• Dropcam Begins Shipping The $149 Dropcam HD WiFi Security Camera

    Dropcam Begins Shipping The $149 Dropcam HD WiFi Security Camera

    Dropcam is back with its second and most advanced security camera. Introduced back at CES 2012, the Dropcam HD is finally ready to ship and delivered within 5-7 business days. It’s quite a good bargin, too. Not much has changed since we first looked at the unit in early January. This model does 30 fps, night vision, two-way audio and 16x the resolution as the original Dropcam Echo. The… Read More

  • Dropcam Webcam at CES 2012

    Dropcam CEO Greg Duffy On Getting Into Hardware: “Don’t Ship Before It’s Ready”

    If you were paying attention last week, you can probably surmise that we have about a billion hours worth of footage to process from last week’s CES International show. There’s live streaming coverage that has now been archived, as well as quite a few recorded interviews including this one with Greg Duffy, Dropcam CEO. Speaking with John Biggs, Duffy shows off the new Dropcam HD… Read More

  • Dropcam Gets Classier With New HD Wireless Camera

    Dropcam Gets Classier With New HD Wireless Camera

    I’ve been a pretty big fan of DropCam for a year or so now. This set-it-and-forget-it camera sets up in minutes – just point it to a wireless router when plugged in through USB and then connect it to the wall power. The camera automatically wends its way past your firewall and you can view and control the device from any phone or browser. It also sends notification messages (albeit… Read More

  • Accel Leads $6M Round In Video Monitoring And Cloud Streaming Service Dropcam

    Accel Leads $6M Round In Video Monitoring And Cloud Streaming Service Dropcam

    The developers of Wi-Fi video camera monitoring and intelligent streaming service Dropcam, has raised $5.8 million in Series A funding led by Accel Partners with participation from existing angel investors including Mitch Kapor, Aydin Senkut (Felicis Ventures), Ben Narasin Triple Point Capital), David Cowan, Salil Deshpande and Bradley Horowitz. Sameer Gandhi of Accel Partners joins the… Read More

  • Dropcam Gets An Android App

    Dropcam is a pretty novel idea: Take a little camera, plug it into an outlet, plunk in your WiFi network settings, and boom — you’ve got a wireless security camera streaming to your own little private recess on the Internets, 24 hours a day. Once that’s done, you can pop into your living room to check on your treasures with just a few clicks on your PC, or a few taps on… Read More

  • Review: Dropcam Echo

    When I first wrote about Dropcam I was fairly excited. Why? Because I had been looking for a simple DVR/security system for my home so I could see if the FedEx guy was at the door. Dropcam appeared, disappeared, and then was launched a few months ago. In the interim I started using a Linksys wireless cam and Vitamin D and that has worked extremely well and then Logitech came out with their… Read More

  • Dropcam gets an updated iPhone App

    I like a secure household. I like to back up my seismics with a perimeter of screamers and I like to keep a webcam trained on my front door. One problem, however, has been viewing my perimeter remotely with my iPhone. It is a problem no more. Dropcam, makers of $199 wireless webcams, have released an updated iPhone app that let’s you add cameras to your system with a minimum of fuss… Read More