• Steve Jang and Alexander Ljung on Social Music

    Disrupt Backstage Pass: So What, Exactly, Is Social Music? (TCTV)

    One of the most interesting panels at last week’s Disrupt featured a discussion about social music between Steve Jang the co-founder and CEO of Schematic Labs and Alexander Ljung the founder and CEO of SoundCloud. Jang and Ljung are both developing apps and services that enable us to share music, sounds and our musical taste. Jang’s product is Soundtracking, an iPhone app that… Read More

  • Google VP Marissa Mayer on Google Maps on Mobile Devices

    Disrupt Backstage Pass: Google's Marissa Mayer Talks Serendipity (And Dodges The Apple Question)

    Last week at TechCrunch Disrupt, Google VP of Location and Local Services Marissa Mayer took the stage for an interview with our own Michael Arrington, where they discussed everything from Google’s mobile growth to Mayer’s investment strategy. A few minutes after the interview, I had the chance to ask her a few more questions about Google’s approach to mobile and local. Read More

  • Ashton Kutcher on Evolving as an Angel Investor

    Disrupt Backstage Pass: Ashton Kutcher On Why He Invested In Airbnb

    Ashton Kutcher started dabbling in tech startups a few years ago, but he is no longer a dabbler, as his his Disrupt interview with Charlie Rose last week made clear. Kutcher is an investor in a dozen tech companies, including Skype, Foursquare, Path, and Kevin Rose’s Milk. In this backstage interview with Sarah Lacy, he reveals that he is also an investor in Airbnb (whose CEO Brian… Read More

  • Chris Dixon Interviews Charlie Cheever of Quora

    (Founder Stories) Quora's Charlie Cheever On Building A Disruptive Knowledge Platform

    Last week at Disrupt, Chris Dixon did a version of Founder Stories onstage with Quora founder Charlie Cheever. We learned that Quora is not looking to sell, but we also learned a lot more. For instance, what convinced Cheever to quit Facebook with co-founder Adam D’Angelo was that tried to “imagine a world where I knew everything that I wanted to know, as long as someone else in… Read More

  • Disrupt NYC: The Final Battle (Video)

    After 30 startups launching on stage at Disrupt NYC, it all culminated in the final battle between six finalists: Getaround, BillGuard, Sonar, Do@, ccLoop, and InvoiceASAP. What made this final battle so fascinating to watch was not only the quality of the startups, but the quality of the judges: Fred Wilson, Ron Conway, Marisa Mayer, Roelof Botha, and Josh Kopelman. We put together the… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang Back from TechCrunch Disrupt

    Gillmor Gang 5.28.11 (TCTV)

    This week’s Gillmor Gang comes at the end of travel — to New York for TechCrunch Disrupt and Las Vegas for the Forrester Analyst Forum. Disrupt continues to gather a head of steam, with the social effects of an emerging app ecosystem now being built out across the media and the enterprise. Although it seems still to be at the early stages with Twitter heading off a second front… Read More

  • What It Was Like To Launch At Disrupt NYC

    There are many local, regional and global startup competitions that startups can compete in. I’m a big believer in the value of these startup competitions for two big reasons—they are a great forcing function to ship your product and refine your ability to pitch your business. Even if you have no plans to raise money, you will have to pitch your business to achieve your… Read More

  • Disrupt Hack Baitr Skewers Viral Launch Pages

    While Baitr didn’t win the TC Disrupt Hackathon, it did win the minds and hearts of those in attendance who had a tendency towards black humor. Baitr, a Launchrock-type viral launch page that does nothing but visualize your email falling into the abyss, isn’t at all useful. But it is funny. Says creator Peter Watts, “Launchrock is good for entrepreneurialism but it’s… Read More

  • The Ultimate Guide To Disrupt NYC 2011

    The Ultimate Guide To Disrupt NYC 2011

    The latest Disrupt has wrapped, but given the volume of news it created and the rate at which posts were pushing each other off the front page, you could be forgiven for missing a few items or videos here and there. Don’t worry, though: we’ve got the highlights of the show collected right here. Actually, that’s not entirely true. We still have a ton of backstage talks and… Read More

  • Charlie Cheever on Developments in Quora

    Charlie Cheever Explains The Difference Between Quora And Wikipedia

    Quora co-founder Charlie Cheever not only doesn’t want to sell his hot start-up but – as he told me backstage earlier this week at Disrupt – he even has an explicit non-goal of not selling the company. Non-goals or not, Cheever has a lot to smile about. Traffic is up to record levels at Quora and the site continues to be a paragon of innovation in the social space. In… Read More

