David Cameron

  • UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, Sends First Tweet

    UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, Sends First Tweet

    David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has sent his first tweet. Despite joining Twitter in January 2010 his verified account had never tweeted anything — until a few moments ago. Why Cameron feels the need to tweet now can be explained by growing rumblings of discontent in the Conservative party about the direction of his leadership. Read More

  • Facebook rebuffs British Prime Minister, won't remove Raoul Moat page

    The British Prime Minister David Cameron and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg look like they could be about to fall out already. Just days after that cosy, if a little awkward, video chat, it seems that this particular marriage of convenience may be over. Yesterday, when answering a question in Parliament regarding whether or not Cameron should ask Zuckerberg to remove a Facebook… Read More