• Tocomail For Gmail Offers Parental Controls And Monitoring For Teens’ First Gmail Account

    A company called Tocomail earlier this year launched a mobile application designed to be kids’ first email service, built with the parental controls and protections such an app would require, while allowing kids to write simple messages and send drawings to pre-approved family and friends. Now Tocomail is targeting a slightly older crowd with the debut of another app called Tocomail… Read More

  • Thanks, Dads

    Thanks, Dads

    My father put together a Heathkit shortwave radio in his youth. The radio is still there in my childhood home. He’s still alive so this isn’t saccharine reminisces of a man who passed. Dad still sits in that room with the radio, the radio still works, his hands pound away at the Internet all day now, the radio forgotten but still as vital as the day he built it. My Dad is a little… Read More