• NYC Disrupt: Back in Hack

    The TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon is back May 21st and 22nd in NYC. Signup now! Our goal is to create and expose opportunities for great developers and startups in New York. We want to help grow the burgeoning NYC tech scene by creating the premier hacking event in the Big Apple. The 24 hour Hackathon will happen the weekend before Disrupt at the gigantic Pier 94. The Hackathon is free. There… Read More

  • Tim Armstrong, Dennis Crowley and Chris Dixon To Be At Disrupt NYC

    We couldn’t wait any longer to announce another batch of special guests for this year’s Disrupt in NYC. We had around 80 speakers last year and we have even more this year. We are pleased to announce that Tim Armstrong, Dennis Crowley, and Chris Dixon will all be with us on stage at Disrupt NYC. They will join the guests we announced yesterday—Charlie Rose, Ron Conway… Read More

  • Charlie Rose Comes Back To Disrupt NYC With Ron Conway, Roelof Botha, And Arianna Huffington

    Charlie Rose Comes Back To Disrupt NYC With Ron Conway, Roelof Botha, And Arianna Huffington

    At last year’s NYC Disrupt, we had a star-studded lineup. Ron Conway, Tim Armstrong, Carol Bartz, Jack Dorsey, Dennis Crowley, Yuri Milner, and Sean Parker, just to name a few. This year promises another awesome cast of speakers, and we can’t wait to tell you who will be there. Beginning today, we will announce new guests each week until we name them all. For starters, Charlie… Read More

  • TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2011: Get Your Applications In Soon

    TechCrunch Disrupt is back and in a big way. The conference we launched last year in New York and San Francisco and  is coming back this year and this time we are going global by adding another destination – Beijing. All three conferences will be packed with the best new startups, all-star speakers, free WiFi, and after parties. The first Disrupt will take place in New York City on… Read More

  • What Losing TechCrunch Disrupt Meant to CloudFlare: OMFG

    Editor’s Note: The following guest post is by Matthew Prince, CEO of a CloudFlare, which came in as a close runner-up at the last TechCrunch Disrupt. We asked him to give us an update on the startup since Disrupt. It’s hard to imagine a web performance and security service “going viral,” especially one Mike Arrington described during the Disrupt awards ceremony as… Read More

  • Announcing TechCrunch Disrupt 2011: New York, San Francisco & Beijing

    Disruptions can happen to any industry anywhere in the world, which is why this year TechCrunch Disrupt is going global. The conference we launched last year in New York and San Francisco is coming back to both cities, but we are also adding a third Disrupt in Beijing. All three conferences will be filled with all-star speakers, the best new startups that launch on our stages, and the coup… Read More

  • Silicon Valley at a Cross Roads: Entertainment or Science?

    Silicon Valley at a Cross Roads: Entertainment or Science?

    I wrote a post Sunday about the difference between cultural waves in Silicon Valley and the individual companies that come out of them. Many of the individual companies survive but the wave itself always has to crash. That’s the nature of waves. But it’s also the nature of waves that another one always comes along. I have no idea what that will be. After all, the smartest people in… Read More

  • LeWeb '10: Now With A Little More TechCrunch Disrupt Flavor

    Now that the craziness of the week is over, we can sit back and reflect on how great TechCrunch Disrupt was once again. And yes, even in the post-AOL acquisition world, we’ll keep on holding them — though sadly, not until next year at a place and time to be determined. But if you can’t wait that long, we’re happy to announce something that might interest you. As you… Read More

  • From AOL To Qwiki: The Definitive Guide To TechCrunch Disrupt In 88 Videos (TCTV)

    From AOL To Qwiki: The Definitive Guide To TechCrunch Disrupt In 88 Videos (TCTV)

    Did you miss Tim Armstrong on stage or the Super Angel/ VC debate? Want to relive the glory of Qwiki’s victory? Although you can find all our TechCrunch Disrupt videos at Techcrunch.TV, for your convenience, I’ve put together a visual guide, sorted by day, approximate time and category. We’ll be adding additional videos as they are processed. Read More

  • Buy and Sell Your Unused Groupon-like Coupons on Lifesta [Disrupt Startup Alley]

