• The Marijuana Industry And Its First Crossroads Crunch Network

    The Marijuana Industry And Its First Crossroads

    Marijuana has come a long way in the United States since California launched its first-in-the-nation medical program 19 years ago. Today, 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis to some degree, and public perception of the plant is clearly shifting. Medical marijuana is being used in treatment of a variety of illnesses including several types of seizures, cancer and… Read More

  • E-Cig Maker NJOY Raises $70 Million

    Puff puff pass the $1 billion valuation because e-cigarette maker NJOY has raised $70 million from Brookside Capital and Morgan Stanley Investment Management, at least according to a NYT report. The company’s early investors included Sean Parker, Peter Thiel, and Douglas Teitelbaum. Read More

  • Charlotte, NC mall has an E-cigarette kiosk, the world is doomed

    As my better half says, “Only in the South.” Have you guys seen these e-ciggy kiosks in malls around your neck of the woods? If you’ve never seen one of these things then check out John’s review of the SuperSmoker Blue. Read More