• Microsoft previews Project Natal [Update]

    Moments ago at E3, Microsoft showed off it’s upcoming motion sensing system. Project Natal – that’s codename – will work with every 360 when it launches and will be available on all the new systems. It has full body motion control by tracking 3D movement. Plus it recognizes voices, and totally immerses the players into the game. You can use your own gear like a… Read More

  • LIVE: Xbox 360 E3 2009 press conference

    We’re live at Microsoft’s Xbox 360 press conference at E3 in Los Angeles. Read More

  • E3 2009 coverage starts tomorrow

    Time sure does fly. It’s been a whole year since Devin and I popped our E3 cherries and we find ourselves back in LA for what is expected to be a return to glory for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Not much going on today except for a few parties, but I did pass the convention center on my way to the hotel and noticed that Ubisoft and Sony dropped crazy money on signage. Read More

  • Microsoft denies 3D camera, Metal Gear Solid 4, every other Xbox 360 E3 rumor

    Well, you really can’t believe everything you read these days on the Interwebs, kids. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg told Eurogamer that all the E3 rumors going around about what will be announced for the Xbox 360 are “completely uninformed.” So that means the MGS4 rumor and 3D camera are untrue according to Greenberg. Read More

  • Who wants to go to E3?

    I’ll preface this by saying that it is GamePro’s 20th Anniversary and with that they’d like to invite one lucky bloke to help them cover E3 in LA next month. The rules seem pretty simple and if I weren’t already going I’d definitely be entering. This year’s E3 will be the kickass E3 from years ago and not the debacle Devin and I had to endure last year. Read More

  • Stride offers Steve Wiebe 40,004 quarters and gum to reclaim Donkey Kong world record at E3

    Steve Wiebe’s attempt to overthrow Billy Mitchell as the Donkey Kong world record holder has been well documented over the years and at last year’s E3 he came extremely close, but fell short by 50,000 points. Billy Mitchell currently holds the record at 1,050,200 points, which he set in 2007. Read More

  • Rumor: SplitFish Gameware to reveal Wii-like motion controller at E3 [Update]

    I’m just putting it out there, kids. Look at the zoomed in view of the E3 invite I just got from SplitFish. They don’t make anything that involves two controllers being flailed around. Unless, of course, you’re some sort of magician that can create hard surfaces for the FragFX mouse while you monkey around. Update: See, kids, this is what happens when it’s a slow news… Read More