• New Partnership Brings Disney Movies To YouTube Starting Today

    New Partnership Brings Disney Movies To YouTube Starting Today

    Walt Disney Studios and YouTube have struck deal which will bring hundreds of Disney movies to YouTube, starting today. The new partnership between the two companies includes movies from Disney, Disney-Pixar and DreamWorks Studios. The films, some of which have already arrived on YouTube, are available to rent starting at $1.99. Read More

  • Kinect Brings Disneyland To Your Living Room

    This one is just for the kids: Microsoft just announced that Disneyland – the whole thing – is coming to Kinect. You can walk through the park and then go on immersive rides including Alice In Wonderland and Peter Pan. They had four kids on stage who were flailing about madly inside little croquet balls on stage. Very funny stuff. A few more shots after the jump. Read More

  • Japan Gets Panasonic Lumix Disney Camera

    Panasonic Japan announced [JP] a special Lumix camera yesterday, the LUMIX DMC-FP7D (where the “D” stands for Disney). Unlike many other cute special edition cameras from Japan, the design on this model is rather subtle. Read More

  • Disney Acquires Social Network For Kids Togetherville

    Disney Acquires Social Network For Kids Togetherville

    Disney has just acquired Togetherville, a social network for kids 10 years of age or younger, we’ve confirmed with the company. Terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed at the moment. Togetherville, which exited beta last year, mimics the experience of adult social networking sites, i.e. Facebook but in an age-appropriate and parent-monitored environment. Togetherville promises… Read More

  • Disney Japan Shows Its Android 3D Phone With Access To The "Disney Market"

    Remember that Disney-themed Android phone from Japan we blogged two weeks ago? At that time, Disney Japan didn’t release a lot of information, but now they did [JP], and they also showed the 3D device for the first time. Read More

  • Japan To Get Disney-Themed Android Phone

    Disney may have pulled the plug on their cell phone business in the US in 2007, but in Japan (where the company’s characters have a huge fan base), its MVNO is apparently doing pretty well. And now it comes to light [JP] that next month, Disney enthusiasts living in that country will be able to lay their hands on a special Android phone. Read More

  • TRON: Legacy movie review (TCTV)

    Part of the TRON press event included an advance screening of TRON: Legacy. We’ve been under embargo not to review the movie, but someone broke the embargo, so we are no longer going to keep it secret. If you do not like movie spoilers, do not click to read more and do not read on, because I’m going to tell you what I think about the movie and I’m going to include some… Read More

  • Zynga Is "Extremely Pleased" With Playdom/Disney Litigation Settlement

    A little over a year ago Zynga sued rival game startup Playdom for, among other things, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of contract, breach of the duty of loyalty, tortious interference with contracts, tortious interference with existing and prospective economic advantage and unfair competition. The defendants included four ex-Zynga, then Playdom employees as well. It’s been… Read More

  • TRON: Legacy – Does Kevin Flynn abide?

    In about 3 hours I’m heading over to a press event to interview some of the major cast and crew for the upcoming Disney release of TRON: Legacy. I was working on my list of questions to ask last night and realized that the TechCrunch community should really be asking them instead of me. Interviews take place from 12:30p – 4:30p (Pacific Time) and I’ll have my computer with me… Read More

  • Sony Japan's Super-Cute Walkman S Disney Christmas Edition Box

    Christmas time, limited edition time. In Japan, Sony today announced [JP] the so-called “Walkman S Series Disney Character Christmas Box”, which contains the Walkman NW-S750 big S released earlier this year. Not too surprisingly, buyers get the player with a Christmas design (showing Mickey and Minnie Mouse) and a limited edition wallpaper. Read More