• The Race To the Bottom, Part II: Ereaders

    We’ve been saying this for months: ereaders are a commodity and they’re going to get worse. Now Farhad at Slate thinks we’ll be seeing Kindles for $99 sooner than later and I’d wager you’ll see a $30 reader around the holidays. Read More

  • Fairmont Hotels Now Offering Kobo E-Readers To Guests

    Fairmont Hotels are now offering a bit more reading than just a Gideon bible. Members of the Fairmont President’s Club at ten locations can now use a Kobo e-reader during their stay. These devices are preloaded with a selection of new and bestselling Random House titles along with having full access to the Kobo ebook store where they can purchase any other book.¬†This sort of… Read More

  • Finding Nemoptic's place in the e-reader sea

    Right now, there is an e-paper display battle. The Kindle currently offers a display from E-Ink, a market leader known for using electrophoretic e-paper. The iPad uses an LED-backlight display soon to be OLED. There is also the new Pixel Qi’s with its amazing transflective LCD that may kill the E-Ink display used in the Kindle. Now next and new to the scene is a display from a company… Read More

  • The Skiff, she is dead

    Not to say I told you so, but I told you so. The Skiff newsreader that made waves at last CES is dead, abandoned by News Corp. who bought the e-reader software but not the device from Hearst. The software will probably be used in News Corp’s “Next Issue Media” endeavor that was supposed to be Hulu for magazines. In the end, the Skiff was too strange to survive. Outsized, ugly… Read More

  • Alex eReader shipping tomorrow

    We told you all the rumors, we told you it was available for pre-order, and now we’re here to tell you, it’s finally shipping! The Spring Design Alex eReader is shipping their pre-orders (at least the US ones) tomorrow. The Alex is that dual screen, Android based reader that many consider to be a very feasible alternative to the iPad. Read More

  • Quick Look: Aluratek eBook Reader Pro

    It’s no Kindle, but at $149 the Aluratek eBook Reader Pro is a pretty interesting device. It comes with a 2GB card and includes 100 public domain books including Wuthering Heights and The Bible. It works with PDFs, ePubs, and Mobi files along with standard text files. The whole thing works quite well and it’s a nice, small size, especially for an inexpensive e-reader. Read More

  • Hands on with the Alex ereader

    The Alex ereader is out and I got to look at it today for a few minutes. The top part is a real epaper screen and the bottom part is essentially a small Android MID. The device has Wi-Fi and is available now for $399, shipping in May. The company had a few interesting points about their sales strategy. Their goal isn’t to sell and ship devices, although their ereader will play epub… Read More

  • Acer has an e-reader, app store, and Chrome OS netbook prepped for '10, working on a tablet

    Acer has big plans for 2010. Sometime within the coming months the world’s second largest computer maker will launch a 6-inch monochrome ebook reader, cross-platform application store and a Chrome OS netbook — along with probably a crapton and a half of computers under its Acer, Gateway, and EMachines brands. And yes, the company is working on a tablet computer says the president… Read More

  • More pics of the Asus e-reader

    While this will probably look primitive as heck in a few days, it’s fun to see Asus giving it their all in the ebook market. After all, we all need a 9-inch e-reader with a touchscreen in the end. Read More

  • The Bigfoot of Ereaders surfaces

    An anonymous tipster send us in this image of an e-reader running Android OS and explained that it came from a company that has never been in the tablet/e-reader business. Interesting‚Ķ I suspect this is some sort of music device for composers/performers because of all the musical notes on the top of the screen and some things we saw in the background of the image. Any guesses as to what… Read More

  • LG sort of shows off a solar-powered ebook reader, but not really

    Let’s talk about the word “unveiled” on gadget sites. Unveiled is a weasel world. It means “revealed” and suggests that the company in question is showing off something that it will make soon. It is used at CES, for example, with CES Unveiled where you see product that will be announced ahead of time and then actually released much later. So in this case it is more… Read More