darth vader

  • Videos: Darth Vader Promotes The Galaxy S In Japan

    Back in April, Japan’s largest cell phone carrier, NTT DoComo, began running a bizarre promotion campaign in Tokyo (which prompted me to go out and post this photo report on MobileCrunch). Docomo used Darth Vader in a number of weird posters and viral video clips, without saying why and what Vader was supposed to promote. Read More

  • Be on the lookout for the Darth Vader bank robber!

    Ladies and gentleman of Comic-Con: Please be on the lookout for anyone in a Darth Vader costume. He may well be a notorious BANK ROBBER~! Read More

  • Photo report: Darth Vader promotes DoCoMo cell phones in weird campaign

    NTT DoComo, Japan’s largest cell phone carrier (55 million customers), is currently running a pretty bizarre viral promotion campaign in this country (both on- and offline). The company has set up a weird website [JP] that, for some strange reason, shows Darth Vader running around Tokyo and asking who’s his boss (“Who is my boss” is the official tag line of the campaign). Read More

  • Darth Vader clock: Know when it's time to wake up alone

    It’s only $32.99, it includes an auxiliary jack for your iPod, MP3, or CD player, and runs off wall power o one 9-volt battery. Sadly it’s only available for pre-order right now, but heck, you’re not doing anything until August anyway. Just order it and wait. Read More

  • R2-D2 and Darth Vader USB hubs for Star Wars geeks

    In late July, Japanese Star Wars geeks will be able to lay their hands on USB hubs shaped like R2-D2 and a Darth Vader bust. Both hubs stand about 15cm tall. Both the R2-D2 and the Darth Vader bust come with 4 USB ports (USB 2.0) and feature lighting and sound effects. When the user pushes the action button, R2D2 says “Pi-pi-pi” and rotate his head. Darth Vader starts to… Read More

  • Video: Darth Vader's attack on unsuspecting Jedi!

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/emp/2_2_2046/player.swf I’ve been waiting for this one. The BBC just released the video of the drunken Darth Vader attacking the wannabe Jedi kids with a crutch. God bless you, BBC. Read More

  • Update: Darth Vader given two-month suspended sentence, fine

    Arwel Hughes, who some of you might remember as the fake Darth Vader from one of my favorite news stories earlier this year, has been sentenced to a two-month suspended sentence and a £100 fine. We’re hoping Hughes, who’s a chronic alcoholic, something rare in Britain, can stay out of trouble and on the right side of the Force. Read More

  • British Jedi Master Jonba Hehol bested by Darth Vader in England

    [photopress:db_vader_sm.gif,full,left]If you’re a British Jedi, you must wonder about the nature of the Force and what the odds would be that while giving a TV interview about your lifestyle a drunken Darth Vader would appear wearing a garbage bag and attack you and the TV crew with a crutch. No, really, this happened. Jedi Master Jonba Hehol was sadly no match for the Dark Lord of the… Read More

  • Inside Darth Vader's helmet

    I remember watching a behind-the-scenes-type show on Star Wars years ago where they dissected and said what everything inside Vader’s helmet did, but this was the first time I’ve ever seen it in person. Looks like a complicated process, huh? I wish this had been an interactive display that showed what every gear and pulley does, but it was still a neat display. Read More