• LG's Transparent Display Could Be Your Future HUD

    Display conference SID is underway, and all the cool companies are showing off their new display tech. Yesterday we saw a sweet high-resolution bistable e-paper display from E-Ink and Epson, and today Engadget has found another cool screen, also bistable, but slightly more… clear. Read More

  • Toshiba Protoypes Ultra-Thin, Rollable OLED

    It’s not the first flexible screen we have covered in recent years, but it’s the first one from Toshiba. The company has developed a 3-inch OLED panel that’s 0.1mm thin and weighs just 1g (pictured). Apart from the size and weight, the main selling point of the OLED is that it can retain picture quality over a long period of time, according to a recent report in The… Read More

  • This Is The World's Smallest Full HD 3D Display (Video)

    Japan-based Ortus Technology has developed what it calls the world’s smallest 3D display with full HD resolution – after announcing the world’s smallest full HD display in 2D last October. Also sized at 4.8 inches, the new screen is basically the 3D version of that model. Unfortunately, users need to wear glasses to view pictures in 3D. Read More

  • Samsung's New High-Resolution Screens: Too Good To Be True?

    Samsung today revealed a new display which, at 2560×1600 and 10.1″, is far denser than any on the market right now — including the iPhone 4’s famous “Retina” display. But will the non-traditional Pentile method of rendering pixels result in something less than the mega-rez screen we’re hoping for? Read More

  • D9500: Samsung Rolls Out 75-Inch LED 3D TV

    Samsung officially announced [KOR] the D9500 today, a 75-inch LCD 3D TV with LED backlight, the biggest of its kind. That is pretty cool, but the downside is that users will need to wear active shutter 3D glasses to view pictures in 3D. Read More

  • E Ink Shows Off More Flexible, Crunchable Screens

    It seems like everybody and their dog is trying to get a flexible display out there. TDK, Sony, LG, HP, and most recently Bridgestone are all going nuts trying to make this happen E Ink is no exception, and although they’re not planning on putting out a successor to their Pearl screen this year, they aren’t standing still, either. Check out these videos. Read More

  • 5D Miracle: Sharp 360-degree Video Room Consists of 156 LCDs

    Even though I am living in Japan, I have never made it to Nagasaki. But the Huis Ten Bosch theme park might make me go one day: Sharp has created a kind of 360-degree video room inside the park, which surrounds visitors in the front, above, below, and on both sides (“5D”) with a total of 156 AQUOS 60-inch LCD displays. Read More

  • Toshiba Develops Super-Thin, Super-Light 7-inch LCD Touchscreen

    First Asahi Glass’ announcement from yesterday, now this: Toshiba Mobile unveiled a 7.0-inch LTPS TFT LCD panel with a capacitive multi-touch input function “integrated in the liquid crystal cell”. In other words, manufacturers won’t need to add a touch panel to the LCD, making the Toshiba device 57% thinner and 48% lighter than comparable screens of that size. Read More

  • Toshiba Announces Battery-Powered Regza TV

    Do you remember the battery-powered REGZA PC1 Power TVs Toshiba announced for certain emerging markets last November? Today, the company said in Tokyo it plans to launch a similar (but different) 19-inch LCD Regza TV – but in Japan. Read More

  • Sony's Outs Two New OLED Monitors

    It took Sony just two months to update its TRIMASTER series of (pretty expensive) OLED monitors, and the two new professional displays the company announced [JP] today (a 25-inch model for $7,400 and a 17-incher for $,4900) are more affordable than the first ones (which went for $16,000 and $29,000, respectively). Read More

  • Samsung First Company To Commercialize Transparent LCD Panels

    Samsung has been working on transparent displays for a while now, but all we have seen so far were prototypes. Today, however, big S announced that it began mass-producing transparent LCD panels earlier this month, as the “world’s first company”. Samsung says that the panels will be available as a black-and-white and as a color type and that they boast the world’s… Read More

  • Video: New Touchscreen Control Interface Flexes When Scrolled

    A research team at Osaka University has developed a new control interface for touchscreens that flexes the content that’s displayed when you move your finger over the screen. In the process, the content is “distorted” to make it possible to view (and zoom in on) a wider space on-screen, while at the same time keeping an eye on the original position you marked with your finger. Read More

  • Video: 360-Degree Observable Fog Display

    Researchers at Osaka University‘s Oshiro Lab are working on a “true 3D display”. The so-called 360-Degree Observable Fog Display makes it possible to walk around the object being shown and view it in 3D from all viewpoints. Sony’s cool stereoscopic 3D display comes to mind (we’ve covered Sony’s prototype last year. Read More

  • Displaymate Analyzes iPad 2's Screen, Finds It Satisfactory

    A serious breakdown of the iPad 2’s screen has been done by Displaymate, and the conclusions are… not too surprising. It’s an excellent IPS-LCD screen, not a cut-rate one picked to save money, and its performance is, resolution aside, about the same as an iPhone 4’s. Read More

  • Japanese Company Shows 200-Inch 3D Projection Screen

    Another day, another 3D-related news item: Japan-based OS has announced [JP] a 3D projection screen for everybody who needs to view 200-inch pictures in three dimensions. OS expects demand for its silver screen to mainly come from amusement parks and similar facilities. Read More

  • Sony Shows BRAVIAs With 3D, X-Reality PRO Engine, VOD, Skype, Twitter, Facebook Support

    Sony has unveiled [JP] a total of six new BRAVIA LCD TVs to be released in Japan next month, and it looks like technically, Sony has focused on three key areas: the integration of 3D, web connectivity, and advanced picture processing. Read More

  • Fraunhofer OLED Display Takes Pictures Simultaneously

    A while back there was a crazy company trying to sell space cameras that could take pictures right onto a CPU that also acted as a display. Those people were insane, but this concept device is far from it. Fraunhofer, creators of MP3 technology, have built an OLED chip with built-in video sensor. That means you can take pictures and show pictures at the same time. It basically overlays two… Read More

  • "HiDPI" Mode In OS X Lion Suggests Retina Desktop Displays Are Forthcoming

    For a long time now (this feature was first mentioned back in 2006), a high-DPI mode has been in development at Apple. It’s a step towards resolution independence, a UI holy grail in which UI elements are the same size for users across all resolutions — so whether you’re looking at an icon on an iPhone, MacBook Air, or Cinema Display, they’re all exactly the same size. Read More

  • New Sony TV Would Send Different Pictures To Different Parts Of The Room

    The technology Sony is now demoing is something we’ve heard about before, and which really might be considered one of the holy grails of display tech. The basic idea is that depending on where you are in the room, you see a different image. At the moment, they can only do two images, and people sitting on opposite sides of the couch could, in the demo, both play Killzone 3 on the full… Read More

  • Panasonic Shows First Gesture-Controlled TV

    Panasonic today announced [JP] what it says is the world’s first gesture-controlled TV, meaning the device doesn’t require you to use the remote control or touch the screen (at least for basic operations). Instead, you can change channels by waving your hand to the right or left in front of the display (if you’re 5-10cm away), thanks to the 2 motion sensors the TV comes with. Read More

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