• What Could Have Exploded In That Droid 2?

    I’m not gonna go and play Inspector Gadget on this whole exploding Droid story; Motorola’s already looking into it, and it’s impossible to determine what really happened without tearing the device in question apart. With that said, for those who are flexing their Internet detective muscle this morning, I submit this shot (taken of a normal, not-exploded Droid 2), showing… Read More

  • The Motorola Droid 2 Gets Released And Ripped Apart In The Same Day

    The Droid 2 hit VZW stores earlier today, but yet the mad scientists over at iFixit already got their hands on one and tore it apart in the name of gadget pr0n. The process didn’t revel anything terribly surprising, although while the battery is rated at the same 1390 mAh, Motorola is claiming twice the battery life. That’s neat. Click through to iFixit for the rest of the… Read More

  • Video: Hands-on with the Motorola Droid 2

    You love Motorola, don’t you? You’ve been rockin’ each of their models before even the RAZR was cool. So you’ve no doubt been excited by the upcoming sequel to the brought-moto-back-from-fiery-doom Droid: the Droid 2. Yes, the Droid 2, not X. I know it’s getting a litle confusing remembering which Droid is which, but let me remind you: the Droid 2 has a… Read More

  • Motorola Droid 2 gets some proper spy shots (and spy video!)

    Take that keyboard-only shot of the Droid 2 we saw last week, and the blurry face shot we saw yesterday. Put’em together. What do you get? Proper, mostly blur-free spyshots of the next Droid, keyboard and all. Read More

  • Leaked shot shows blurry Droid 2?

    I’m not sure, in this day and age, how anyone is able to take such incredibly blurry spy shots. I mean, noisy sure, a little blur here and there, sure. But so much so that it looks like vaseline on the lens? How?! Regardless of the answer to that little mystery, this incomparably blurry shot put up over at Droid-Life seems to show a new Motorola model, A955, which designation was spotted… Read More