• Munitio Headphones Go Black

    True story: a few weeks ago Munitio, a headphone company that makes earbuds shaped like 9 mm slugs, sent me a pair of their silver earbuds. I was supposed to fly so I put them in my bag and went through security. Luckily, big metal slugs shaped like bullets don’t show up on scanners so I was just fine. A word to the wise, however: unless you’re someone like Slash or something… Read More

  • H2OAudio Releases Surge 2G Water/Sweat-proof Earbuds

    These $50 earbuds are designed for swimmers and heavy sweaters who need a little extra protection as they glide around the waters of their local pool like a pasty, bulbous manta ray. That said, H2OAudio has been pretty strong in the waterproof devices and cases department so there’s no reason to think these aren’t good. Read More

  • Shure unveils SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones, Audiophiles Rejoice

    Shure announced their latest sound isolating earphones today (don’t call them earbuds), the SE315. The SE315’s are a single driver earphone with a full range of sound, and a detachable cable. Read More

  • Altec Lansing Announces Muzx Ultra Noise Isolating Earbuds

    Just in time for the start of school, Altec Lansing is launching a new line of noise-isolating earbuds. The Muzx Ultra block out noise using SnugFit silicone eartips, providing a kind of passive noise-isolation. The result is a high quality sound in a small package. Read More

  • The Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones are only for the hardcore

    Just a pair of earbuds housed in 18K gold 9mm bullet casings etched with an eagle for your enjoyment. That’s all. Good luck convincing an overworked TSA agent that you’re not a terrorist and your $250 earbuds will not harm anyone. Read More

  • Review Round-up: Custom in-ear headphones

    There are a few ways to to get excellent audio out of a pair of headphones. You can have excellent components or a tight, close fit or special electronics. Or, better yet, you can have all three. I was lucky enough to be able to try three types of custom earphones/earbuds and am please to report that if you have the cash they’re definitely a great way to listen to music. I tested… Read More

  • Sleek Audio shows off their SA7 in-ear monitors

    Don’t call them earbuds, at this price point they are considered to be in-ear monitors. The SA7 are the latest from Sleek Audio, and replace compliment the previous model, the SA6 that Devin reviewed. Read More

  • Fancy musicians may enjoy the $1350+ Ultimate Ears 18 earbuds

    Please indulge me as I begin this post with a quote from the Ultimate Ears 18 press release: “The Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors are expected to be available beginning in February for a suggested retail price of $1350 (U.S.). (The price of the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors does not include the initial cost to have a qualified audiologist create your ear impressions.) The… Read More

  • Fake iPod headphones almost like the real thing

    This is pretty cool. The folks at Cult of Mac bought some $14 knockoff earbuds fro the iPhone. They look exactly like the iPhone earbuds but “broke down in a week.” Read More

  • Show the world you mean business with weiner dog ear buds

    Do you love weiner dogs? Like REALLY love them? Don’t just say you love them to impress the internet. Read More

  • PSA: Apple earbuds may cause mild electrical shock!

    Breaking news! Pay attention, people of the Internet! Apple has revealed that under some circumstances, iPod and iPhone users may receive a mild electrical shock to their ears through their earbuds. Knowledge base article TS2729 has the full technical details about how something called “static electricity” can build up in your precious iPod or iPhone and then lay in wait until… Read More