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  • The Keurig Kold Is A Space Oddity In The World Of Soft Drinks

    The Keurig Kold Is A Space Oddity In The World Of Soft Drinks

    The Keurig Kold is such an odd product that it almost looks like it came from a distant world where no one cares about corn syrup ingestion. Clad in white plastic and covered in grills, the case is far bigger than anything else in your kitchen and makes a noise like Darth Vader taking a nap. It takes two hours to prime and then, in a minute or so, can produce a glass of fizzy beverage without… Read More

  • Anticipating FDA Ban, Four Loko Ditches Caffeine

    Surely you’ve heard of Four Loko, the hot new energy drink that contains both caffeine and alcohol? It’s a party in a can! They tried it yesterday on Ron & Fez, and you could tell that some of the guys (read: Mark Zito) were already slurring their words after a few sips. Now the bad news: the FDA is expected to ban the drink in an announcement later today. Better buy one… Read More

  • Back to School: A 9 energy drink shootout

    Oh man. I don’t think drinking nine different energy drinks over nine days is that healthy. My life expectancy had to be affected. Oh well, it was done in the name of science and CrunchGear. Before this shootout, I was under the impression that all energy drinks taste like piss and gave you the shakes. Some do, but there are definitely better options than others as I found. A couple… Read More