• SpotOn Shows What You Should Do And Who You Should Do It With

    SpotOn Shows What You Should Do And Who You Should Do It With

    Need to find an amazing Hatha Yoga class in the West Village? Want a press friendly restaurant in Soma. New app SpotOn takes into account existing data like Foursquare checkins, Facebook Likes and more in order to provide choices that are tailored to you and your friends (whether they download the SpotOn app or not). Read More

  • Deja Is Flipboard For Video (And It's Very Slick)

    Deja Is Flipboard For Video (And It's Very Slick)

    There’s little question that the iPad is one of the best media consumption devices ever. It’s also been a hotbed for innovation around content recommendation, with apps like Flipboard giving you a visual way to browse an array of articles you might be interested in, using Facebook and Twitter as data sources. Today, the iPad is getting another great way to consume content, and… Read More

  • Skylines Wants To Show You Photos You’ll Love, And Help Search For Them Too

    There has been a flurry of photo sharing apps released over the last year, with notables including Instagram, Picplz, and Path. These apps tend to focus on the photos that have been shared by your friends and people you know online — which aren’t always snapshots of things you’re actually interested in. But what would happen if you had a service that took the opposite… Read More

  • Weotta: Find Something To Do Tonight In Three Clicks Or Less

    Looking for something to do this weekend without having to sift through your newspaper or scour the web for a fun event? Weotta, a new startup launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt, is looking to help (say the name out loud). The service offers a very easy 3-step process for making a plan: first, tell it what kind of outing you’re embarking on (Business, Dating, Family, Friends, or… Read More

  • Rexly's Social Music Discovery App Is What Ping Should Have Been

    Ah, the power of choice. Browse through your Facebook News Feed or Twitter stream and you’re going to be assaulted with an endless array of links, shared songs, videos, and products. Add a few more topic-specific services, like iTunes Ping to the mix, and you have even more recommended pieces of content to choose from. And then you get a headache. The latest startup to take the stage at… Read More

  • Do@ Bridges The Divide Between Search And Mobile Apps

    Do@ Bridges The Divide Between Search And Mobile Apps

    A couple years ago, Steve Jobs drew a line in the sand between mobile apps and search. “On a mobile device,” he declared, “search hasn’t happened. Search is not where it’s at. People aren’t searching on a mobile device like they do on the desktop. What is happening is they are spending all of their time in apps.” Up until now, the divide has remained. Read More

  • AOL CEO Tim Armstrong: Paid Content Can Work

    TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington took the stage today to interview AOL CEO Tim Armstrong. It was actually at TechCrunch Disrupt New York last year where Armstrong first approached Arrington about buying TechCrunch. We all know how that worked out. Armstrong and Arrington touched on a variety of subjects, including AOL’s agressive content strategy. While AOL’s content has… Read More

  • Square's Disruptive New iPad Payments Service Will Replace Cash Registers

    Square's Disruptive New iPad Payments Service Will Replace Cash Registers

    Mobile payments startup Square is announcing big numbers today—500,000 Square card readers shipped, 1 million Square transactions in May, and the startup is now processing $3 million in mobile payments per day. Clearly the company is on a roll in terms of traction and usage. And CEO Jack Dorsey is also revealing the next generation of Square. And Square is about to get a whole lot… Read More

  • Square By The Numbers: 500K Card Readers Shipped; 1 Million Transactions In May

    It’s no secret that disruptive mobile payments startup Square is growing fast. And today, CEO Jack Dorsey revealed a few more milestones for the company—500,000 Square card readers shipped, 1 million Square transactions in May, and as we reported over the weekend the startup is now processing $3 million in mobile payments per day. Fresh off $27.5 million in new funding, and a… Read More

  • Quora Founder Cheever: We're Not Going To Sell The Company

    Here at TechCrunch Disrupt Investor Chris Dixon interviewed Quora founder Charlie Cheever about the future of Quora and sundry other things namely how to avoiding becoming Yahoo answers. Said Cheever, “One of the goals we have for Quora is to have all types of people sharing all types of knowledge. I would image a world where I where I could come up with all the things I want to know… Read More

