• Instagram 3.0 Bets Big On Geolocation With Photo Maps, Letting You Showcase The Story Behind Your Photos

    Instagram 3.0 Bets Big On Geolocation With Photo Maps, Letting You Showcase The Story Behind Your Photos

    You won’t find any new filters in the latest version of Instagram. Instead, the fourteen person team behind the world’s most beloved mobile app (now 80 million registered users strong) has decided to think outside the box, the browser box. “With every dot oh release we’ve tried to shift our focus dramatically,” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom tells me in one of… Read More

  • Say Hello To CrunchBase Weekly

    Say Hello To CrunchBase Weekly

    All of us at TechCrunch recognize that CrunchBase is a hidden gem. As a resource for finding data about startups, funding activity, acquisitions and exits, it is invaluable, as this recent study supports. To keep you up-to-date on the huge stream of data in Crunchbase, we are launching a weekly email digest of the latest startup news and activity called CrunchBase Weekly. Out first edition… Read More

  • Thanks, Science! New Study Says CrunchBase Is An Information Treasure Trove

    Thanks, Science! New Study Says CrunchBase Is An Information Treasure Trove

    “I believe CrunchBase will gain a lot of attention from the academia soon, which is always eager for high-quality data set,” writes Guang Xiang of Carnegie Mellon University, who found that he could predict Mergers and Acquisitions much better using the unique business variables available in CrunchBase than the traditional databases used by academics. Thanks, Xiang, flattery will… Read More

  • CrunchBase: Social, Mobile And Deals Categories Led 2011 Private Tech Investments

    CrunchBase: Social, Mobile And Deals Categories Led 2011 Private Tech Investments

    In case it wasn’t already clear to you that later-stage social, mobile and deal-oriented companies led venture fundraising last year, here’s some analysis of CrunchBase data that drives the point home, courtesy of Alexey Tolkachiov at Read More

  • CrunchBase Reveals: The Average Successful Startup Raises $25.3 Million, Sells For $196.8 Million

    CrunchBase Reveals: The Average Successful Startup Raises $25.3 Million, Sells For $196.8 Million

    Most investments fail but the few successful ones more than make all the money back — or so startup investors hope. But what sort of returns do these profitable exits bring in? According to a new analysis of all the exits listed in CrunchBase, the average successful company has raised $25.3 million, and sold for $196.8 million, for investor profits of 676% (if you assume the investors… Read More

  • CrunchBase Reveals: Figuring Out Pricing Formulas For Talent Acquisitions With Opani

    CrunchBase Reveals: Figuring Out Pricing Formulas For Talent Acquisitions With Opani

    Following my post last night about our effort to use CrunchBase in more ways on TechCrunch, some readers have shared how they’re already using it. One was Dirk Neumann from “social supercomputer” startup Opani, which provides tools to help people more easily analyze large data sets. He’s used CrunchBase data to try to come up with a formula for pricing talent in… Read More

  • Are We In A Series A “Crunch”? What CrunchBase Says …

    Are We In A Series A “Crunch”? What CrunchBase Says …

    Remember that time the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about an influx of “start-up” companies raising seed/angel rounds and then all those companies subsequently trying to raise Series A rounds and failing hard? And then all these VCs and angels got in a fight about it, on Twitter, and on their own blogs? Well, we pulled some rough funding data from Crunchbase (which come… Read More

  • The i3 Platform: A (Paid) Crunchbase For Green Startups?

    A research firm focused on clean energy and green innovation, the Cleantech Group, launched its i3 Platform today— and it’s something like a paid Crunchbase, with a dash of Alltop and Gartner, for green tech ventures. The product became privately available to some of Cleantech Group’s clients in late May. Now, some of the i3 Platform is available for free public use via… Read More

  • Quora + CrunchBase + LinkedIn = Best Extension Ever?

