• The Doomed Quest For The Golden Key Crunch Network

    The Doomed Quest For The Golden Key

    Some months ago, the Washington Post waded into the debate about the NSA, pervasive surveillance, and end-to-end encryption with a call for Apple and Google to magically “invent a kind of secure golden key they would retain and use only when a court has approved a search warrant.” This was met with a chorus of contempt and opprobrium. Read More

  • Build Your Own Bletchley Park With This Kickstarted Enigma Clone

    Build Your Own Bletchley Park With This Kickstarted Enigma Clone

    If you invest in an open-source, crowd-funded Enigma machine today, make it this one. Created by S&T Geotronics of Columbus, Georgia, this device first appeared as an Instructable and is now available as a full DIY for $250, quite a bit less than the Allies spent at Bletchley Park while trying to crack Germany’s feared encryption system. Three hundred dollars gets you a… Read More

  • DeTron Introduces Its QDK Cryptosystem To Enable “True Trusted Identity For The Cloud Era”

    DeTron Introduces Its QDK Cryptosystem To Enable “True Trusted Identity For The Cloud Era”

    Using its own proprietary cryptography algorithms and a chip that will soon arrive in consumer electronics devices, DeTron Inc. wants to become the first company to “meet the evolving global demands for cloud-based applications and services.” To do this, DeTron announced its Quantum Direct Key (QDK) product today, a chip that will arrive in a line of consumer electronics devices… Read More

  • New Darknet Wants To Match-Up Cypherpunks In Crypto Utopia

    New Darknet Wants To Match-Up Cypherpunks In Crypto Utopia

    Earlier this year French entrepreneur Ramine Darabiha called for a cypherpunk revival. Looks like he might be getting his wish. Cryptosphere is a new darknet now under development. A darknet is a private and/or anonymous network, sometimes using the public internet for connectivity. Silk Road, a marketplace for illegal drugs, is probably the most famous. You can’t use Cryptosphere yet… Read More

  • Petition asks UK to say "I'm Sorry!" to Alan Turing

    Chances are most of you know what the Turing Test is, and therefore have a passable familiarity with Alan Turing, one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Important People of the 20th century. For most people, knowledge of the man stops there. Some might know that he was a fantastic mathematician and cryptanalyst responsible for much of the code-breaking success of the UK’s Bletchley… Read More

  • Quantum Key Distribution soon to be available to the average Joe

    Are you a privacy-minded person living in the Netherlands with at least $82,000 USD to spare? If so, quantum cryptography can be your’s today, thanks to a new partnership between Siemens and id Quantique! Siemes has a bunch of dark fiber it’s willing to sell to you for use with your shiny new id Quantique Cerberis quantum key distribution system. As you all know, quantum… Read More

  • Brute forcing success: load any operating system onto your TI-83+ calculator

    It’s been a very long time since I last used a Texas Instruments graphing calculator. I thought it was cool to write programs on the TI-80 I used in college. It seems that in the time since, things have gotten a little more complex: TI calculators now have cryptographically signed operating systems! Ostensibly this is to prevent clever hackers from loading their own operating systems… Read More

  • Can you solve the Coding Machine's encrypted haiku?

    This is the Coding Machine. It looks a lot like the old Enigma machine, doesn’t it? The designer, Tatjana van Vark, who wins today’s Most Dutch Name Award, won’t reveal its secret—how to solve decrypt messages and whatnot—until someone solves an encrypted haiku. Read More