• Microsoft Open Sources Entity Framework

    Microsoft Open Sources Entity Framework

    Microsoft continues to make in-roads into open source development. Early last year it open sourced several development related tools, including NuGet and several libraries for its ASP.Net language. And by the end of the year the company announced sponsorship of projects to port both the Node.js development platform and the big data analytics tool Apache Hadoop to Windows. It’s even… Read More

  • Codecademy Hires Program or Be Programmed Author Douglas Rushkoff to Promote Code Literacy

    Codecademy Hires Program or Be Programmed Author Douglas Rushkoff to Promote Code Literacy

    Program or Be Programmed author, CNN columnist and Frontline documentary director Douglas Rushkoff announced on his blog today that he’s taken a job with Codecademy, a company that offer free online programming courses entirely through a web-based interface. Rushkoff writes that he is joining the company as an evangelist much in the same capacity as Vint Cerf’s role at Google as… Read More

  • Mobile Analytics Company Keen Announces Seed Round

    Mobile Analytics Company Keen Announces Seed Round

    Keen, a mobile analytics startup co-founded by former Google Analyics employee Kyle Wild, announced a $750,000 series A investment from 500 Startups, Data Collective, SK Ventures, Cloud Power Fund and several big name individual investors, including Dropbox investor Pejman Nozad, PayPal investor Jared Kopf and TechStars managing directors Nicole Glaros and Jason Seats. You can find a full list… Read More

  • Like PhoneGap In The Cloud: Icenium Debuts A New Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Platform (Invites)

    Like PhoneGap In The Cloud: Icenium Debuts A New Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Platform (Invites)

    Icenium is a brand-new integrated cloud environment (get it? i-c-e not i-d-e = Icenium) for mobile application development. The service, which is a spin-off product division at Telerik, is just now entering its private beta stage and is in search of developers willing to kick the tires. Initially, Icenium will focus on the iOS and Android development platforms, and will later expand to… Read More

  • MeeGo project garners new industry participants

    MeeGo, the unification of Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo, and shepherded by the Linux Foundation, is getting a lot of support from a variety of companies. From hardware developers to software houses, from games to automotive to embedded solutions providers, the recent announcement indicates an influx of potentially millions of developer-hours. Some of the new participants are… Read More

  • Symbian goes open source, releases code to developers

    After so many years of hoping and wishing, developers can start getting excited about coding for the Symbian platform. Sure, it’s taken a while and some might be looking forward to Maemo 6 later this year far more than a newer version of Symbian, but opening up the source code to the world’s largest operating system is nothing to sneeze at. The Symbian operating system is aging… Read More

  • Today's lesson: Know your opponent

    I’m a big believer in open source development. The bazaar development model allows quality ideas to float to the top, albeit in sometimes contentious ways. The Linux kernel, the Apache httpd web server, and the PHP programming language are all developed in the open, and anyone is allowed to participate in their development. Filing bug reports is as important as writing the actual code. Read More

  • Microsoft already looking at Windows 8

    Well Windows 7 is out, the reviews are in, the service packs are starting to be worked on – that’s the end of it right? Wrong. Microsoft is already looking forward to the next generation of its OS, Windows 8. Read More

  • Linux is big business

    Hot on the heels of the news of UNIX’s 40th anniversary comes a Linux Foundation report entitled Who Writes Linux. This report investigates who is contributing to the Linux kernel, and how much: “Since 2005, over 5000 individual developers from nearly 500 different companies have contributed to the kernel. The Linux kernel, thus, has become a common resource developed on a… Read More

  • So you wanna be an iPhone developer?

    Making the jump from user to developer isn’t always an easy thing to do, and usually requires some specific motivation — a problem to solve, or a market to satisfy. I’ve dabbled with various kinds of programming for years, but have never really considered myself a developer. Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platforms are, I think, making really compelling… Read More

  • Wonderfl: online live Flash code wrangling service

    I’m no coder, but this sure looks like a useful tool for people interested not just in making Flash games and applications, but in learning how others do it and seeing what goes into, say, a Flash version of Tron. wonderfl’s two-pane, all-online system lets you write or paste code in the left, which is then compiled by the server and instantly displayed on the right. I have a… Read More