index Ventures Buys Into Etsy, Triples Valuation To Nearly $300 Million

    Index Ventures Buys Into Etsy, Triples Valuation To Nearly $300 Million

    Crafty commerce site Etsy just raised another $20 million in its fifth venture round (that would be the Series E). Index Ventures is the new investor leading the round, with partner Danny Rimer getting an observer’s seat on the board. (The board is made up of founder Rob Kalin, Caterina Fake, Accel partner Jim Breyer and Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson). Previous… Read More

  • This rainbow Apple sticker transports your iPad back a couple generations

    Good news and bad news. First, the vinyl iPad sticker of Rob Janoff’s 1976 Apple logo is only $3.50 on etsy or free if you buy one of the seller’s larger decals on etsy. But they are sold out. Sorry. [etsy via Gadget Lab Read More

  • Etsy CEO: How Social Will Unlock Etsy’s Potential [Video]

    After a brief hiatus, the founder of Etsy Rob Kalin reclaimed the CEO title in January of this year. During a brief interview at Etsy’s Brooklyn headquarters, I asked Kalin, “Why do you think you deserve to be back as CEO?…Is there anything really unique about your vision that will take Etsy to the next stage?” Kalin responded: “Sure, so why do I deserve to be CEO… Read More

  • Daily Grommet Raises $3.4 Million For Invention Marketplace

    Daily Grommet, a curated online marketplace and video review site for quirky inventions and products, has raised $3.4 million in Series A funding from a number of investors, including John Landry, Launch Capital and Gerry Laybourne, founder of Nickelodeon and Oxygen Media. The site features one creative invention or product per day, with an in-depth video review. Daily Grommet will also sell… Read More

  • For the true Apple lover: the iMac G4 lamp

    So your friend is an Apple head. He’s got the Mac Pro, the MacBook, the Air, the iPhone; he’s got Apple sheets, an Apple tattoo, he eats an apple every day — right, he’s got it all. …or does he? Read More

  • Must-have Mac accessory #31,345: Iron Man lid decal

    Avengers unite! [$14.99 on etsy via geek-gadgets] Read More

  • The Top Ten IPO Candidates For 2010

    It’s been a long drought for IPOs, but venture capitalists and tech entrepreneurs are hopeful that 2010 will be the year they rain down on the Valley once gain. Earlier this year, a handful of IPOs trickled out, such as OpenTable, Rackspace, and A123Systems. But what people are really waiting for is another Netscape moment—an iconic IPO which will whet investor’s appetites… Read More

  • As Etsy Turns A Profit, Founder Rob Kalin Takes Over Again As CEO

    Etsy founder Rob Kalin will be taking over the reins as CEO once again in January, 2010, he writes in a blog post. Etsy’s current CEO, Maria Thomas, will be leaving the company. Thomas was brought on as CEO in mid-2008 from NPR (where she headed up its digital efforts), and helped grow the marketplace for hand-crafted goods. The comScore chart indicates that it’s been on a bit of… Read More

  • Etsy Buys Retail Product Ad Platform Adtuitive, Gains Five New Programmers

    Handmade item marketplace and community website operator Etsy, which is backed by $31.6 million in venture capital funding, has acquired New York-based advertising startup Adtuitive for an undisclosed sum. The small acquisition was mentioned on a company blog post published yesterday, although the announcement was pretty scarce on details. Read More

  • Davos Interviews: Etsy Founder Robert Kalin

    Continuing my series of interviews with interesting personalities at the World Economic Forum at Davos: Here’s a 6 minute talk with Etsy founder Robert Kalin on the state of his four year old business. Robert Scoble helps with the interview. 28 year old Kalin, who coincidentally looks a lot like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, talks about how he’s grown the person-to-person… Read More