• About Those New CrunchPad Pictures

    About Those New CrunchPad Pictures

    A little background for those of you who haven't heard of the CrunchPad: This is the post that kicked off the project. I wanted something I couldn't buy, and found people who said it could be built for a lot less than I imagined. The goal - a very thin and light touch screen computer, sans physical keyboard, that has no hard drive and boots directly to a browser to surf the web. The operating… Read More

  • TechCrunch Tablet Update: Prototype B

    TechCrunch Tablet Update: Prototype B

    It's time for an update on the progress we've made on the low cost touch screen tablet that I first wrote about in July 2008 when I asked for a dead simple touch screen web tablet that boots right to the browser. Here's our first post on the tablet, which we're now calling the CrunchPad internally. The idea is to get a new type of device into people's hands for as cheap as possible (we were… Read More

  • Update On The TechCrunch Tablet: Prototype A

    Update On The TechCrunch Tablet: Prototype A

    Update on the TechCrunch Tablet: A humble (and messy) beginning. Prototype A has been built. It's in a temporary aluminum case that a local sheet metal shop put together for us that's at least twice as thick as it needs to be, but the hardware has been defined and is nearing lockdown. We booted the machine in the case for the first time today, accessed the Wifi network and were able to navigate a… Read More