• "Super Hi-Vision": Sharp Prototypes 85-Inch TV With Insane Resolution [Update: Video]

    Can you imagine owning a TV with 16 times the resolution of HDTV (or, in other words, about the same resolution as IMAX)? That’s 7,680×4,320 pixels, and today Sharp (in cooperation with Japanese national TV broadcaster NHK) showed a 85-inch LCD TV boasting that spec, also known as Ultra HDTV or Super Hi-Vision. Read More

  • LG's Transparent Display Could Be Your Future HUD

    Display conference SID is underway, and all the cool companies are showing off their new display tech. Yesterday we saw a sweet high-resolution bistable e-paper display from E-Ink and Epson, and today Engadget has found another cool screen, also bistable, but slightly more… clear. Read More

  • Toshiba Protoypes Ultra-Thin, Rollable OLED

    It’s not the first flexible screen we have covered in recent years, but it’s the first one from Toshiba. The company has developed a 3-inch OLED panel that’s 0.1mm thin and weighs just 1g (pictured). Apart from the size and weight, the main selling point of the OLED is that it can retain picture quality over a long period of time, according to a recent report in The… Read More

  • This Is The World's Smallest Full HD 3D Display (Video)

    Japan-based Ortus Technology has developed what it calls the world’s smallest 3D display with full HD resolution – after announcing the world’s smallest full HD display in 2D last October. Also sized at 4.8 inches, the new screen is basically the 3D version of that model. Unfortunately, users need to wear glasses to view pictures in 3D. Read More

  • Samsung's New High-Resolution Screens: Too Good To Be True?

    Samsung today revealed a new display which, at 2560×1600 and 10.1″, is far denser than any on the market right now — including the iPhone 4’s famous “Retina” display. But will the non-traditional Pentile method of rendering pixels result in something less than the mega-rez screen we’re hoping for? Read More

  • D9500: Samsung Rolls Out 75-Inch LED 3D TV

    Samsung officially announced [KOR] the D9500 today, a 75-inch LCD 3D TV with LED backlight, the biggest of its kind. That is pretty cool, but the downside is that users will need to wear active shutter 3D glasses to view pictures in 3D. Read More

  • E Ink Shows Off More Flexible, Crunchable Screens

    It seems like everybody and their dog is trying to get a flexible display out there. TDK, Sony, LG, HP, and most recently Bridgestone are all going nuts trying to make this happen E Ink is no exception, and although they’re not planning on putting out a successor to their Pearl screen this year, they aren’t standing still, either. Check out these videos. Read More

  • 5D Miracle: Sharp 360-degree Video Room Consists of 156 LCDs

    Even though I am living in Japan, I have never made it to Nagasaki. But the Huis Ten Bosch theme park might make me go one day: Sharp has created a kind of 360-degree video room inside the park, which surrounds visitors in the front, above, below, and on both sides (“5D”) with a total of 156 AQUOS 60-inch LCD displays. Read More

  • Toshiba Develops Super-Thin, Super-Light 7-inch LCD Touchscreen

    First Asahi Glass’ announcement from yesterday, now this: Toshiba Mobile unveiled a 7.0-inch LTPS TFT LCD panel with a capacitive multi-touch input function “integrated in the liquid crystal cell”. In other words, manufacturers won’t need to add a touch panel to the LCD, making the Toshiba device 57% thinner and 48% lighter than comparable screens of that size. Read More

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