• Iterasi Evolves Into A Must Have Research Tool

    Iterasi Evolves Into A Must Have Research Tool

    Portland based Iterasi launched in early 2008 to allow users to create on the fly bookmarking of entire web pages (not just the URL, the entire web page with images). Instead of the Delicious approach of simply bookmarking a URL and some descriptive data, Iterasi let users create a Wayback Machine like copy of the webpage, including with dynamic alterations from being signed in, cookies, etc. Read More

  • Del.izzy Does What Won't: Search The Full Text Of Your Bookmarks

    Del.izzy Does What Won't: Search The Full Text Of Your Bookmarks

    When you search your bookmarks on, all you are searching is the tags, titles, and descriptions. If you want to search the full text of the underlying bookmarked pages themselves, you have to go to Del.izzy, a site out of Melbourne, Australia that was hacked together in three days. Del.izzy takes each page that you’ve bookmarked and puts it through a Google custom search to bring… Read More

  • Delicious 2.0 Launches. Really. It Totally Launched.

    YAY! The long awaited, much promised, never delivered Delicious 2.0 will launch in the next few minutes, just like they promised again last week. The new Delicious is just like the old Delicious, except for the way it looks. They’re also promising that it will be “faster, easier to learn,” and “hopefully more desirable.” Speed: We’ve moved to a new… Read More

  • Delicious 2.0 Imminent Again

    Yahoo’s inability to launch Delicious 2.0, which was feature complete and in private beta back in September 2007, has become a bit of a joke around Silicon Valley. Last month we called on Yahoo to provide guidance on when we might see the new version of the service. In a blog post today, the Delicious team says to get ready for the new version, it’s “almost ready.” We heard… Read More

  • Delicious 2.0: We've Been Waiting 9 Months

    It’s been over nine months since Yahoo first gave us a glimpse of Delicious 2.0 – a complete code rewrite from the now aging platform that was acquired by Yahoo in December 2005. Yahoo never said when they’d be ready to launch the new Delicious (it’s available at but beta invitations are locked down). In January there was a hint on the Delicious blog… Read More

  • Tagging Goes Semantic With Zigtag

    Tagging Goes Semantic With Zigtag

    Bookmarking and tagging websites can be a messy business. Zigtag, a new sidebar-based plugin currently in private beta, is looking to offer clean and streamlined bookmarking and tagging. The plugin differentiates itself from the multitude of other tagging services by introducing a semantic dictionary of over two million tags. The basic idea: each tag will be defined, and that synonymous tags (say… Read More

  • Delicious Not Shrinking, But Another Problem Looms

    Delicious Not Shrinking, But Another Problem Looms

    Earlier today, venture capitalist Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures wrote a post expressing concern that Web startups tend to languish after they are bought by big companies. To help make his point, Wilson reproduced the comScore chart above, which suggests that the number of people visiting the bookmarking service, which is owned by Yahoo, has dropped off considerably over the past… Read More

  • Here's A ScreenShot Of Publish2

    Here's A ScreenShot Of Publish2

    Publish2, the stealth Digg-Clone-For-Journalists that announced a fundraising this morning, is being very quiet about exactly what their product is and how it works. In an interview last week they told me only friends and family were testing it. Well, it turns out “friends and family” is fairly expansive term in their book, and includes a lot of people who are quite willing to talk… Read More

  • Delicious 2.0 News Finally Comes To New York

    I know we can’t always expect our friends in New York to stay completely up to date on the latest Silicon Valley product developments. But Silicon Alley Insider’s report on a redesign and rebranding at Delicious is just a tad late. Like 6 months late (the screen shot they show is even dated August 2007). It was announced and shown to the public last September along with word that the… Read More

  • Ajaxonomy Hacks Together Spy

    Ajaxonomy Hacks Together Spy

    One of the most popular visualization tools in social media is Digg Spy, which lets you watch as stories get dugg on Digg, constantly scrolling the latest links as they are submitted to or voted on the site. Now Ajaxonomy has created a similar page for bookmarking site Delicious, called Spy. It shows new sites as they are submitted to Delicious, along with a thumbnail of the homepage… Read More