• Van Ree Chrono DNA Watch

    The new model for Van Ree is this cool looking Chrono DNA. The first model was called the Personal DNA, and this one has the DNA of a chronograph? Not sure what that is about. If you click on the link above you can read all about the Personal DNA. Van Ree collects your DNA, and then uses parts of the genetic code on the watch itself. There is an imprint of the sequence on the rotor, and in… Read More

  • Romain Jerome Moon Invader Watches – With Real Moon

    Back at Baselworld 2010 I stopped by the Romain Jerome booth to see “what was cooking.” Turns out it was moon dust. As an extension of the Moon Dust DNA collection of watches, Romain Jerome (RJ) showed-off the “Moon Invader.” On the back of the watch is a metal plate meant to look like the moon that in it actually has dust from the moon baked into it. Read More

  • Review: Brooks Glycerin 8 Running Shoes

    As a chronic sufferer of a variety of foot ailments, most of which result directly from running, I can’t stress the importance of good shoes. So when Brooks sent over their 2010 Glycerin 8 shoes – I was keen to try them out. The shoes are supposed to be made of non-Newtonian material, Brooks DNA, which means the soles can “tense up” as you run. Presumably this gives… Read More

  • Get your own DNA portrait for $169

    If you’ve been trying to find the ultimate in personalization, look no further – how does an 8×10 portrait of your DNA sound? For $169, you can send a swab of the inside of your mouth to dna11.com and 4-6 weeks later, you’ll get a visual image of your one-of-a-kind DNA sequence. You can customize the image in one of 25 colors, too, and it comes with a certificate of… Read More

  • Head for the hills: first new artificial life form created

    Ready for an ethics debate? DNA researcher Craig Venter (pictured right) "has built a synthetic chromosome out of laboratory chemicals and is poised to announce the creation of the first new artificial life form on Earth." The new species is made from an artificial chromosome constructed by a team of 20 leading scientists led by Nobel laureate Hamilton Smith. The chromosome is… Read More