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  • Apple’s Streaming Music Service Said To Cost $10 Monthly Debuts Next Week

    Apple’s Streaming Music Service Said To Cost $10 Monthly Debuts Next Week

    Apple will indeed reveal a new streaming music service next week, according to the Wall Street Journal, and said service will cost $10 per month and provide unlimited listening. The service will be similar to Spotify in features and function, but won’t offer a free, ad-supported on-demand tier across the catalogue, instead opting to leave that for iTunes Radio, which will gain… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang: Eat Your Beats

    Gillmor Gang: Eat Your Beats

    The Gillmor Gang — Josh Miller, Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — welcome the latest Jobsian takedown of the music cartel, the presumed acquisition of the Beats hardware/streaming empire by Apple. How the Gang winds its way through the leaks and feints of BigTech is left as an exercise for you. As one Ganger channeled John Lennon early in the chat… Read More

  • Beats Music Arrives, Offering Songza-Style Playlist Generation, Offline Music And More

    Beats Music Arrives, Offering Songza-Style Playlist Generation, Offline Music And More

    Beats Music, the streaming music service from the Dr. Dre-fronted headphone company, arrived this morning on iOS, Android and web. The long-anticipated streaming product is the result of Beats’ acquisition of MOG last year, and you can see that company’s DNA all over the new version. But the question is really how Beats competes with other similar offerings from others including… Read More

  • HP Tablet Saves Dr. Dre's Life In ‘I Need A Doctor’ Music Video

    “I Need A Doctor” is the second single from Dr. Dre’s upcoming album Detox, which has been in development, I think, for 400 years. It feel like that anyway. You’ve seen the Grammy performance, but have you seen the official music video? More importantly, have you seen the blindingly obvious product placement featuring good ol’ HP? Read More

  • CES Video: Interview with Dr. Dre

    Here’s the interview we promised you guys the other day. Enjoy Now! Read More

  • CrunchGear interviews Dr. Dre, yes, you read that right

    Last night Greg Kumparak and I had the pleasure of interviewing the Dr. Dre of NWA fame. Jimmy Iovine from Interscope, Noel and Kevin Lee from Monster were also present. Our video isn’t quite finished yet, but we’ll have it up soon. We asked Dre a couple questions like what his favorite gadgets were, what he thought of DRM and what he’s working on now. But you’ll have… Read More

  • Review: Beats Tour by Dr. Dre from Monster Cable

    Monster Cable’s second foray into the in-ear monitor area is much, much better than their first go-around with the Turbines. Knowing that Monster Cable loves to gouge folks on overpriced cables, one has wonder if their headphones are overpriced as well? Perhaps, but it depends on who you’re asking. Read More

  • Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ears outed

    I’m not really sure how I feel about these in-ear Beats by Dr. Dre from Monster Cable. The Turbines that were announced last month were so-so compared to other in-ears at the same price point and for $150 I’d probably recommend a pair of Shures, Etymotics or Ultimate Ears over these ones. But the over-the-ear Beats are actually pretty good headphones, so I’ll have to wait and… Read More

  • Review: Beats by Dr. Dre

    Writing anything about Monster is fraught with peril. Everyone knows the traditional lime: Monster preys on morons. They sell expensive cables to people who don’t need them and they made a mint doing this over and over again. But this is a new era. Wireless is soon going to eat Monster Cable’s lunch and unless they can diversify – and convince the jaded public that… Read More

  • Beats by Dr. Dre quick look

    Monster Cable, the makers of cable, just sent the new Beats by Dr. Dre, a pair of noise cancelling “studio” headphones aimed at the mid-range audio consumer. At $349, these are priced at exactly the same point as the Bose QuietComfort 3, these headphones closest competitor. I’ve been wearing them for the past hour and found them on par with the QC3s in terms of noise reduction. Read More

  • Dr. Dre's Beats headphones here on July 25 for $349

    Dr. Dre and Monster (and Geffen’s Jimmy Iovine) will release THE MOST ADVANCED HEADPHONES EVER on July 25 at Apple retail stores (and online) and Best Buy (and its Web site). The headphones are called Beats, and have been in development for three years, which certainly sounds impressive. Beats are supposed accurately reproduce the entire spectrum of music, just like you would hear in a… Read More

  • Dr. Dre Backs Monster's Beats Headphones

    Product Name: Monster Beats Headphones
    Description: Monster proves that as long as you put their company name on it, you can charge as much as you want. They teamed up with Dr. Dre and Interscope records to create a shockingly expensive set of headphones with a “unique and avant-garde look,” according to the release. (Judge for yourself above….) In typically overblown… Read More