• Review: Dyson DC26 City Vacuum

    Review: Dyson DC26 City Vacuum

    Short Version: It’s easy to be dubious about Dyson – they are surprisingly pricey yet still look kind of cheap – but man do these things suck. http://media.entertonement.com/embed/OpenEntPlayer.swf Short Drum Roll with Cymbal Crash sound clip  drum roll sound clips Read More

  • Review: Dyson DC25 Animal

    Review: Dyson DC25 Animal

    Short Version: I really struggled with this one. As someone who is notoriously cheap, I had serious reservations about reviewing a vacuum cleaner that has an MSRP of $549. I mean, seriously? What could make this particular vacuum so much better then the old standby bagless that I picked up for $100 at the local retail store. Well, I’m here to tell you: I was wrong. The Dyson DC25 Animal is… Read More

  • Review: Dyson AM02 Tower Fan

    Review: Dyson AM02 Tower Fan

    Short Version
    It’s been a long, hot summer here on the homestead. John-John gets the whoopus when the dust kicks up and the house, such as it is, is about as hot as an oven most days. Most of August, when one of the neighbors rides into to town to check the bank thermometer and we find out that it’s well into the nineties, we usually just headed out to the old horse trough and… Read More

  • Dyson's Response To The Air Multiplier Fan Clones

    Dyson's Response To The Air Multiplier Fan Clones

    It’s probably a good time to be a patent lawyer over at Dyson. After all since the company produces bonifide innovative products every other week, clones no don’t pop up everywhere. It’s job security. That’s all. Just last week a seemingly perfect clone of the fanless Air Multiplier hit the interwebs and Dyson just issued a statement to do us concerning the… Read More

  • Looks Like Dyson, Priced Like A Knock-off, Still Blows

    Looks Like Dyson, Priced Like A Knock-off, Still Blows

    Not content to stick to the cheap imitation of tablets and other computers, the clever copiers at Abiko have produced a “homage” model of the Dyson bladeless fan. Keep in mind that the knock off isn’t of the newest models, but rather the 10-inch desk fan that we reviewed last year. Read More

  • Dyson's new air multipliers blow (in a good way)

    Dyson's new air multipliers blow (in a good way)

    Back in October, John reviewed Dyson’s original “air multiplier” (can you say fan?) and while he liked it, the pricing was a bit extreme for a something that blew air around a room. That being said, Dyson has come out with new line of “air multipliers” and this time they’ve added a few new tricks to the line. Read More

  • Review: Dyson DC31 handheld vacuum

    Review: Dyson DC31 handheld vacuum

    The DC31 is a handheld Dyson. That’s probably all I need to say for you to know that it’s awesome. Read More

  • Must… resist… obvious Dyson vacuum/fan joke…

    Must… resist… obvious Dyson vacuum/fan joke…

    Dyson, the makers of the trendiest vacuum cleaners around, have switched modes. Enter the Dyson Air Multiplier, a fan that utilizes the same bladeless technology as the Dyson vacuum. Thing looks like a freaking jet engine sitting on your desk. A jet engine that keeps you cool, that is. John already got to check one out. Read More

  • DIY Dyson-like workshop vacuum

    DIY Dyson-like workshop vacuum

    The core concept behind the Dyson vacuums are nothing new. In fact workshoppers have been using similar, but a whole lot more simple versions, to take some load off of their expensive dust collection units for years. Either you buy one, or you spend some quality time with some PVC pipes and make your own. Read More

  • Video Review: The Dyson Air Multiplier

    And you thought fans were boring. This new table fan by Dyson features a bladeless design that seems to be a first in the “things that blow stuff industry.” I’m quite impressed. A large ring channels the air through a very thin slit and over a specially designed surface. The result is a jet of cool air. There are three controls – on/off, speed, and oscillation –… Read More