• Oh Snap! D-Snap! Panasonic Snap Madness!

    Oh Snap! D-Snap! Panasonic Snap Madness!

    Unfortunately here in the US, it’s iPod or bust when it comes to MP3 players. In Japan however, choosing an MP3 player is a lot like picking out a hot chick to talk to – there are a lot to choose from. The latest to come out of Osaka is the Panasonic D-Snap SV-SD950N, a Bluetooth-equipped DAP that comes with a color screen and a 1GB SD card. Nothing fancy, though the player can do… Read More

  • Sony Releases Swarovski-studded Walkman

    Sony Releases Swarovski-studded Walkman

    As the iPod reigns dominant, the Walkman brand still continues to chug along. Sony today released limited edition Walkman E010s, each with removable caps that are covered in Swarovski crystals. You can get the player in pink, violet, black, blue or gold and in sizes of 1GB for $135, 2GB for $160, and 4GB for $212. Don’t go thinking you can just order one from Amazon Japan or something like… Read More

  • XpressRC From XM Pumps Out The Tunes

    XpressRC From XM Pumps Out The Tunes

    XM is heating up the competition for portable satellite radio players by offering a new player called XpressRC. Delphi will be manufacturing the player itself and the offerings aren’t too shabby at all. You’ll find it has a split screen so you can have your favorites stations to choose from as well as your current song information displayed at the same time. The XpressRC will also have… Read More

  • Playaway All-In-One Audiobook Review

    Playaway All-In-One Audiobook Review

    No matter how cheap digital audio players have gotten, the idea of selling a disposable one-time-use one would still make most consumers shrug with ambivalence. After all, the great thing about a DAP is its flexibility–you load up what you want, when you want. You are’t a slave to album track orders, and loading up new music is astonishingly easy. So what could Playaway possibly be… Read More

  • Oots Oots: Ministry of Sound MP085 DAP Announced

    Oots Oots: Ministry of Sound MP085 DAP Announced

    Though the company is no stranger to the digital audio player market, I wouldn’t exactly expect Ministry of Sound’s latest MP3 player to be a smash hit. With a great name like MOSMP085, you can bet the clubbers are dying to rush out and buy one. The player features either 1GB or 2GB of storage and can playback MP3/WAV/WMA files and supports ID3 tags. You can also view pictures of your… Read More

  • Kenwood Introduces Two Standalone SACD Players

    Kenwood Introduces Two Standalone SACD Players

    Though SACD isn’t the most popular format, it certainly has its fans. And that’s pretty much all you need to sell a product. The product and people who want to buy your product – it’s all quite simple. Kenwood’s X-Z7 and X-Z9 SACD players pack updated features and a lot of power. Both players feature WMA and MP3 compatibility, meaning you can just burn a CD full of… Read More

  • Cowon iAudio 7 Shipping

    Looking for a decent alternative to the iPod? Give Cowon’s new iAudio 7 a look-see. It comes in either black with 4GB of storage or red with 8GB and has a supposed battery life of around 60 hours on a full charge. The iAudio 7 can handle multiple file formats too, including all the DRM’d Windows Media files as well as OGG, MP3, WAV, WMA, and XviD and MP4 video. If that stack of… Read More

  • Creative TravelSound Zen Stone Mini Speakers: Call Me Crazy, But Speakers Should Be Big

    Creative TravelSound Zen Stone Mini Speakers: Call Me Crazy, But Speakers Should Be Big

    Jeez, in all the excitement of talking about the Creative Zen Stone Plus DAP, I completely missed that Creative also has a new mini speaker set for the player. The TravelSound Zen Stone clips on top of the ZS+ and delivers a pint-sized 0.2W per channel. As you can see, the speakers are pretty damn small, so don’t expect Gatecrasher-like (RIP, by the way) sounds. The price is right, though… Read More

  • Cowon iAudio 7 DAP Brings The Goods

    Cowon iAudio 7 DAP Brings The Goods

    Not everyone on the planet loves the iPod. In fact, there are plenty of people out there who downright hate the popular music player. If you’re one of these types and want an alternative to the iPod Nano, look no further than the iAudio 7 by Cowon. Equipped with either 4GB or 8GB of flash-memory, this DAP features a bright color screen, long battery life (60 hours apparently), and support… Read More

  • TheGadgetLocker Announces iPod Recycling Program

    TheGadgetLocker Announces iPod Recycling Program

    Guess what kids. TheGadgetLocker.com is now offering an iPod Recycling Program where you can dispose of your broken or aging iPod. TheGadgetLocker provides all the shipping labels, so you don’t pay a cent. Plus, you’ll receive $20 in reward points for sending in your iPod. The goal of the program is for consumers to become aware of TheGadgetLocker.com’s merchandise, while… Read More