    What happens when that $145 tandem skydiving coupon you bought doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore? Or what if you can’t use it because you’re just bogged down with work? Fear not! Now you don’t have to let it go to waste… New site Lifesta.com has launched a daily deal exchange where Groupon-like coupons can be bought and sold. Self-describing itself as… Read More

  • Tawkon Debuts Free Cellular Radiation App for Android [Disrupt Startup Alley]

    Tawkon, one of my favorite Israeli startups of the past year, was in San Francisco at the Disrupt Alley last week to debut the release of its cellular radiation measurement app for Android. This follows the company’s $9.99 Blackberry version, and its unsuccessful bid to push the same app through the iPhone App Store. If you haven’t followed our coverage of the company, Tawkon… Read More

  • Vinod Khosla and Kevin Skillern on Green Tech Investments

    When Google Wanted To Sell To Excite For Under $1 Million — And They Passed

    On stage today at our TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Vinod Khosla, the founder of Khosla Ventures, recalled a story from the days when he backed Excite, one of the original Internet portals. Specifically, he spoke briefly about the time they failed to acquire Google. This story has been circulated for a while, but not many people know about it. Khosla stated it simply: Google… Read More

  • You'll Be Able To Deposit Checks To PayPal Via Mobile Pictures In The Next Day Or So

    Last month, we noted that PayPal would soon launch a new version of their iPhone app that would be more check-friendly. That app should be released in the next day or so, PayPal’s Laura Chambers revealed on stage today at our TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. On a panel alongside Keith Rabois from Square and Holger Luedorf from Foursquare, Chambers said that this new app… Read More

  • Eric Schmidt On The Future Of Search — A Move Towards A "Serendipity Engine"

    Today at our TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Google CEO Eric Schmidt took the stage to give a speech about his thoughts on the future. It was a very interesting talk which spanned a variety of topics. Naturally, the most important topic that Schmidt talked about was search. “We want to give you your time back,” Schmidt said. He noted that we live in an age of… Read More

  • Google's Schmidt: It's A Bug That Cars Were Invented Before Computers

    Google's Schmidt: It's A Bug That Cars Were Invented Before Computers

    “Something interesting is about to happen.” That was what Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s opening remark at our TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco today. He continued on to say that the people in the audience represent another transition in the ways people use computers. We now have “an augmented version of humanity,” Schmidt said. The future is about… Read More

  • TechCrunch Disrupt: The Backstage Pass, Day One (TCTV)

    While the main focus was center stage on Monday for day one of TechCrunch Disrupt, there was plenty of action backstage— or rather just a few yards to the right to the stage, where our ad-hoc TechCrunch TV studio is located. Throughout the day, we ran follow-up interviews with a string of Disrupt notables, like KPCB’s John Doerr and Bing Gordon, Founders Fund’s Peter… Read More

  • SnapDragon Wants To Simplify Product Check-Ins And Entice Users With Comics

    We started with location check-ins. Then we moved to media check-ins. Now we’re onto product check-ins. The space is starting to fill up quickly, but are they all too convoluted? If SnapDragon takes off, the answer in hindsight may end up being “yes”. The new startup launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt isn’t trying to pull you into a specific store (like Shopkick). Read More

  • CheckPoints: A Social Shopping App That Will Cost You Negative $0.99

    There’s clearly something to this idea of mobile/social shopping. Or at least, a huge group of startups all seem to think there is. Already this year we have apps like Shopkick and Barcode Hero attempting to build upon what apps ShopSavvy and others have been working on for some time. That is, enriching the shopping experience by using a device most of us now have on us at all times… Read More

  • Leave Money In Real Places For Your Foursquare Friends With Gifi

    Increasingly, there are apps that let you leave messages, photos, and videos for friends in real places. Now you can leave money as well. Many startups are already adding rewards to check-ins, but social payments startup Venmo is tying check-ins to real money with a new iPhone app called Gifi that is launching today at TC Disrupt. Venmo is a way to text real money to your friends and… Read More

  • Badgeville Wants To Layer Social Gaming (And Yes, Badges) Across The Entire Web

    When Foursquare first launched, there were no deals. There was no way to get free pizza or cheap beer. The only incentive to play their game was to earn badges and bragging rights among friends. Badgeville, a new startup launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt, wants to apply that gaming mechanic to all sites across the web. So how does this work? Well, a publisher sets up a Badgeville account… Read More