• Stowaway Cosmetic’s Chelsa Crowley on her “right size” makeup empire

    Stowaway Cosmetics is a startup taking on the $60 billion makeup industry by selling pint-sized lipsticks, blushes and foundations direct to consumers. Chelsa Crowley and her co-founder Julie Fredrickson started the company after realizing they never used up all their makeup before it expired. Crowley had an extensive background in the cosmetics industry working for Mac and Bobbi Brown and… Read More

  • CosmEthics Is An App To Analyze The Make Up Of Your Make-Up

    CosmEthics Is An App To Analyze The Make Up Of Your Make-Up

    The cosmetics industry is massive. It’s also massively secretive when it comes to the ingredients contained in its expensive lotions and potions. That’s something CosmEthics — a startup launching its app today at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe — is determined to change. Read More

  • Data Is Becoming The Beauty Box End Goal

    Data Is Becoming The Beauty Box End Goal

    The beauty box concept is a few years old now, but some of the newer beauty box startups in Asia have modified their business models to be more data-centric, as competition floods the market. The way beauty boxes have worked is, subscribers pay a monthly fee to receive a shipment of surprise cosmetic items. A lot of these items are sample-sized or have been acquired at great discounts… Read More

  • Nerdy Brit girls invent dope sunlight-sensitive nail polish to quash school rules

    [photopress:varnish1.jpg,full,center] OK, this is really rad. Some students at a British high-school wanted to wear colored nail polish, but their school prohibited any kind of make up. They found the ban to be unfair so they came up with a novel approach that would keep them out of detention, but allow them to wear their blood-red fingertips. They invented nail polish that disappears when its… Read More

  • Home Spray Tan

    There are numerous ways to get that “healthy” looking tan, including just laying out in the sun. But if you don’t have time for that, you can go out and get a spray on tan — but that also takes time and effort. So if you’re desperate for a year-round tan, you can do it yourself. And unlike those old-school do it yourself perms (which we’re better off not… Read More