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  • Xamarin Hires Its First CFO As It Eyes International Expansion, IPO

    Xamarin Hires Its First CFO As It Eyes International Expansion, IPO

    The cross-platform developer tools service Xamarin today announced that it has hired Bryan Morris, the former VP of Finance at Ooyala and CFO of LiveRamp, as the first CFO in the company’s history. Until now, Xamarin CEO and co-founder Nat Friedman used to wear this hat, but as the company continues to grow, he decided it was time to bring on a full-time CFO. Read More

  • Will Developer Tools Startups Ever Find Investors?

    Will Developer Tools Startups Ever Find Investors?

    Venture capital is an industry in which the exceptions are often more important than the rules. For many years, investors believed in a golden rule that software was the key to minting returns, leaving hardware as one of the most underinvested areas of venture. Then things changed as new technologies like 3D printing allowed hardware startups to accelerate their product design, and several… Read More

  • The Case For Developer Platforms

    The Case For Developer Platforms

    Over the years, software development has ping-ponged between server-centric and client-centric designs. Today, with dominant mobile platforms like iOS and Android, apps have entered a hybrid client-server architecture. What this means for developers is that they have to juggle more technologies than ever before. And in response, we’re seeing the rise of developer platforms that… Read More

  • RIM releases developer tools and emulator for BlackBerry Storm

    So you’ve dipped your feet into iPhone and Android development, but aren’t really feeling either platform? Got an idea you think a carrier or two would pick up for the BlackBerry Application Center? Time to get crackin’. Now that the Storm is on its way to the starting block, RIM has released the development tools needed to get an application up and running on the handset. Read More