• Business Models For Sustainable Electricity Crunch Network

    Business Models For Sustainable Electricity

    As varied as the quirky spectrum of people dressed from t-shirts and shorts to suits and ties at SXSW Eco in Austin was the spectrum of sustainability topics covered — from improving fashion’s supply chain to building transportation hyperloops. For the first time ever, though, the workhorse of energy sustainability, the electric grid, was also tackled as a focal point. Read More

  • New Stretchy Electronics Will Help Us Stay Healthy And Safe

    New Stretchy Electronics Will Help Us Stay Healthy And Safe

    Researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base are working on a new form of electronics encased in a stretchy, bendable casing that allows you to wrap leads around body parts and even sense strain and stress in buildings, airplanes, and other vehicles. The product of the Department of Defense’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation… Read More

  • Genomics Needs A Killer App Crunch Network

    Genomics Needs A Killer App

    Genomics has undergone a major shift in the last year. The drop in price in the past decade from $3B to $1K to sequence a genome is the 10X force likely to cause an inflection point in a number of health-related industries. But despite the price, right now genomics is a niche product in large part used in and promoted by academia. Read More

  • Ambri Raises $35 Million For A New Approach To Grid-Scale Power Storage

    Ambri Raises $35 Million For A New Approach To Grid-Scale Power Storage

    The use of renewable energy is growing in the U.S., but its adoption has put pressure on old, overtaxed power grids. The intermittency of wind and solar power means that transmission systems need to find a way to store the energy generated from renewables to provide predictable power for grid operators. Read More

  • Cool People Play Their Music With An Electric Plasma Spark, Not A Normal Speaker

    Cool People Play Their Music With An Electric Plasma Spark, Not A Normal Speaker

    How do you listen to your music? Headphones you say? Sometimes on an Airplay or Bluetooth speaker? Oh. That’s pretty cool. I just listen to mine on plasma. Dancing electrical sparks that leap between two electrodes and produce a small amount of ozone. No big deal. Just, you know, how cool people do. Actually that’s not how I listen to music, but it could be if I back the ARC… Read More

  • Simple Energy And San Diego Gas & Electric Team Up To Encourage Conservation Through Gaming

    Simple Energy And San Diego Gas & Electric Team Up To Encourage Conservation Through Gaming

    2011 Boulder TechStars graduate Simple Energy is teaming up with San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) to help the utility engage its customers in energy conservation efforts. To accomplish this, Simple Energy is running an energy saver contest that offers a social gaming experience with real-world rewards. Read More

  • EnergyHub Launches Energy Management System For Consumers

    EnergyHub Launches Energy Management System For Consumers

    Today, EnergyHub launched its new, comprehensive, in-home energy management system for U.S. consumers. The system includes the EnergyHub Home Base, for centralized management of the electricity usage in the home, as well as The EnergyHub Thermostat, Sockets and Strips. The Home Base also connects to the Web via Wi-Fi, allowing users to remotely manage individual components via Web-based… Read More

  • Harvesting Energy From Radio Signals: Two New Devices From Japan (Video)

    Harvesting Energy From Radio Signals: Two New Devices From Japan (Video)

    Gleaning electricity from radio signals isn’t super-efficient (or a new concept), but it’s possible technically. Two companies from Japan have recently come up with new devices that can do just that: one is harvesting energy from cell phone signals, the other uses a rectifying antenna (Rectenna) to produce energy. Read More

  • DIY Energy Monitor Mounts To Your Electric Meter

    Remote electricity meters are interesting things. They essentially change the way you think about the juice flowing into your home by connecting to the potentially aged box in your basement and sensing the total energy usage in your home over time. The resulting stats are often quite enlightening and may help you make wiser energy-use decisions. Read More

  • All those gadgets we're using? Yeah, we're draining a whole lot of power these days.

    You know what would be a fun experiment? To go outside and find your electricity meter. All those laptops and netbooks and iPhones and PS3s and speaker docks you’ve got plugged in are, in fact, drawing power. As such, we’re all essentially killing the planet. I don’t know about you, but I’m patting myself on the back right now for being so awesome. Read More

  • PSA: Apple earbuds may cause mild electrical shock!

    Breaking news! Pay attention, people of the Internet! Apple has revealed that under some circumstances, iPod and iPhone users may receive a mild electrical shock to their ears through their earbuds. Knowledge base article TS2729 has the full technical details about how something called “static electricity” can build up in your precious iPod or iPhone and then lay in wait until… Read More

  • Energy consumption will triple by 2030 if electronics' efficiency doesn't increase

    Yes, your refrigerator, washer, and dryer may be Energy Star certified, but any good you’re doing is offset by your DVD player, TV and computer. That’s the simplified version of a new International Energy Agency report that says white goods—refrigerator, washing machines, etc.—are a lot more energy efficient than they used to be, but that consumer… Read More

  • Did everyone turn out the lights last night?

    Earth Hour was last night. From 8:30 to 9:30, no matter what time zone you live in, we were all asked to turn off outside lights and any inside lights that weren’t being used. Read More

  • Tokyo station lets passengers produce electricity (video)

    It was very busy today in Tokyo as Japan, too, loves the Christmas season. And Tokyo’s Shibuya district, as one of the most crowded areas in the world, was particularly full with people. Read More

  • The PS3 draws $145 worth of electricity per year unless totally shut off

    Leaving the PS3 plugged in and turned on all the time could add as much as $145 to your electricity bill every year. That’s what the Natural Resources Defense Council has concluded in a report issued this week. Nearest we can tell, the report means that leaving your console in standby mode—not merely “on’ as in you’re actually using it—doesn’t do you… Read More

  • Futuristic shoe generates electricity to run iPods

    First the awesome emergency shoes, now another shoe-related technology from Japan: NTT, the country’s biggest telecommunications company, presents sandals that are able to generate electricity when walking. Each step users take puts pressure on the liquid-filled sole. Two tanks are positioned below the toe and heel and connected via a small pipe. Every step creates water flows within… Read More

  • Triple wall outlet increases your total plug count by 50%

    This isn’t exactly cutting-edge technology, but this triple-plug socket looks like it may actually be handy. I wonder how practical they are these days, though, when most phones, laptops and so on all have big AC adapters or otherwise funky plugs. Well, the third plug doesn’t stop you from using the plug the way you usually would, so what do you have to lose? A little money, I… Read More

  • Unplug your electronics if you're looking to save money

    Luckily, my electric bill is covered by the building (I pay for gas), but those of you who have to pay your own way, take heed of this advice: turn off your video game console, and make sure they’re not in standby mode. A recent study shows that a PS3 plugged in and on standby pulls five times as much electricity as a refrigerator similarly plugged in. Other electronic devices, like… Read More

  • Dell laptop (almost) electrocutes young boy, his dog, potentially grandma

    A fascinating post in Dell Community support forums details the travails of a young man and is XPS m1530. It seems that his laptop is “crackling” and “sparking” when he touches it, suggesting a grounding issue. While we’ve all felt that weird “smoothness because we’re about to be electrocuted” feeling on laptops and even lamps, this sounds… Read More

  • Forrester Research finds some consumers like the green

    Like all things, any "green" product will enjoy success when it costs less yet does more than its competition. I’m all for using products that consume less electricity but that’s more because I hate paying my electric bill and wish it was lower each month. One of the great promises of green products is that they save people money over time. Not all of them do, though. Read More