credit cards

  • A closer look at the Square Payment System

    Phil Torrone got to look at the new Square iPhone Payment system and he and the daring Lady Ada of AdaFruit industries took some photos and video of a prototype of the new device. To recap, the Square device is a little dongle that lets you swipe credit cards. With a quick slash of the card you can accept payment from anyone for almost anything. Read More

  • Use the new PlayStation Visa, get $150 off purchase of PS3

    Do you still have credit? Do you not have a PS3 yet? Would you like one, for less than full price? Lucky day! There’s now a PlayStation credit card, brought to you by Visa. Use it to purchase a PS3 and you’ll save $150. You can either apply for the card and wait for a voucher of sorts, which you can then use at any retail store while buying a PS3, or you can apply online and get… Read More

  • Salvation Army outfitting certain Dallas-area donation buckets with credit card machines

    I certainly don’t have anything against giving to charity, but the Salvation Army knows damn well what it’s doing. First, they position a red bucket about a foot outside the grocery store by my house — so close that you have to deliberately walk around it like an A-hole to get in or out of the store — and second, there’s a different person ringing the bell each day… Read More

  • And now your credit card has a built-in keypad

    I suppose this is a good idea, although shoppers are loathe to add yet another step to their transactions. The card has a built-in numeric keypad, and when you put in your PIN, it’ll display a security code like the one sites always ask you for now. That makes spending a lot of money with a stolen card significantly harder if not impossible online, and if retailers would just ask for… Read More

  • Hooray, my credit/debit card now has RFID!

    Guess who’s credit/debit card now has RFID? Yup, apparently I used my old card at a highly insecure location within the past few days, so much so that Citibank had to rush me a new card. And lucky me, this one has RFID, only MasterCard calls it PayPass. I do have the option of disabling the RFID chip by calling the bank, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing that as soon as this… Read More

  • PlayStation Network cards getting passed around, could be in stores soon

    It looks like you’ll soon be able to buy stuff off the PlayStation Store with a gift card. The PlayStation Network card is making its way around to select journalists/writers/deadbeats, a possible indication that they’ll be released to the general public soon. The cards are useful for crazy people who are afriad of using their credit card online (such as my uncle) or for kids… Read More

  • Visa Micro Tag Keychain

    I swear, I have to get one of these if it kills me. For months now I’ve been watching those Visa and MasterCard commercials that showcase the RFID technology that’s in PayPass. You know, the one where the dude is running late and buys a pack of gum and a banana or something just by waving his credit card at a machine. Well now if you want to take it one step further, you should get… Read More