• The Internet Is Awful

    The Internet Is Awful

    We were on the coast of Croatia when we saw our first nude sunbather. He was an older gentlemen who probably looked good in a suit but now, skin pruned from the water and his body hair plastered to a half-wiry/half-fat frame, he looked like a drowned cat with an impressive appendage. We kept sailing and saw more of them – an obese woman who showed us her backside as she lolled in the sun… Read More

  • Join Us At The TC Pitch-Off In Budapest And Zagreb

    Join Us At The TC Pitch-Off In Budapest And Zagreb

    Ahoy, Hungary and Croatia, TC is in town and we’d love to see you. As part of Startup AddVenture, we’ll be holding a mini pitch-off in Budapest and Zagreb. We’ve been through this part of the world a few times but this time we’re giving away two tickets to Disrupt New York to the winners so you’ll want to take part. I will be in Budapest on April 18 starting at 9am… Read More

  • Croatians Love Their Texting!

    MMS messages like this one were part of the massive amount of SMS messages that were sent by Croatians to bring in the new year. People from Croatia really helped celebrate 2007 with 32.5 million texts being sent to wish each other a good new year. From the AP: From 07:00 pm (1800 GMT) on New Year’s eve until midnight on January 1, users of Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile and… Read More