• Tim Cook admits ‘prices are high’ for iPhones in India

    Tim Cook admits ‘prices are high’ for iPhones in India

    Apple CEO Tim Cook made an uncharacteristic admission today in an interview with Indian news channel NDTV — that iPhones are too expensive. He immediately qualified it, and the context really is important, but it’s just one of those things you don’t hear very often. Read More

  • Appenomics: Who Decided That Apps, Particularly Third-Party Twitter Apps, Had To Be Cheap?

    Appenomics: Who Decided That Apps, Particularly Third-Party Twitter Apps, Had To Be Cheap?

    Ninety-nine cents here, a buck-ninety-nine there — that’s what were used to spending when Apple introduced the App Store after the iPhone was launched. It was probably one of the most genius software and developer coups in the history of mobile computing. I mean that. By creating the App Store, Apple created thousands, and perhaps millions, of jobs and an all-new form of… Read More

  • Doc Searls Would Like You To Join Him In The Intention Economy

    Doc Searls Would Like You To Join Him In The Intention Economy

    Every day companies are spending gobs of money to earn and keep your attention. Advertisers are collecting heaps of information about you in the hopes of presenting you with more targeted advertisements: advertisements on which you’ll want to click. Yet despite all of this information, advertising still pretty much sucks. It doesn’t have to be this way. While marketers and… Read More

  • The Business Of Bitcoin: Entrepreneurs See Opportunities In Alternative Currencies

    The Business Of Bitcoin: Entrepreneurs See Opportunities In Alternative Currencies

    After some prominent press (and some prominent naysaying), Bitcoin has suffered a bit of a crash, falling from a high in the twenties to about of $3 USD today. Interestingly, however, the intensity with which users, experimenters, and entrepreneurs are still supporting what could best be termed a movement has not waned. The money to be made in this space is in the creation of an… Read More

  • Where Is My Magical NFC Phone Wallet?

    Where Is My Magical NFC Phone Wallet?

    According to Gartner Group report, there are 141.1 million mobile payment-ready devices in circulation and that the vast portion of the world’s population (mostly in Asia) is actively using NFC and other techniques to pay for items via mobile. However, the US is lagging wildly in this regard, with nearly no activity in the space at present even though two-thirds of young people would… Read More

  • Too big to fail: Using MMOs to study economics

    We all know that real world officials have used games like World of Warcraft to monitor the spread of infectious diseases, like trout flu. But what’s new to my eyes, broken pieces of junk that they are (I wouldn’t be able see Jupiter even if I were five feet away from it), is that researchers are using them to study economics. It’s simultaneously a bad and good idea. Read More

  • Sony posts $1.03 billion dollar annual loss, first in 14 years

    We kind of knew this was coming, but sure enough, Sony just reported a $1 billion dollar annual loss. This is the first down year in over 14 years. Thankfully the loss was slightly less at $1.03 billion than the forecasted $1.1 billion, but that’s still a lot of missing cake. The loss was caused by a 17% decline in electronic sales, 18% in the gaming segment, and the appreciation of the Yen. Read More

  • Blu-ray going like gangbusters

    A report by NPD Group founds that Blu-ray players sold over 400,000 units, an increase of 72 percent over 2008 while sales increased 14 percent. Also, folks are more likely to get a Blu-ray player sooner than later. Read More

  • Pay cuts, not layoffs, coming to HP

    Hewlett Packard isn’t doing so well like ever other consumer electronic company. Profit and sales are down, blah, blah, blah. You know the drill. Anyway, instead of laying off the 20,000 people like the financials indicate, the company is issuing company wide pay cuts starting at the top. Read More

  • What does the downturn mean for gadget freaks?

    With news of doom and gloom coming at us from every side I would like to take a moment to look at the market as it stands and assess what a slow-down/recession will mean for us, the tech obsessed. To recap, we are in this mess because of what amounts to a credit freeze. Companies that once could request “cash” to cover overnight expenses – we’re talking millions… Read More

  • Biofuel producers catching heat amid rise in food price

    There’s been riots over the rise in food prices. You may heave heard about, or even seen first-hand, rising food costs. (As have I—milk is how much?) Just be grateful you’re not a biofuel producer, since those guys are feeling some heat, namely for “crimes against humanity.” That’s a hard accusation to shake, methinks. Certain individuals are blaming… Read More

  • A tired attempt to scare you away from freeconomics

    [photopress:freestinks.jpg,full,center] Aren’t we supposed to take a hands-off approach to the market? Like, whatever happens, happens? That’s what I thought. ReadWriteWeb today has a counter argument to Chris Anderson’s everything will be free thesis, only it’s among the weakest counter arguments I’ve ever read. The gist—free does not equal good. Good can… Read More