• Is PayPal Preparing To Reverse Its Erotica E-book Stance? The EFF Has A ‘Good Feeling’

    Is PayPal Preparing To Reverse Its Erotica E-book Stance? The EFF Has A ‘Good Feeling’

    A development in the ongoing story about PayPal and requirements it made on e-book distributors to remove certain kinds of erotica from their catalogs: there are signs the eBay-owned company could be preparing to reverse its position as early as this week, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The digital rights group has been among those meeting with the payments company in… Read More

  • Collusion! Apple, Publisher Partners Accused Of Raising E-Book Prices

    Collusion! Apple, Publisher Partners Accused Of Raising E-Book Prices

    Apple was surely riding high after the announcement of their new iPad yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that everything is OK in CA if a Wall Street Journal report published today holds true. According to “people familiar with the matter,” Apple along with HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Group, Hachette Book Group, and Macmillan are on the verge of being slapped… Read More

  • Necessary Evil? Random House Triples Prices Of Library E-Books

    Necessary Evil? Random House Triples Prices Of Library E-Books

    Random House, the world’s largest publisher of the kinds of books you and I read, has made some adjustments to the way it sells e-books to libraries. Notably, they have tripled the price of many titles. Librarians across the country are expressing their discontent. The changes were telegraphed by an announcement a month ago that suggested prices would be going up soon, and most… Read More

  • PayPal As Moral Police? Forces E-Book Sellers To Remove Certain Erotica Content

    PayPal As Moral Police? Forces E-Book Sellers To Remove Certain Erotica Content

    Adult content has long been a big draw, and one of the most profitable, in the world of digital media, but a recent move by PayPal is a sign of how one part of that business might be facing some problems up ahead. Smashwords, an e-book distributor that competes with Amazon, has sent out a letter to the authors, publishers and literary agents that it works with to tell them that PayPal is… Read More

  • Nature Publishing Group Officially Launches New Interactive Textbook

    Nature Publishing Group Officially Launches New Interactive Textbook

    Last spring I wrote about Nature Publishing Group’s plan for a $49 electronic textbook packed with interactivity and unlimited content updates for life. The original publication date was scheduled for September 1, 2011, but for a variety of reasons the release was pushed back. Today marks the official launch of “Principles of Biology”. This book is “born… Read More

  • Kindle Sales Growing Faster Than The Nook’s

    Kindle Sales Growing Faster Than The Nook’s

    Barnes & Noble may be challenging Amazon’s dominance of the e-book world, but the Kindle sales are still growing faster than the Nook’s — at least if you connect the dots between some of the numbers included in a recently-published article by The New York Times. Read More

  • Thanks To Santa, Tablets And E-Readers Are (Almost) Everywhere

    Thanks To Santa, Tablets And E-Readers Are (Almost) Everywhere

    Ownership of tablets and e-book readers saw a big spike over the holidays — in fact, it nearly doubled in the United States, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. The study was based on telephone surveys conducted in mid-December and January, which found that ownership of both device types nearly doubled in just a month. Now a… Read More

  • Steal This Book!

    Steal This Book!

    Nobody wants to be told that their business model is obsolete. Ask Kodak. Or Hollywood. And the publishing industry is slower on its feet than most. Bookstores don’t want to believe that they’ll ultimately lose 75% of their pre-e-book business to that scourge plus Amazon delivery. (I’m assuming e-book market share will eventually plateau somewhere north of 50%.) Meanwhile… Read More

  • Coliloquy Makes Romance E-Books A Two-Way Conversation

    Coliloquy Makes Romance E-Books A Two-Way Conversation

    Right now, most e-books look an awful lot like their print counterparts, but startups like just-launched Coliloquy want to change that. In the past few months, other companies like Findings, Readmill, and Subtext have experimented with adding annotations and other social features to e-books. Coliloquy co-founder Lisa Rutherford said she wants to go further. Read More

