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  • Super Angel/VC Smackdown: Why the Hate? (TCTV)

    Super Angel/VC Smackdown: Why the Hate? (TCTV)

    Watching the battle of words, blog posts, term sheets and Tweets unfold over the last few weeks between VCs and Super Angels has been a little surreal. I’ve spent a career convincing editors that the internal workings of Venture Capital are more interesting than they sound, but even I can’t muster the passion to declare convertible debt AWESOME while equity TOTALLY SUCKS. Clearly… Read More

  • Why Tech Warriors Give Up: A Closer Look At Built To Flip (TCTV)

    There’s a growing debate in Silicon Valley as to whether the rise in angel investors coupled with robust deal activity (from the likes of Google, Facebook, Zynga, etc.) is fostering an unhealthy environment for the industry. It’s not that founders aren’t making money (indeed many are cashing out early) the real issue, as posited by our editor, Michael Arrington, is if this… Read More