    A month ago, Polaris Ventures principal Ryan Spoon wrote up a quick blog post looking for a developer with Chrome extension/app experience. He had a pretty simple idea for something to help him with his job. Matt Basta saw the post and created the extension Spoon was looking for almost instantly. Now they’re opening it up for all to use and calling it Polaris Insights. The… Read More

  • CrunchBase Gets Instantized

    Most popular Internet services have now been “instantized”, inspired by the recent unveiling of Google Instant, which “searches before you type”. You can now add our very own CrunchBase to the list, courtesy of 16-year old entrepreneur and tinkerer Spencer Schoeben. Using his CrunchBase Instant you can search our rich database of companies, persons, financial… Read More

  • Venture Funding Roared Back In the Fourth Quarter To Nearly $15 Billion

    After a year when venture funding was in the doldrums, it roared back in the fourth quarter of 2009 to nearly $15 billion, according to a tally of the venture rounds in CrunchBase. The total value of disclosed fundings for the quarter was $14.85 billion, up 113 percent from a year ago (when the total was $6.96 billion), and up 78 percent from the third quarter of 2009 ($8.35 billion). Some of… Read More

  • CrunchBase Product Update: Follow Products and Companies, Top 10 List and Twitter Feeds

    Since the official launch of our integration between CrunchBase and Facebook Connect in November, we’ve seen 19% (5,087 out of 26,850) of our edits come from newly registered, non-anonymous users. Even after the predictable spike around the announcement, we’ve seen a sustained and growing percentage of our edits coming from these users (see figure below). As they say, no good deed… Read More

  • Connect To The CrunchBase Firehose: Sign Up With Facebook Connect

    For the past several weeks, we’ve been making improvements to CrunchBase to build a more engaging product for the people that drive it – which is to say, “everybody”. Since it was launched, Crunchbase has always been a freely editable repository of information about technology companies. Since February 2008, we’ve received over 100,000 edits from anonymous users… Read More

  • M&A Activity Heats Up In July To $9.6 Billion

    Whether it’s a sign of economic recovery or just investment bankers getting ready to take off the month of August, there’s been a lot acquisition activity lately. In the last week alone, IBM purchased SPSS for $1.2 billion, Amazon bought Zappos for $928 million, Sprint paid $483 million for Virgin Mobile, AdKnowledge paid $50 million for Super Rewards, and Yahoo picked up Xoopit… Read More

  • Cautiously Optimistic: CrunchBase Q2 Report Shows Upticks In VC Funding and Exits

    Is the worst behind us? The broad worldwide recession hit the venture capital and startup communities hard last year. Memories of the NASDAQ meltdown and venture capital “nuclear winter” earlier this decade sent everyone into a tizzy as they feared a repeat performance—venture dollars froze and hundreds of thousands of tech workers were laid off. But it appears that the worst… Read More

  • CrunchBase Data Rocks. Too Bad The Q1 Numbers Suck. Our Report

    We’re all glad Q1 is behind us. Silicon Valley and the start-up ecosystem certainly was not immune to the general economic malaise. The TechCrunch sweet spot, early-stage start-ups, was particularly hurt. The number of start-ups getting started was down 65% vs Q1 2008. We saw just 184 new start-ups formed, down from 546 in 1Q 2008. Start-Ups Founded: January 2008 – March 2009

    Source… Read More

  • BizShark Takes A Crack At Creating An Automated CrunchBase

    If you are looking to do some quick competitive analysis, a new site called BizShark offers a wealth of data about companies. Bizshark is a nifty automated information aggregator. It pulls together the latest business profiles, news, financials, web analytics, social footprint, marketing strategies, and other business information by searching across more than 50 Internet business databases. Read More

  • The TechCrunch 2008 Year in Review

    One of the best decisions we ever made at TechCrunch was when we launched CrunchBase, our open startup directory, at the end of 2007. We aspired to make it the best current source of information about technology startups, people and investors. Data is added by TechCrunch editors, our amazing team of interns, and the community at large (it is a moderated wiki, so anyone can contribute data). Read More

  • AskMarkets Launches Prediction Market For Crunchbase. Who's Going To The DeadPool?

    Greek startup AskMarkets, which lets users create and participate in non-cash prediction markets of any kind, has created a prediction market for startups in CrunchBase. The application lets users bet on the chances any particular startup will be acquired, get additional funding or head to the deadpool in the next year. An example: users say Animoto has a 51.5% chance of being acquired, a… Read More

  • CrunchBase: Are You In It?

    CrunchBase, our free database of startup and people information, continues to grow thanks to countless additions and corrections by the community. The site now has entries on 20,000 people, 10,000 companies and over 1,000 venture funds. The majority of content is added by the community (CrunchBase has wiki features to allow unlimited versioning control to step back if bad entries are made). Read More