• An Interview With DECE/UltraViolet President Mitch Singer Goes Horribly Right

    An Interview With DECE/UltraViolet President Mitch Singer Goes Horribly Right

    Our readers are probably familiar in passing with UltraViolet, a new content rights management system that is supposed to unify the rights architecture on the web, allowing cross-platform sharing and authentication of movies and TV. But for such a major effort by so many device makers and content producers, very little has been heard or said about it. Probably because it’s still in… Read More

  • DRM-Curious? You Can Create An UltraViolet Account Now

    DRM-Curious? You Can Create An UltraViolet Account Now

    You may remember the “one DRM to rule them all” we heard about last year, UltraViolet. It’s essentially a DRM scheme that all the heavy hitters are getting behind, from device makers to content creators to distributors. Everyone, that is, except for one 800-pound media gorilla: Apple. The last we heard of it was over a year ago, with nary a peep since then except the odd… Read More

  • The Witcher 2 Devs: DRM Does Nothing But Drive People To Piracy

    The next big PC game will be The Witcher 2, which should be released on May 12 (and if you’re cool like me you will have already pre-ordered). Unlike a certain other big RPG this year, it actually looks like it was developed within the past few years. If you order it from Good Old Games (the company behind GoG, CD Projekt, also developed the game) it will be completely DRM-free. That is… Read More

  • Good For Them: Halifax Library Refuses To Carry DRM-Limited HarperCollins E-Books

    You might have heard by now of the senseless idea of HarperCollins’s that their e-books should only be able to be lent 26 times by libraries before “expiring.” Not the smartest PR move I’ve seen. But I’d just like to congratulate Halifax’s public library system for opting not to acquire any of these restricted titles for their collection. Many other… Read More

  • Ubisoft Caught Using Pirated Material In PC Version Of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Ubisoft consistently brings the funny. The publisher will release the PC version Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, also known as Assassin’s Creed II 2, next week. The “deluxe” edition edition of the game contains an mp3 version of the soundtrack. So far, so good. Ubisoft has made the “deluxe” items available to download for people who’ve pre-ordered the… Read More

  • EA Includes SecuROM DRM In Dragon Age II Without Telling Anyone, Bans Player For Making Critical Remark

    Did EA ship the PC version of Dragon Age II with SecuROM DRM without telling anyone? It certainly looks that way. Reclaim Your Game’s analysis of the DVD (ie non-Steam) version of the PC game found that it does, in fact, contain SecurROM, and despite the fact that EA has a 28-page (!) EULA nowhere in there—nor anywhere else—is SecuROM mentioned. Furthermore, once installed… Read More

  • Good Old Games: Lack Of DRM Makes Acquiring Games Quite Difficult

    You really ought to take a few mounts of your day to check out Adventure Classic Gaming’s interview with the folks behind Good Old Games, the online service that lets people download and play classic games, and completely without DRM. And what do you know, their selling of DRM-free games hasn’t caused the planet to explode (but it is sometimes hard to convince publishers to sign up). Read More

  • Valve's Steam Guard: Protecting Your Account From Evildoers Since 2011

    Valve has officially announced Steam Guard, which is a new form “user rights management” in the words of Gabe Newell. There were all sorts of rumors about it yesterday, but now that Valve has made the official announcement it’s safe there’s no real reason to panic. The service is more about keeping your Steam account secure and out of the hands of evildoers than it is… Read More

  • In Praise Of Piracy

    I’ve had to think a lot about digital rights management lately. Not that I wanted to. But I recently did some eye-opening contract software development for a DRM-heavy media app, just as our government up here in the Great White North introduced a new and extremely DRM-friendly copyright law, and links to Don’t Make Me Steal started popping up all over the Internet. You… Read More

  • New Bionic Commando On PSN Won’t Let You Play Offline

    This is really too bad; I was looking forward to this game, despite the unpardonable offense of getting jumping in my Bionic Commando. It turns out that Rearmed 2 has DRM that, like a few other games we’ve seen, prevents you from playing when you’re offline. Like, for instance, if there was a blizzard and your internet was down. Or you have metered internet and turn it off. Or… Read More

  • Was HDCP Just Cracked?

    Potentially big news here with respect to DRM, our rights, donuts, etc. Supposedly the HDCP master key has been released. Effectively, that means the copy protection found in your HDMI connection (which prevents you from easily copying anything going through that HDMI connection, including Blu-ray discs, over-the-air HDTV broadcasts, and so on) has been cracked. Maybe—things are still… Read More

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