  • Path Launches 'Stacks', A Visual Way To Browse Your Friends' Favorite Things

    Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, Path founder and CEO Dave Morin unveiled the latest version of the privacy-focused photo sharing app. And it brings with it one key, new feature that could change how you use the service: Stacks. The feature is probably best described as a combination of Path’s core photo sharing experience and Facebook Places. Up until now it’s always been possible to… Read More

  • Zecco Launches App To Let You Trade Stocks, View Realtime Stock Market Data On Facebook

    When it comes to public interaction with the stock market, the ability to trade stocks online has completely changed the game. With abundant financial information on the Web, through a little research, more people than ever before have joined in on an activity once reserved for a relationship between the broker and a trader. If you trade online, you may have used ETRADE or TD Ameritrade, or a… Read More

  • The Truth About Why Path Turned Down A $100 Million Acquisition Offer From Google

    The Truth About Why Path Turned Down A $100 Million Acquisition Offer From Google

    So this is interesting. At TechCrunch Disrupt, Path’s co-founder Dave Morin sat down with our own Jason Kincaid to discuss Path’s strategy and growth. During the conversation, Kincaid asked Morin about that $100 million acquisition offer from Google that we reported previously. As our report goes, in early December Path had a signed term sheet with Kleiner Perkins and Index fpr a… Read More

  • Ashton Kutcher Teams With UberMedia To Launch A.plus, His Own Custom Twitter App

    Ashton Kutcher fans who can’t get enough of the star on Twitter are about to get some very good news. And the rest of you — even if you aren’t necessarily huge Ashton fans — will want to pay attention too. Mr. Kutcher, who will be interviewed by Charlie Rose at TechCrunch Disrupt tomorrow, is teaming with UberMedia to launch a customized, branded Twitter client… Read More

  • David Lee and Ron Conway Bust Entrepreneur Myths on Stage at Disrupt

    Entrepreneurs are inherently individuals, so rolling their experiences up into trends isn’t easy. That’s made worse because 95% of the returns come from 5% of the companies. So what everyone does, doesn’t really matter. It’s what that 5% does that really matters. David Lee and Ron Conway of SV Angel has done a deep dive into the top of the top of their portfolio and… Read More

  • Ron Conway and David Lee Hint at New Fund. By "Hint" I Mean Mike Breaks Their News For Them

    Here’s the awful thing about having Mike Arrington as an investor in your fund. You don’t get to control over when you announce it. Arrington is on stage with Ron Conway and David Lee of SV Angels right now, and he’s being a bulldog in the best sense of the world. He asked about the firm’s new fund and Lee said “We aren’t supposed to comment on it, so no… Read More

  • Revealed: The Huffington Post Wanted To Buy TechCrunch Back In The Day

    My boss, Michael Arrington, sat down with his boss (and my boss as well), Arianna Huffington for a brief chat at TechCrunch Disrupt, where Huffington revealed that she tried to ‘merge’ the Huffington Post with TechCrunch before AOL bought us last September. Of course, now we are all one big happy family now that AOL also scooped up The Huffington Post for $315 million, and we are… Read More

  • Textingly Adds Live Chat And Twilio Hosting To Beef Up Realtime Customer Interaction

    There are a lot of startups out there trying to make SMS messaging more affordable. I won’t even name them all here. But, I’d argue there isn’t a clear market leader as of yet, so with the right team, the right product, and a full suite of services, there still seems to be plenty of room in this space to be successful. Since Textingly launched at the first TechCrunch Disrupt… Read More

  • Dennis Crowley's Mom Actually Bought Him That Gap Ad Outfit

    Local darling and Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt to talk to Mike Arrington about anything but acquisitions, partnerships, valuations or the rumors of a possible Groupon partnership or anything that’s you know, breaking news. But what Dennis did talk about? “You’re a bit of a rockstar here,” said Mike Arrington. “I don’t… Read More

  • Foursquare To Power INQ Mobile's Location Based Services

    INQ, one of the first partners to add the Facebook layer to its Cloud Touch phone has announced today that it will be using the Foursquare location layer to visualize location content for its users. The Foursquare INQ phone will have all of the requisite Foursquare features, including checkins, places nearby, tips, to do, all powered by the FourSquare API. “Playing with this… Read More