• iPhone App Downloads Drop In July, Incentivized Install Crackdown To Blame (Thank?)

    iPhone App Downloads Drop In July, Incentivized Install Crackdown To Blame (Thank?)

    Marketing technology company Fiksu has released new data that shows a downward trend in mobile application installations on iPhone. The increase, in broad terms, is marginal, given the size of the iPhone’s user base, but any non-upward movement is curious. Says Fiksu, there was a drop from 4.505 million iPhone app installs per day in June to 4.25 million app installations per day in July. Read More

  • Peter Moore: Yeah, disc-based games will go the way of the [insert extinct animal here]

    Looks like EA finally understands what we’ve been talking about for a while now: that, in just a few year’s time, we’ll look back at disc-based media (here, video games) and be all, “Man, how quaint.” Peter Moore, who’s the president of EA Sports (no minor position, that), called the disc-based distribution model a “burning platform,” and… Read More

  • How to use RSS to automatically download anything from Usenet

    It’s the tree of life, and for no particular reason, either. As a corollary to Biggs’ “cable companies are doomed” article from earlier today, I thought I’d demonstrate how easy it is to accomplish what he was threatening. That is, live a happy and successful life without having to pay $100+ a month to Comcast, Time Warner, DirecTV, or whomever. (Note… Read More

  • Study: Teens moving away from illegal music downloads toward streaming sites, blogs

    There’s a new study that suggests that teens are moving away from illegally downloading music. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that teens are turning to iTunes (or whatever) en masse, but rather is a reflection of the way the Web works in 2009. Music blogs, streaming sites like Imeem and YouTube (note: not all streaming on YouTube is 100 percent legal), applications like… Read More

  • What good is an Xbox 360 download service when the 120GB hard drive costs $140?

    One of those highly paid analyst types from Wedbush has gone on record saying that the only thing holding back a true-to-life Xbox 360 game download service, à la Steam, is hard drive capacity. Right now, you can buy a 120GB hard drive for $140 on Amazon, which is ridiculous given the low, low prices of standard hard drives these days. (A recent CrunchDeal spotted a 1TB hard drive for $77.) So… Read More

  • Rumor: RIM to launch downloadable TV show service

    Here’s a spicy rumor for you all to enjoy. Apparently RIM is planning some sort of BlackBerry TV store/service/thing, and may launch it as early as CTIA next week. (CTIA is like CES, but just for cellphone stuff; actually, a more accurate comparison would have been with Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress; thank you.) It’d be a subscription service, and the TV shows download over… Read More

  • Safari 4: Finally a reason to come back UPDATE

    Welcome to the future, Safari fans, because the Safari 4 beta just hit the download shelves and it’s ready to tear some things up in Tiger and Leopard and even Windows. The download requires the latest security patch (2009-01) but other than that you’re ready to ride. Guess what? Javascript is 4X faster! UPDATE – Now with video. Read More

  • Where does it end? North Carolina considers its own ‘download tax’

    Oh, North Carolina. The state, which is home to Ric Flair (pictured here), is now considering a tax on downloadable items. This, in a time when people are losing their jobs left and right. Download an eBook, get taxed. Download a song, get taxed. Download a movie, get taxed. Download a game, get taxed. You get the idea. Read More

  • UK music industry owes an awful lot to digital downloads

    It wasn’t too long ago that the music industry was complaining all day long that digital downloads would ruin the music industry. Au contraire! The BPI (sorta like the UK’s RIAA) has just revealed that 2008 was the biggest ever year in Britain for singles. And yes, the industry has digital downloads to thank. Read More

  • Crunch Network

    Why we need to go digital this holiday

    What I’m about to say will anger a lot of CE manufacturers, but this has been the laziest year in consumer electronics to date and I’m recommending that rather than spending money on the boring stuff that has come out in 2008 we all spend our money on digital media – games, music, audiobooks, ebooks, and the like. And I don’t mean digital Blu-Ray and game disks, either. Read More

  • App store passes 100,000,000 downloads

    Today is a crazy, crazy day in San Francisco. I’m at day 2 of TechCrunch 50, but John Biggs made his way over to Yerba Buena to live blog Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event. Not a whole lot on the mobile front out of the event just yet, but Steve Jobs did mention that the iPhone/iPod Touch App store has now surpassed the 100 million download mark, demolishing the 60… Read More

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