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  • Trump This! Club

    TrumpThis! Club Is A Drinking Game For Presidential Debates

    Even if you don’t care about politics, news about Donald Trump is pretty unavoidable. TrumpThis! Club thinks if you have to listen to Trump, you should at least be able to have fun while you do. The team wants to turn presidential debates into drinking games. Each player is given a button, and every time Trump says something stupid, you press your button. The last player to push the… Read More

  • Donald Trump Explains Apple’s Stock Dip

    Donald Trump Explains Apple’s Stock Dip

    Noted Apple analyst and Birther Movement enthusiast Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to voice his concerns over the company’s lack of “vision” and “momentum”. On the heels of yesterday’s earnings report, which included record iPhone and iPad sales, Apple’s stock dropped about 8 percent in after-hours trading. Why? According to Trump, because the… Read More