  • By Popular Demand, The Music From Disrupt – Available For Download

    We’ve gotten a lot of requests for our Disrupt conference theme music. Some conference attendees and webcast viewers apparently can’t get the music out of their heads and want to hear it some more. Instead of picking music from a music production library, this year we created custom tracks. The music came to us all the way from New Zealand from a company called Smith &… Read More

  • Disrupting Transportation - Electric Vs. Efficiency

    EcoMotors Chief Don Runkle: "Electric Vehicles Are Not 'Zero Emissions'"

    The chief executive officers of two very different clean tech startups, Brammo and EcoMotors, discussed the relative merits and limitations of clean vehicle technology, at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York on Wednesday. Oregon-based Brammo designs and manufactures all-electric motorcycles and the battery technology and software that powers them, while Michigan-based EcoMotors designs and makes… Read More

  • Managing Hockey Stick Growth for Startups

    90% Of Users Join Tumblr From Blogs, 85% Of Those Users Are Still Blogging A Week Later

    Tumblr founder David Karp and Instagram founder Kevin Systrom took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt to talk about the hockey stick growth of their respective companies. Tumblr in particular is showing insane growth numbers; On May 16th, 2011 Tumblr did 250 million pageviews, more pageviews than they had in all of July 2009. That record was then surpassed six days later, at 275 million pageviews… Read More

  • And The Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Is…Getaround!

    And The Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Is…Getaround!

    Three days and 32 startup pitches later, the winner of TechCrunch Disrupt has been determined. Out of the 30 startups and two audience choice winners, we whittled the list down to six finalists, which include Billguard, ccLoop, Do@, Getaround, InvoiceASAP, and Sonar. Without further ado, the two runners-up are Billguard and Sonar (that’s the first time we’ve had two runners-up). Read More

  • Getaround Signed Up 1,600 Cars In A Day; That's 20 Percent Of Zipcar's Fleet

    TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield finalist Getaround is already disrupting the current car sharing industry, only a day after its launch. As we wrote yesterday, GetAround is a car rental market place where you can rent a car by the day, hour or week through a smartphone app. Getaround’s all inclusive package, which includes insurance, 24 hour roadside assistance, a Getaround car-kit, iPhone… Read More

  • Arrington: Sonar (Which Took $250K To Build) Is Better Than Color Could Hope To Be

    At the TC Disrupt startup battlefield finals, after Sonar CEO’s product demo (Sonar is an app that introduces you to the people relevant around you) TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington asked founder Brett Martin, how much he spent to build the service. When Martin replied that Sonar took around $250K to date to build, Arrington commented, “This is better now than Color could ever… Read More

  • Behold: TechCrunch Erupt In Iceland (Pictures)

    As some of you may have read, I was all set to step on a plane on Sunday to head to New York City for TechCrunch Disrupt. Then a giant volcano exploded. But being stranded in Iceland wasn’t all bad. First of all, it’s a beautiful country. Second, when some local entrepreneurs read about our misfortune, they got together and organized an event: TechCrunch Erupt. My friends and… Read More

  • Live Blog: TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Finale

    We’re live at the very final Battlefield of TechCrunch Disrupt New York, where six finalists are duking it out for $50,000 and the coveted Disrupt Cup. We’ll be maintaining our live notes below — tune in to be the first to know who walks away victorious. Read More

  • 4Chan Has 18M Uniques A Month, Canvas Participation Is Optional

    4Chan and Canvas founder Christopher Poole (Moot) took the stage to talk to Erick Schoenfeld about creating vibrant online communities. Poole revealed that that the eight-year-old 4Chan is averaging 8 million users according to Quantcast and 18 million users according to Google. Note: Poole says that the Google numbers used to be 14 million and shot up to 18 because of a recent Google… Read More

  • Google Maps For Mobile Crosses 200 Million Installs; In June It Will Surpass Desktop Usage

    Today at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City, Google’s Marissa Mayer sat down with our own Michael Arrington. She’s an old pro dealing with Mike — she’s actually been to every event we’ve ever put on. And she knows that as long as she has some new data to give him, he won’t push on the other, more uncomfortable things he likes to push on. Or at least, he… Read More