• PSA: Apple earbuds may cause mild electrical shock!

    Breaking news! Pay attention, people of the Internet! Apple has revealed that under some circumstances, iPod and iPhone users may receive a mild electrical shock to their ears through their earbuds. Knowledge base article TS2729 has the full technical details about how something called “static electricity” can build up in your precious iPod or iPhone and then lay in wait until… Read More

  • Energy consumption will triple by 2030 if electronics' efficiency doesn't increase

    Yes, your refrigerator, washer, and dryer may be Energy Star certified, but any good you’re doing is offset by your DVD player, TV and computer. That’s the simplified version of a new International Energy Agency report that says white goods—refrigerator, washing machines, etc.—are a lot more energy efficient than they used to be, but that consumer… Read More

  • Did everyone turn out the lights last night?

    Earth Hour was last night. From 8:30 to 9:30, no matter what time zone you live in, we were all asked to turn off outside lights and any inside lights that weren’t being used. Read More

  • Tokyo station lets passengers produce electricity (video)

    It was very busy today in Tokyo as Japan, too, loves the Christmas season. And Tokyo’s Shibuya district, as one of the most crowded areas in the world, was particularly full with people. Read More

  • The PS3 draws $145 worth of electricity per year unless totally shut off

    Leaving the PS3 plugged in and turned on all the time could add as much as $145 to your electricity bill every year. That’s what the Natural Resources Defense Council has concluded in a report issued this week. Nearest we can tell, the report means that leaving your console in standby mode—not merely “on’ as in you’re actually using it—doesn’t do you… Read More

  • Futuristic shoe generates electricity to run iPods

    First the awesome emergency shoes, now another shoe-related technology from Japan: NTT, the country’s biggest telecommunications company, presents sandals that are able to generate electricity when walking. Each step users take puts pressure on the liquid-filled sole. Two tanks are positioned below the toe and heel and connected via a small pipe. Every step creates water flows within… Read More

  • Triple wall outlet increases your total plug count by 50%

    This isn’t exactly cutting-edge technology, but this triple-plug socket looks like it may actually be handy. I wonder how practical they are these days, though, when most phones, laptops and so on all have big AC adapters or otherwise funky plugs. Well, the third plug doesn’t stop you from using the plug the way you usually would, so what do you have to lose? A little money, I… Read More

  • Unplug your electronics if you're looking to save money

    Luckily, my electric bill is covered by the building (I pay for gas), but those of you who have to pay your own way, take heed of this advice: turn off your video game console, and make sure they’re not in standby mode. A recent study shows that a PS3 plugged in and on standby pulls five times as much electricity as a refrigerator similarly plugged in. Other electronic devices, like… Read More

  • Dell laptop (almost) electrocutes young boy, his dog, potentially grandma

    A fascinating post in Dell Community support forums details the travails of a young man and is XPS m1530. It seems that his laptop is “crackling” and “sparking” when he touches it, suggesting a grounding issue. While we’ve all felt that weird “smoothness because we’re about to be electrocuted” feeling on laptops and even lamps, this sounds… Read More

  • Forrester Research finds some consumers like the green

    Like all things, any "green" product will enjoy success when it costs less yet does more than its competition. I’m all for using products that consume less electricity but that’s more because I hate paying my electric bill and wish it was lower each month. One of the great promises of green products is that they save people money over time. Not all of them do, though. Read More

  • New show bores audience, saves environment

    A few TV manufacturers and broadcasters have joined forces to develop 10 minutes of boredom as a standard way of measuring energy use. Apparently energy consumption varies based on the genre so the clip combines all of them into one including soap operas, sports, and nature programs. It would be assumed that porn uses up the most energy and as a result we encourage everyone to cut back and… Read More