• HP Updates Consumer Desktop Line With New AMD, Intel Chips

    Along with all the new business machines, HP also announced their updated consumer machines. The new machines include three new Pavilion desktop machines, as well as a new range of configurations using the new CPUs. Read More

  • HP launches updated business, new consumer desktop systems

    HP announced their latest desktop systems today, including a new consumer level all-in-one system, and a new business desktop. They also released the latest specs on their TouchSmart line, which will now be available with the Intel Core i3 and i5 CPUs. All of HP’s new systems are made without BFR/PVC products in the plastic, and the All-in-One is the first desktop to be made this way. Read More

  • NEC plans to ship 3D desktop PCs later this year

    Virtually every Japanese tech company has made some 3D-related announcement in the past months, but one remained suspiciously quiet in that area: NEC. We covered their (apparently very cool) glasses-free 3D 12.1-incher last year (it’s yet to be commercialized), and today NEC made some initial announcements about a 3D desktop PC that’s supposed to hit Japanese stores by year-end. Read More

  • Gateway announces new product line up for 2010

    Gateway announced their new desktop models today. They added five new systems, including a touchscreen, and two high end gaming machines. We managed to get our hands on their new basic system, the SX2840, and you can read our review here. Read More

  • HP goes green with new desktops, display

    This is the Phoenix. See how it resembles the mythical creature? As if being green were some passing fad, HP announced two new desktops and a display today. The HP Pavillion Verde Special Edition a6645f (really?) and Pavillion Phoenix SE a6655f have energy-efficient AMD procs and they’re Energy Star qualified. The SE desktops can handle up to 5GB of RAM, Windows Vista Home Premium… Read More

  • Updates Announced For Google Gears And Google Desktop

    Google announced Monday that it has launched Google Gears for Apple’s Safari browser on Mac OS X. All Safari users running Mac OS X (Windows isn’t supported yet) can now access Gears-enabled sites like Zoho Office and the YouTube Uploader. Google also announced Monday that it has released Google Desktop 5.8 for Windows, which the company claims, will increase performance and make it… Read More

  • MSI Wind mini-desktop confirmed in Asia and Europe

    MSI’s Wind desktops will launch in Asia and Europe this summer – expect them in about two months – and there are no current plans to launch it in the US. The desktop will run Atom. It will not, however, get you women like the one pictured. In fact, purchasing a pink Wind mini-desktop is as far from sexy as you can get without becoming a eunuch. Not much info right now, but… Read More

  • Lenovo announces its first desktop, IdeaCentre K210

    Today marks a new day for Lenovo with the announcement of its first desktop, the IdeaCentre K210. For all intents and purposes, it’s just a desktop but it pulls a couple things from the laptop line that are unique and cool, like Veriface facial recognition technology. It also includes an anti-microbial keyboard and “Bright Vision”, which detects how far you are from the… Read More

  • Eee desktop revealed, let the Weee comments begin

    The thin, white form factor wasn’t exactly invented yesterday, but the Wii is the most recent and salient example of it. And it looks like Asus liked the design a lot, because these new leaked pictures look an awful lot like one. I like it, though, the design is even cleaner than Nintendo’s. Notice there does not appear to be a disc drive; but the pinhole (for emergency… Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: Should Microsoft be afraid of Linux?

    With kind regards to Penny-Arcade Does Microsoft fear Linux? Should it fear Linux? Does it fear Linux only in certain sectors, like Web servers, and not others, like the desktop? What exactly does “fear” mean here? Why do I still watch Lost? All important questions that deserve highly developed answers. PBS attempted to answer some of… Read More

  • Asus Nova P20: Mac Mini for PC people

    Kudos to CNET UK for referring to the Asus Nova P20 as a “Mac Mini mangler” instead of a “Mac Mini killer” but honestly, I don’t know why people are so hell bent on one type of device choking the last, sweet breaths out of another device. There’s plenty of room here for gadgets from all walks of life. I guess mangling’s better than killing… Read More