  • Microsoft Reader E-Book System Comes To Its Conclusion

    Microsoft Reader E-Book System Comes To Its Conclusion

    Microsoft is officially putting their MS Reader system to bed. First made available in 2000, before e-ink readers were more than a twinkle in some materials researcher’s eye, the application was intended for the consumption of e-books on LCD screens, using Microsoft’s ClearType font smoothing and a relatively compact, familiar format. The .lit filetype and Reader application have… Read More

  • Video: Panasonic Shows Android-Powered E-Book Reader/Tablet Hybrid

    Panasonic is prepping an Android 2.2-powered e-book reader/tablet hybrid [JP] that’s specifically designed for the Japanese market. The device will offer e-books through a store set up by Rakuten, the country’s biggest e-commerce company, with the initial line-up including a total of at least 10,000 titles. Read More

  • Would You Like A $49 Electronic College Textbook With Lifetime Updates?

    Nature, the folks who brought you the free life sciences learning community Scitable, are today announcing “Principles of Biology”, a college level electronic textbook. Building upon the cross-platform success of Scitable, the new textbook offers a variety of fully interactive features, including quizzes and assessments, an online gradebook for instructors, and more. Perhaps… Read More

  • E-Books See Triple Digit Growth As Paper Book Sales Dive

    A report from the Association of American Publishers reveals that e-books sales experienced “powerful continuing growth” as they colorfully put it, and paper books of all types dipped, compared to the same period (January-February) from last year. This isn’t surprising news, mainly because it isn’t news — and even if it were, it’s just history repeating… Read More

  • Kobo Wireless Now Available On Walmart.com

    You can now find the Kobo Wireless e-reader on walmart.com. You can also find it in brick-and-mortar Wal-Mart stores, so it all works out. Read More

  • FLEPia Lite: Fujitsu Shows New Color E-Book Reader (Video)

    When Amazon introduced the Kindle in 2007, Fujitsu started showcasing the first version of its own e-book reader, the so-called FLEPia. Back then, Fujitsu marketed the FLEPia as the world’s first such device displaying pages in color. We covered the device a few times until it actually went on sale in Japan with a $1,200 price tag [JP] last year. Read More

  • James Patterson: The Second Member Of The Amazon Kindle 1 Million Club

    The second author to reach 1 million Kindle books sold is…? Any guesses? Of course not; I gave it away in the headline. It’s James Patterson, author of such books as the Alex Cross series and Women’s Murder Club. That Morgan Freeman movie, Along Came a Spider, was based on an Alex Cross novel. Read More

  • PaperBecause: A Paper Industry Astroturf Defending Paper

    How prescient! I just wrote that the dead-tree book is dying and a tipster sent us in this charming little site dedicated to the joy of paper – funded by a paper manufacturer, one of the biggest in the world. Domtar is the “largest integrated producer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America and the second largest in the world based on production capacity” and business… Read More

  • Kobo E-Book Store Unfriendly To Self-Publishers?

    While this blog post over at Tomorrow’s Book has more than a little bitterness to it, it’s also informative. More and more people are choosing to self-publish these days, and even if it’s a hassle, you’d think a new e-book store like Kobo would want to embrace this nascent business model. After all, if you cut out the middle men, you can get right to the chiseling. Read More

  • Biblio Leaf SP02: Toshiba's Answer To The Kindle

    Toshiba and Japan’s second biggest mobile carrier KDDI announced [JP] the Biblio Leaf SP02 for the Japanese market yesterday, an e-reader that features a 6-inch monochrome screen (16 shades) with 800×600 resolution. The device has 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and supports XMDF/PDF/EPUB files. Read More

  • Worldreader to digitize thousands of African titles and ship out ereaders

    Worldreader.org is a huge non-profit initiative, based out of Barcelona, Spain and founded by David Risher, former renown Amazon executive and Colin McElwee. It aims to use technology in order to bring “Books to All” in developing countries. Today Worldreader.org announced another cool initiative. With the help of publishers like Ghana-based EPP, Sam Woode, and Woeli and other… Read More

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