E Ink

  • Time for E-ink: Seiko announces the first active-matrix watch

    Here’s an interesting little tidbit; Seiko just announced that they are going to producing the world’s first active matrix e-ink timepiece. That’s right, a wristwatch that uses e-reader technology to display the time. Could we be looking at the next LCD display technology? Read More

  • OLPC and Pixel Qi, sitting in a tree, C-R-O-S-S L-I-C-E-N-S-I-N-G

    I tried a few ways of making that familiar playground taunt work syllable-wise, but it was not meant to be. Slightly more propitious is this agreement between the ambitious (but troubled) One Laptop Per Child initiative and Pixel Qi, maker of innovative hybrid displays. Pixel Qi’s sunlight-readable display technology (seen most recently in the Notion Ink Adam) was spun off more than… Read More

  • Another day, another e-reader: Gigabyte is working on one too

    Revealed at CeBIT recently, we find that Gigabyte is building an e-reader of their own. Called the EB10, the new reader will be running Android on a 667Mhz Samsung processor. What makes this one different from the rest of the readers out there? Read More

  • The Phosphor watch – now in black!

    So we told you about the Phosphor watch back in May, and many people asked themselves, “but can I get it in black?” Admit it, you did. I could hear you. Really. Anyway, the answer to that burning question is “yes, the Phosphor watch is now available in black as well as silver.” Read More

  • First hands on: Samsung E6 e-book reader

    So Matt and I just got our hands on the Samsung E6, the company’s first electronic book reader. As a device it’s not bad, but compared to what’s out there you just know that Samsung was all, “We need to release something to get a foothold in the market.” The 6-inch e-redaer slides open, quite possibly like a phone you once owned. It’s only black and white… Read More

  • Old and busted: e-ink; New hotness: e-skin

    E-ink is cool, sure, but it’s still largely a black-and-white technology. Philips Research has moved into the color realm with what they’re calling e-skin. “The first applications using the technology could be e-skins for small devices such as MP3 players or cell phones. However, the technology is highly scalable,” says Kars-Michiel Lenssen, Principal Scientist at… Read More

  • Video: Android now playing nicely with e-ink

    The Moto Dev Group (not Motorola) previously stated that the company is fully committed to Android development and now it seems the company is working diligently getting the OS functional on an e-ink display. So far the development guys have succeeded on a proof of concept device, but it’s still far from production quality. Android’s open source code and e-inks low power… Read More

  • Esquire magazine e-ink cover splayed on video

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1783461&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 Right around 2 weeks ago, MAKE Magazine posted pictures documenting the tear down of Esquire magazine’s fully functional e-ink cover. If you haven’t managed to track down one of these increasingly tough to find rags (or if you… Read More

  • Make dissects the E-Ink Esquire

    All right, show of hands: How many of you people have already done this? If I could have gotten my hands on one, I know I would have already torn it to pieces, but we’re not all wired that way. At any rate MAKE sure is and they’ve taken pictures of the whole process so you don’t have to. Anyone else disappointed by this so-called “display”? The… Read More

  • Esquire Magazine integrating digital cover, forgets how to count

    “The 21st Century Begins Now”, according to David Granger, Esquire’s editor in chief. At least that’s what the magazine cover will flash at newsstands in September. Read More

  • Phosphor E-Ink Watch review

    After years of suffering, watch geeks are finally getting products dedicated to their quirky and specific tastes. Sure, any oldster can sport a gold Rolex, but what is an Emo kid with a gadget fetish to wear? A Swatch? Companies like Tokyoflash and Nooka have filled that techno-void with watches that are both high-tech and cool looking. Now… Read More