• Charles River Ventures' Izar Armony on Monetization

    Ask a VC: Izhar Armory Defends Patents, Answers Reader Questions (TCTV)

    Izhar Armory of Charles River Ventures was my guest on Ask a VC this week and he answered a host of reader questions including whether Twitter should be making money from celebrity Tweets, whether MBSAs aspiring to be entrepreneurs should drop out of school, what role academia still plays in the startup economy and why entrepreneurs today aren't starting more substantial, life-changing… Read More

  • CRV's George Zachary on Finding a Good Startup

    George Zachary on Doing 30 Seed Deals a Year, Not Missing Hollywood and Crazy Jim Clark (TCTV)

    George Zachary of CRV was our guest on Ask a VC today, and not only did he answer reader questions bluntly, he indulged us with his craziest story from his days working with Internet icon Jim Clark on Shutterfly. The whole episode is below, or feel free to tune into just the answers to these questions: What sort of materials do you look for when initially being approached by an entrepreneur with… Read More

  • Ask a VC: The George Zachary Edition

    Ask a VC: The George Zachary Edition

    With the Crunchies later tonight, TechCrunchHQ is a bit of a mad house today. Paul Carr and I are MC'ing, so we've got interns sorting M&Ms by color, per our rider, while we try to figure out the line between "Oh that's a funny joke" and "you're fired." Laura is polishing Monkey statues. Heather is counting and recounting and counting votes again. There are so many flowers and gift baskets… Read More