• DigitalGlobe Partners With Mapbox To Launch Its Maps API

    DigitalGlobe Partners With Mapbox To Launch Its Maps API

    DigitalGlobe, the publicly traded, high-res imagery service that owns its own fleet of satellites, has long been known as a purveyor of fine satellite imagery to governments and large companies like Google and Nokia. While these companies then often made DigitalGlobe’s imagery available through their own developer programs, DigitalGlobe itself never focused on making its data available… Read More

  • Okay, We'll Admit That Bing Is Creepy Like Google Too

    Quite often, we’ll write something positive about a company and will get an email from someone about a rival that they feel also deserves the same treatment. That’s normal, and obvious. But what’s really great is when we write something negative about one company, and the same people come out emailing us that a rival deserves coverage too. Case in point: Last night, we… Read More

  • Google Hops On A New Satellite To Watch Us From Space

    Last year, there was a lot of coverage of Google striking a deal with satellite imagery company GeoEye to be able to use the high resolution images from its new GeoEye-1 satellite for their Google Earth and Maps products. The exclusive deal saw Google shift away from its partnership with rival DigitalGlobe, which provides many of Google’s rivals with imagery. Now, it looks like Google… Read More

  • The Venture-Backed IPO Pokes Its Head Out Of The Water In 2nd Quarter, M&A Still Meh

    After four quarters in which venture-backed IPOs have been dead in the water, a handful finally poked their heads up in the second quarter. The National Venture Capital Association counted five IPOs during the quarter, including DigitalGlobe ($279 million raised), SolarWinds ($152 million), and OpenTable ($60 million). A total of $721 million was raised. Just for a little context, two… Read More